Bosch 18V 2.0ah Li-Ion Cordless Brushless SBX2-CECWL 2 Piece Combo Kit $398.99 Delivered or Collected @ Blackwoods


03170746 - Bosch 18V 2.0Ah Li-ion Cordless Brushless SBX2-CECWL 2 Piece Combo Kit …

$398.99 Inc GST - Delivered or Collected, Cash, Credit Card or Account …

9 Remaining to Clear - 2 SYD, 5 MELB, 1 GEELONG, 1 BRIS …

Features …

Bosch Cordless Combo Kit 18V Li-Ion - 18VSBX2-CECWL2.0AH

1 x GSB 18V-EC Brushless hammer drill

1 x GDX18V-EC Brushless 1/4 & 1/2 impact driver/wrench

2 x 2.0Ah wireless premium Li-Ion battery

1 x Wireless charger

1 x L-BOXX 136

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  • Blackwood's issue - always ask whether they have stock or not !

    • Not the same set, as the Blackwoods one has the dual-purpose impact driver (1/4 drive and 1/2 drive), which is actually a very good feature of some of the Bosch impact drivers.


      This appears to be the newer/higher level equivalent pack:

      Impact driver has a higher torque rating (200 vs 185Nm), I believe the drill is also higher spec, and of course you get the 4Ah, instead of the 2Ah batteries.

      For the same pric, but a bag instead of a box, if that matters to you, and no wireless charger.

  • Anyone use the Bosch eco system and like it?
    I currently only have makita 12v drill and impact driver with 2 batteries and 1 ozito 18v battery I use between a orbital sander and blower. Need to buy some new tools but not sure who to throw my money at.

    • I have mostly Bosch 18v. I like what I have but I feel like they don't have enough in their range (not that I need it).

      I also have Milwaukee and Ryobi. Milwaukee tools are good but customer service is terrible and slow. Ryobi has a huge range and is at every bunnings, but feels cheap.

    • If you're not a heavy user, go Ryboi. Biggest range and best bang for buck. If you are a heavy user, I'd still not go bosch. They are lacking in terms of range and in particular lack of brushless for certain tools. Makita, Dewalt and Milwaukee seem to be the preference. I went Makita because I did a random sample of tradies and seems most run makita. You do run into problems though. For example, Makita doesn't have a framing nailer so I had to get the dewalt one and now I run 3 battery systems fml.

    • Short Story:

      I lost my big shed and all the stuff in it in the bushfires last summer in Northern NSW. I had a full kit of the pro Makita stuff (driver, drills, circ saw, angle grinder, reciprocating saw etc)

      I have Bosch Blue stuff now (not everything has been replaced but I have a driver, drill, angle grinder and I have used them all). I waited for the New Years eve sale at the local Total Tools and grabbed them then. They are better IMO (feel more solid) but I never had any issues with my Makita Pro stuff at all eg the Makita angle grinder was $300 alone..

      Longer story:
      I used to use the Makita stuff all the time, as I had a 100 acre property, and built mountain bike trials, with bridges and jumps etc out of lots of wood and the endless constant chores around the property (eg built a jetty over the dam, massive chook enclosure, repairs on the cottage, built an orchard etc) , so the tools saw heaps of work, all the time and never missed a beat. The reciprocating saw was used for endless tree pruning before I upgraded to an electric Sthil Chainsaw for that. I started out with Ryobi but the drill wouldn't physically drill a hole through the hardwood logs with an auger bit to run 10mm threaded rod through. The Makati ate right through it, so I sold the Ryobi stuff I had and started again with Makita. I built on that over the years, the original 18V batteries where nearly decade old got used regularly (charged up a couple times a week) and never missed a beat.) the Makita battery circ saw was an issue as I was always working with hardwood, I had asaw mill down the road and used to get stuff off him all the time. I gave up mostly and used the electric chainsaw for rough logs or grabbed a 230mm 240V Hitachi circ saw that was awesome (and got burnt as well but had to be plugged in to use it) I see Makita have a 36V circ saw now (2 x18V batteries) but battery saws are only really good for softwoods IMO which is what most people in urban situations use anyway

      This bring up a conundrum. I bought the Makita pro stuff because I would buy it once and never have to replace it :) Where i live now, Ozioto would be fine for the occasional use (Unit in a high rise on the Gold Coast) but I will be unable to live here forever (I own it but am struggling living in a urban environment and need to move back to the bush) , so eventually I will move and presumably use the tools much more then

      If you already have Makita I'd just build on that but I am liking using the Bosch stuff I have now.

      Hope that long story of my experience is some help.

  • Looks like a crappy deal to me. Old models and expensive for 2amp batteries.