Glen 20 Disinfectant Spray Original Scent 8 x 300g $45.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Glen 20 Disinfectant Spray Original Scent is a hospital-grade surface spray that is designed to kill up to 99.9% of germs & viruses. It helps to eliminate odours, and it disinfects soft & hard surfaces.

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Costco Wholesale
Costco Wholesale


  • @5.78 per can, seems quite steep?

    BigW offering twin/value pack of $9.50 @ $4.75 per can

  • No deal my dude; Cheaper at coles for $10.60 for 2 cans. ($5.30 per can)

  • $15 for delivery? Costco recently had them on special in store for $15.49 for four 300g cans. Not a deal

  • Pretty sure I've seen these on special every now and then at coles for under $5 a can so this isn't really a great deal especially if you have to buy in bulk.

  • And the audacity to charge a membership.

  • That's the whole business model that Costo uses: Get sizes that people aren't accustomed to, so they can't tell whether something is cheap or expensive.

    Seems to have worked.

  • They've probably tacked on $10 for delivery. Check the price in-store, it'll probably be closer to the $35 mark which would make it slightly cheaper in bulk.

    Costco Online isn't cost effective, especially since they don't combine shipping. I imagine it's only cost-effective for larger items (such as furniture), where you won't have the means (or could be bothered with the time effort) involved in getting it home. Some larger items also include assembly - my wife pointed out the outdoor kitchen as an example.

  • The number is coming down, I hope we don't need this anymore!

  • And if you aren't aware, Glen20 is basically just scented alcohol in aerosol form (60% ethanol w/w).. You're better off buying some methylated spirits (95% ethanol) and using a cloth to wipe the surface.. It will cost you a lost less..

    If you really want scented, you can the Diggers scented methylated spirits (70% ethanol)..

    Less waste from aerosol cans too..

    • Nice, seems to be much cheaper. Manage to find it in Woolies.

    • 70-75% ethanol/alcohol concentration is the golden ratio when it comes to killing viruses. The higher water content increases surface contact time which enables enough time to penetrate viruses to inhibit them due to slower evaporation. Whereas higher concentration actually does more harm than good, the high evaporation rate does not provide enough time to penetrate viruses but instead allow the viruses to form a protective layer.

      Better to dilute it down if you have 95% ethanol and want it to remove Corona from surfaces.