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Panasonic Leica DG 12-60MM f/2.8-4.0 Vario - Elmarit Wide Zoom Lens Black (H-ES12060E) $647.06 @ Amazon AU


Seems like a good price. Sold by Amazon as well. Most B&M store have it for $1k.

Cheaper than

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  • Thank OP bought one!

  • Holy crap that's an excellent price!

  • Well, in real world the 12-35 F2.8 is much better. If you really want the zoom range then go for this one.

    • Seconded. Plus having a constant aperture across the whole range is worth the price of admission compared to the 12-60mm. The 12-35 is a beast on an BMPCC4K.

      • twice the price, about half the focal length, one stop up top

        if you're shooting mainly wide its a wash?

        • F4 at 120mm fullframe equivalent is minimal to get a decent DOF.
          IMHO it is a perfect travel or walk around lens.
          Being 2.8 at wide end is a good bonus for night landscape / citisape photography.

          • @Foma2: It's tough. 120mm FF equiv is a beast to stabilise and focus. I'd sooner shoot wide primes for sanity's sake. Much more tolerant.

            We shot for a pilot on Sirui anamorphics on a BMPCC4K on Friday. F1.8, 35mm & 50mm. Butter. Gorgeous. Much easier to wrangle (except for the 850mm minimum focus distance).

            I find these zooms are great for documentary work or on the fly. I shot a doco last year on the 12-35mm and it performed beautiful around the world. But I wouldn't shoot a series on them, especially at 120mm. So much room for error.

            • @bootlace: That may be the case with a BMPCC4K but most people will be using this optic on m43 where you're looking at 6 stops IBIS. The Panas have an I.S. Lock Mode for video which makes the 35-100 f/2.8 feel like it's on a tripod even at 200mm equiv.

            • @bootlace: "… F1.8, 35mm & 50mm …"
              The lenses you are referring to have completely different purpose.
              This one is a very very good one as a walk around lens and esp. for trips.
              I wish my Canon 18-135 on APS-C was at least 16-135, still not gonna be as wide as this one at the wide end but would get close to it.
              I like my 24-105 F4 on FF (esp. at wide angle) but it lacks a longer angle. Sometimes it struggles to reach ducks or birds in a park or on trees.

              This one is very good and do not worry about non constant aperture - it is not that critical as you may think.

              • @Foma2: Totally different purpose. But the discussion was in DOF & aperture - horses for courses.

                Constant aperture is absolutely a consideration for pros & video. Walk around photog, not so much.

                • @bootlace: I would argue about it but I won't.
                  If you really need a constant aperture than do not buy this lens.
                  I would personally get it straight away if I had Panasonic eco system.

  • Fantastic price for those who managed to purchase one.
    This is around the used price.

  • Back in stock at $634