Xbox Series X/S Preordering

I'm planning on pre ordering the Xbox Series X. Who is the most reliable retailer to pre-order through? EB, JB etc.

Also curious as to which console will be more popular. Vote below!

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  • 5
    Series S
  • 68
    Series X


  • +2

    PS5 will be more popular but both will sell out.

    If you want it on launch day, make sure you choose Click and Collect.

  • If you have an Xbox already, EBGames offer trade in deals as they did with PS5:

    The XSS doesn't make sense to buy. Get the XSX if you really want an Xbox. Can't imagine it'll sell out like the PS5 but have a backup option just in case.

    • It makes sense if you don't have a 4k TV or planning to get one soon.

  • I'd buy the X over the S anyday, but I'm guessing the S would be more popular.

  • Most will buy the X
    The S will be popular because it is probably the only model that will see discounting (same as One X vs One S)
    So people will buy the S when its on sale.

  • Series X. Maybe some parents will buy the Series S, but it doesn't seem especially good value for money when PS5 Digital is $100 more.

  • I am buying PS5 with disc and Xbox Series S as I am already all digital (200 games) on my Xbox one X.

    • Exactly what I'm doing. When the PS5 is available once again, that is.

  • This will be the first time I have day 1'd a console outside of the SNES & N64.

    Doing it due to the EB trade in offer. Anyone else concerned about gen 1 hardware bugs or failings? I feel I would be a fool to not trade the x box x in that it will just depreciate by the time I am ready to upgrade.

    Are we in a time when they have their sh!t right or will this just feel like another rushed release?

    Lawd, help me.

    • +1

      The only issue I've had was the xbox 360. Outside of that I've had every xbox at launch including the slim/s versions and they were all still good.

      • Good point - the RROD!

  • Series X makes sense, Have the Xbox One X currently along with PS4 Pro. But since subscribing to XBOX Game pass and most of Xbox games playable on PC, I rarely login to the Xbox :\

    • why?

      • Why I don't login to the Xbox? Because most of the games purchased can be also played on PC. If you have a decent computer, XBOX Game Pass Ultimate is an awesome deal. I've been playing whole bunch of games Day 1 on PC with that pass. Only a few that are for XBOX only.

        So in theory, I would most likely be fine with a PS5 disc version and the XBOX Ultimate pass on PC…maybe wait for a deal/bundle for xbox series x later. (Boxing day/Christmas sales are only a month ish away from launch date)

  • Gonna grab the X on the Telstra All Access program.

    • good luck mine tells me im Xbox All Access is only available for customers with an active post-paid service. WTF i have internet and home phone with them

      • same issue here. telstra not taking calls about it either. just hung up on me saying they would call back.

      • I pre-ordered right on 8am, and got through to the confirmation/"congratulations" page, but still have not received an email about it with estimated time of delivery as some other people have. And nothing in my account indicates I have the pre-order .. so not sure if I actually got one at this point.

        • Just spoke with them - so far at least - no sign of my order in their system ..

  • Thought I’d have trouble getting a ps5 on launch which I didn’t, didn’t even get a chance to get a Xbox In this year

    • +2

      A lot of people were saying the demand wouldn't even be close to that of the PS5. Good to prove them wrong.

      It's only going to get worse now that MS own Bethesda. Even if MS don't make future games exclusive, you can bet they'll drop exclusive content.

      Financially speaking, making future Bethesda games on all platforms makes sense, but Sony have plenty of exclusives and they're doing fine, so we'll see.

      I wasn't quick enough to get a PS5 or Xbox lol. This is one thing that sucks about living in W.A.

      • It's not impossible in WA.

        I'd heard there was supposed to be a PS5 announcement on Thursday and was up early to do some work, managed to snag one for launch.

        And managed to get an Xbox from EB Games at 06:01 this morning.

        I think that's my gaming budget for the next couple of years.

        • Oh definitely. I was just being slack. I had the Mindset that I'll just wait for early next year, so never had much invested.

          As soon as Xbox sold out, I read the news on Bethesda. If I had known this yesterday, I would of been up immediately for the Xbox pre order.

          • +1

            @Frayin: I only went for the Xbox because of the EB Games trade-in, otherwise I'd have waited a year.

            But my current Xbox One X will only lose trade-in value, so may as well do it now.

            I'll enjoy the novelty for a while.

      • Yeah I wonder if that announcement early this morning is having an effect on pre-orders.

