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BlitzWolf BW-P11 20000mAh Type-C USB PD & QC 3.0 18W Power Bank US$20.99 (~A$28.82) - AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Lowest price yet for this popular power bank from BlitzWolf.

It features multiple fast charging technologies including 18W USB-PD via USB-C, Quick Charge 3.0 via the orange USB port and standard charging in the black USB port. It can be recharged with USB-PD/QC3 via Micro USB or USB-C.

  • Apply the coupon BG916BWP11AU at checkout

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate, ships from the AU warehouse and might stack with cashback.

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  • omg these power bank deals dont stop !!!

  • Any deals for the BW-S16?

  • ugh do i really need this one too

    • Same here should I buy this one as bought the Rosmoss 30,000 mAh while back for $35.20 on Amazon deal posted here on Ozbargain,..

      Tempting though 🤑🤪👍

  • Is the Romoss posted last deal better? Or am I missing something? https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07H3RRZXT

    • i think the romoss is a little slimmer, and i prefer white

      • Both 30mm thick
        This: 143x71x30mm
        Romoss: 5.73x2.74x1.16inch (145.5 x 69 x 30)

        Last week received a $17.60 10000mAh but otherwise similar spec Romoss listed as "tiny" that was 35mm thick - might return!

      • White has the potential to turn yellow.

        • I'm pretty sure they mix the fire retardant better these days compared with say, the Super Nintendo.

    • "Reddy Cool" That Romoss model with the smart display is great for showing not only capacity in % but also the

      voltage and even better the amps that current is charging/drawing to other device.

  • Got one.. Thanks!
    Have a 20000 usb-a charger. Wanting to upgrade to PD USB-C. This should do just fine.

  • What's the longevity of the battery like - do they last longer than 3 months?

    And in terms of quality, what's it feel like in comparison to say, a $200 power bank?

    • $200? Wtf powerbank is that? 100wPD? 240v output?

      Anker power core is regarded one of the best powerbanks out there and it's only like $60 go get that instead

      • If Apple ever makes a 20,000mAh they'll charge $200 for it!

      • I saw a Cygnett one last night which was $200 haha.

        • Rofl cygnett would be the last brand I've give my money to.

          Reputable Chinese brands make better stuff than them.

          • @krisspy: I had a 26 month old 6,000mah power bank, which I liked because it was USB-C which was pretty uncommon in those days.
            It swelled up, and had a 2 year warranty so I sent them some photos.
            New one in the mail 4 days later.

      • "krisspy" Anker 20000mAh with 18W PD and QC3 is more like $80-$100+

        Can you link me an Anker 20000mAh with 18W PD and QC3 for $60 or so as I have been looking to get one.

  • I wish it had more than 1 USBC port

    On a side note, can these be taken on planes?

    • Yes. 26800mAh is the limit as it's just under 100Wh. Anything from 100Wh to 160Wh has to be declared at checkin or prior.

      • Awesome thanks, but I read you have to multiple the mAh by the volts, some of these ports go up to 9 volts?

  • 18w kills the deal. Good for those that do not need to charge laptops.

  • Will this charge my laptop? It's just a standard corporate HP EliteBook series laptop.

  • only 20,000 why not just buy a 500,000 one from eBay for 40bucks

  • bought one. Thanks OP

  • One of the reviews on Banggood says, you cannot charge and discharge at the same time ? OP can you confirm ?

  • No >50w powerbank deals? Want one that can charge my laptop as well.

  • i found many products on banggood are just cheap taobao items rebranded. instead of generic or Chinese brand names, they give them a fancy name and become something unique. very smart business model.

    • This is basically how most of manufacturing works in the modern world. Some brands manufacture their own products, but the majority use 3rd party manufacturers and either re-brand generic products or have them manufacture proprietary products.

      • Kogan for example.

        • Not just the low-end consumer market though.

          For example Apple, Google, Xiaomi, Nokia, Huawei all have their phones manufactured by the same company, Foxconn.

          • @ILikeBargenz: True, but that is a bit different as they are manufactured by Foxconn to Apple's or Google spec/design

            and even qc. The other brands often just order an item at said price and quality and re-badge,

            knowing and controlling very little about that actual product and quality.

            • @ozhunter68: Of course, two opposite ends of the same spectrum though.

              If you buy in sufficient volumes, you get far more control and input over the specification.

              At low quantities, they might put your branding on the product. Start dealing in higher volumes and you might get some input into material choice or the QC process. If you're a massive customer, the manufacturer might set up entire production lines and processes tailored around your own proprietary designs.

    • You gotta know which manufacturers have access to the same factories as reputable brands. That's how you get quality products for cheap lol

  • Which is better for charging Samsung phones - this or Xiaomi ZMI Aura QB822 ?

    • They're both qc 3.0 limited to 18w, it would be the same

    • Go the ZMI QB815 that one is great and 40W/45W out too.

      • I've only got a Galaxy S20+ (limited to 25W i believe?) so the QB815 would be a bit of overkill. Though I assume it'd still charge the S20+ at 25W rather than the 18W of the 2 I listed above?

      • Quick update - I bought the QB815 and it does NOT charge a Galaxy s20+ "super fast" in any of the 3 ports… :(

        • Surely it still charges your S20+ at a good fast speed using the QC2/3 which Samsung takes advantage of.

          The QB815 is one of the best power banks made ever, period. Is it the best specifically to be able to charge a Samsung S20+

          ( you did not mention that specific model, only Samsung phones ), no, it's not. Will it charge most phones , Tablets,

          Chromebooks and even many various usb C PD laptops, yes, fast, yes, the complete fastest for all, no.

          • @ozhunter68: Yeah fair enough, it still charges it as fast as any other power bank I have found so not the end of the world. I was just hoping given that it was capable of outputting 45W that it might charge mine at 25W. Oh well, it'll do.

            • @beef45: To make you feel better about your QB815, wait till you buy a laptop/chromebook that can charge via USB C PD,

              then you will see how good it is. And don't forget about the USB Hub feature too, could come in handy these days

              with many tablets and laptops only having few ports. Phones such as the Samsung S20+ and Oppo/One Plus have

              very specific charging protocols, and you need a power bank/charger that has that particular charging protocol.

              I was hoping USB C PD would simplify and combine various protocols, but unfortunately appart from the same

              looking ports and plugs, there are many differences in spec for cables, USB C inputs and driver/software

              and protocol capabilities.

  • Looking to power a usb fan for as long as possible, are there any good 30000mAh deals?