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[eBay Plus] Fisher Price Smartrike Toddler 3-in-1 Bike - Charm Plus $119 (Was $214.99) @ Toysrus eBay


Available in pink
and in red

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CHARM PLUS 3-in-1 trike is ideal for little ones 18 to 36 months. Transform the Charm from a parent guided baby trike to an independent trike in 3 easy steps. Outfitted with a large front swivel wheel and built in suspension, charm plus can navigate various terrain and tight corners while providing a smooth ride. An adjustable sun canopy and a covered toy box provide comfort and convenience on the go.

The Charm Plus tricycle also features the patented Touch Steering technology enabling smooth and easy maneuvering of the trike. It is so simple; you can do it with just one hand.

Full of charm, this great value trike grows with your child from 18-36 months, turning from a baby tricycle, to a training tricycle and finally a classic trike.

Stage 1 - 18 months+

Comfort & Fun.ÂYour baby enjoys a secure and comfortable ride seated upright, with feet resting on the foldable toddler footrest.

Stage 2 - 24 months+

Teaches pedaling.ÂFold the footrest, remove the safety bar, engage the pedals and use the Control Button to switch between parent & child control to build motor skills while learning to ride.

Stage 3 - 30 months+

Adventure and exploration.ÂRemove the parent handle so your little adventurer can explore the outdoors on a fully independent toddler tricycle.

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  • thanks OP. bought one for my daughter :)

  • Thanks, bought one

  • Thanks OP bought one for our little one :)

  • We had one - didn't get used much, as it was hard to peddle for a child of small build.

    • I second this, we had the same issue…. My kids got more out off the $20 scooter from big w than this one.

    • Yep same, used just a few times. When pushing it her feet got sandwhiched between pedals and foot pegs.

  • Hopefully this is fixed but something to consider:


  • The modern day equivalent of wearing braces in the 80's. Each to their own though.

  • Reviews on Youtube seem quite mixed… but not 100% sure if the reviews I watched are of the same product since the "Smartrike" name seems to be used by various products which look similar.

    Any other tips? My wife and I were planning to get something like this for our 16 month old to help transition her away from just sitting in the pram.

    EDIT: Interestingly enough I found a review which sounded promising on Youtube from someone who sounds to be Australian (ie bought an Australian model)… she mentioned it was $88 on clearance at BIg W a few years ago, but upon Googling Big W and Smartrike, it seems there was a recall on these models as they aren't suitable for use as a stroller… https://www.bigw.com.au/medias/sys_master/root/h0b/h50/13172...

    EDIT 2: Found some more articles on this and it turns out the issue is the Smartrike lacks a parking brake: https://www.mygc.com.au/recall-target-has-recalled-21-models...

    • Was just about to buy one for my daughter, but decided not to.

      Lack of parking break isn't that big of a concern for me, but watching that review video, the sun shade flaps around in wind way to much. Also looks like it's entirely made of plastic.

    • My daughter has this. Never had a problem with the sun shade flapping around even in windy conditions. Never had a moment where I wished it had a brake. The bottom compartment is handy but barely fits a bottle so not super practical. My main complaint is the steering is busted now (doesn’t go the way you turn it) but we got a few years use out of it.

      • There was another review from a grandma in the US and the challenges she had with a different smartrike and a 2 year old. Key issue was the steering when the little one kept going in random directions and not where they needed to get to. My understanding was you could disable their ability to steer the wheels but it wasn’t entirely clear from reading the description.

  • We have one, I can't really recommend it. The Sun shade is pretty useless, especially in the wind.

    But the biggest, most annoying, design flaw is the hinge that holds the sun shade juts out from the pole right at the kid's head height. So if you accelerate too fast, your kid gets a sharp bit of plastic hitting the back of their skull.

  • I bought this a while ago when it was heavily discounted. As some mentioned, the shade gets annoying when it’s super windy and the whole thing is pretty hard to steer as well.

    Good alternative if you’re lazy to push the pram out for a quick stroll but save your money if you can. Mine just parks in the garage nowadays.

  • Has any one got this delivered yet?

    Mine was estimated to be delivered on 23/09/2020.
    When asked.. this was their response :
    " I am very sorry for the delay in response. Please note your order is currently with warehouse for dispatch and will be underway to you as soon as possible. I apologise for the delay."