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[PC, MAC] 15% Off Everything At "Mixed In Key" (DJ / Audio Software)


For the aspiring DJs and music producers out there,
"Mixed In Key" are giving 15% off their entire range of software (some of them listed below).

Discount code ends 30 SEPT 2020 (U.S. Time).

So, their most famous harmonic key detect software,
"Mixed In Key" is normally US$ 49 but after the discount is US$ 41.65

Mixed In Key
Analyze your music files and start using harmonic mixing.
Make your DJ mixes sound perfect with our award-winning software.
Harmonic mixing software used by legendary DJs and producers.
Improve your file’s meta-data with the world’s best Key, Energy Level and Cue Point detection.
It makes your DJ sets sound amazing.

New software to help you write hit music.
It’s a complete package of MIDI writing tools to help you express your own ideas.
You can sketch your concepts in Odesi, and export to Live/Logic anytime.

Flow 8 Deck
Software to use live on stage.
Flow helps you perform a brilliant DJ set that takes people on a journey.

Platinum Notes
Loved by pro DJs.
This software normalizes and masters your music collection to give each track perfect volume, perfect pitch, no clipped peaks, and gentle warmth.

Beyond Beatmatching
We’ll take an in-depth look at harmonic mixing and other techniques used by the world’s top DJs.
We’ll explain how to make club management happy, and how you can adjust your DJ sets for different venues and crowds.

Find tracks that sound good together, beatmatch them instantly, and produce your own mashups in as little as 5 minutes.
Mashup 2 helps you discover compatible songs and helps you mix them together.

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