        • Doubt it to be honest. How many people read the news pre 8am and have made a change in plans because of that news? I'd say mid to late morning maybe, but not the 8am crowd….. and these things sold out straight away.

  • sold out everywhere i can see

    eb games
    harvey norman
    telstra - all access
    microsoft direct

    Big w still taking orders. i have placed one with them but am full expecting them to cancel it on me

  • If this is the numbers that each retailer is getting in the US then don't expect our retailers to have too many -

    Twitter -

    some numbers I heard for GameStop per-store allocations for Xbox Series preorders:
    Series X - 6-12 per store
    Series S - 2-4 per store

    • Surely this can't be accurate.

      Or perhaps due to their entire country being in shambles ATM?

      If true, this is unprecedented for a console launch.

  • I found a loophole in the Microsoft site and managed to order one from this address here just then:

    • Tried this a little while ago, as I got to checkout, it emptied my cart lol.

      • Ah, that sucks. A few of us had success doing it this way. Have you tried recently? And signed into your Microsoft account? We put one through like 10 minutes ago,

        EDIT: Looks like they did close it.

  • So I thought my silver bullet would be waiting for EB Games countdown for more preorders. As soon as it hit 13 minute left, they added another 3 hours lol.

    • Just saw that. And they have pushed it off launch to post-launch.

      • Yeah, guess I'll just carve out the FOMO with other deals and wait till they have plenty of stock next year lol.

  • I have balance on Microsoft Store. It's booked my pre-order with a CC and my balance remains. $0 has come out of my balance or CC.

    Does anyone know if it will use my balance before using my CC when MS bills my Xbox? Cheers

    • Best bet is to message Microsoft support through live chat.

      • Did that, they had no idea basically. Too complex a question. And I have differing views on their comments/forums page. :(

        • That sucks, worst case scenario you can top up on Game Pass Ultimate with the credit if it doesnt gfet used.

    • the amount will be charged only when your item ships.

  • Managed to snag a XSX through MS, but missed out on the PS5 preorder. If anyone in Melbourne is interested in trading when they get delivered, let me know as there's still a few PS games that I'll miss!

  • +1

    No luck on EB games so far. Site keeps shitting itself.

    • yup no luck

    • Neither, tried to call in person but the rep said the allotment had been exhausted already via the website.


      • Would love to know how.

        I literally pressed pre order after the last second ticked down lol.

        What a terrible series of circumstances this has been haha.

        Thanks for the heads up mate.

        • As would I! I still have mine sitting in the cart on the website. I'll periodically try and see if it can be pushed through but my hopes are low now.

          • @Velocita: Yeah i'm working on the PC atm anyway, so will periodically try get it through too haha.

            I'm also not very hopeful.

            • @Frayin: Isn't that just post launch anyway?

              • @Dowhatuwant: Yeah but still 2020 apparently.

                • -1

                  @Frayin: Why didnt you just buy a launch console?

                  • @Dowhatuwant: Yeah silly me, why didn't i.

                    Oh that's right, i did try lol.

                    • +1

                      @Frayin: Goodness, I didn't realise it was that easy! All we needed to do was simply buy a launch console on a non functioning website!

                      100% showing out of stock on website cart now, RIP.

                      • @Velocita: I don't know why we didn't just buy 10 while we were at it, you know?

                        Also, appears EB has killed the pre order link. I'll let you know if i come across any stock pre-launch. Hopefully amazon can sort us both out when they release their stock.

                        • @Frayin: Let me know too!! 😁
                          Ill also keep an eye

                          • +1

                            @LINKx12: Will do!

                            • @Frayin: Was it that hard to buy them? I thought sony generally has higher demand than xbox in Australia?

                              • +3

                                @Dowhatuwant: Day one pre-orders sold out in 14 minutes. I wasn't able to get through at all during the time.

                                Consoles could have been available for an hour and i probably wouldn't of snagged one. Was a luck of the draw if you were able to make it through to process payment.

                                • +1

                                  @Frayin: Eb again mate just got one. Easy

                                  • +1

                                    @LINKx12: Legend bro. Just got one.

                                    • @Frayin: No worries, ozbargain has helped me a lot i should probably give back tk the community lol yw

                                      • @LINKx12: Was such an odd experience not getting a single whirling loading icon. Everything was instant. Been trying all day with amazon, big w, target, jb, harvey norman constantly refreshing all of them lol.