Mercer Culinary Millennia 8" Chef's Knife $31.14 + Delivery ($0 with Prime over $49) @ Amazon US via AU


I was browsing around and found that Amazon is selling the Mercer Culinary Millennia 8 inch Chef's Knife for around $30.
Edit: looks like I bit slow, they've been selling it for a few months now.

The AU site has only 2 units left @ $33
US has plenty, @ $30.03
UK has plenty, @ $30.46

Great if you're already wanting to buy some things from US/UK amazon but don't know what else to make shipping.
From what I have heard, these perform very similarly to the Victorinox Fibrox chef knife, which sells for around $59.

The blade is stamped X30 Cr13 (Victorinox's is X50), its "likely" to be heat treated somewhere between 53 and 54. Sharpens up quite quickly, quite a commonly used knife in professional/catering kitchens.
Ikea 365+ Cooks knife uses X50CrMoV15 and costs $25, but reviewers say it doesn’t perform as the mercer

• One-piece high-carbon, stain-free japanese steel offers easy edge maintenance and rapid sharpening for a razor sharp edge
• Ergonomic handle is made from a combination of santoprene® for comfort and polypropylene for durability
• Textured finger points provide slip resistance, grip, and safety
• Protective finger guard for added safety
• Limited lifetime warranty

Mod Update 12/10: Price has increased to $31.14

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • X30 means 0.3% carbon and X50 means 0.5% carbon. Higher the carbon, higher the hardness which can be achieved but with lower stainless properties. X30 does not seem a very good choice for a knife steel.

    • I think I would agree with you, but also would need to take into consideration heat treatment. A poorly heat treated X50CrMoV13 could be potentially worse than a well heat treated X30?

      But if they were treated the same, definitely. But if you're buying this kind of knife I don't know if you can appreciate the difference

      • According to the Mercer website, "Millennia®, Praxis, and Ultimate White – HRC is 53~54."

        • It will be very difficult to get that hardness even in as-quenched condition (53/54 HRc) with 0.26% Carbon (lower end of the specification). After tempering (~ 250­ deg C) it will drop by another 4 to 6 HRc. The desired microstructure should be tempered martensite and a minimum of 250 deg C tempering is needed. I will not be surprised if the actual hardness is ~ 45 HRc!

  • Youtuber Burrfection seems to give these knives a good rep for the money.
    If you don't mind some colour in the handles the green/black or yellow/black handle versions are $27.44 + delivery.

    • I first heard of these through burrfection too, although it never appealed to me. Hopefully this can be useful for someone else that doesn't care as much about knives.

    • Super sad to hear his studio got robbed. Poor guy, just starting out in a new space too!!

  • How these compare to $4 kiwi knives at your local asian grocery store?

    • Couldn't feel a difference. But idk, that's just me

      • Yeah those kiwi knives are damn sharp. My only issue with them is it light weight. I prefer a heavier knife for better control.

    • Same comment on every knife deal. Would've thought you'd have a full set of Kiwis by now.

    • This Mercer is a fair bit thicker and more solid than Kiwi knives. Kiwis tend to feel sharp because the blade is thin and ground to a smaller angle than most knives, but the steel is soft and the thinness doesn’t inspire confidence in certain situations. Excellent value for money for light work.

  • I prefer a heavier knife for better control.

    Why? You are not swinging it are you? Lol

  • 10-Inch Chef's Knife is $32.02

  • I bought this knife from Amazon in May 2019 for $24.

    Not a knife expert, but it was a great buy! This as been the sharpest knife in our house since then (with an occasional sharpen). It's pretty light though, for those whole like a bit of weight when cutting.

  • Where is it made?