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[PS4] PlayStation Hits Games $16 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) at Amazon AU


God Of War
Horizon Zero Dawn
Gran Turismo
The last of us
Ratchet and clank
And more all $16 with free shipping for prime

Spiderman $18 also

Mod: Link to other games

Probably should buy the disk version of PS5 after all

P.S.A some of these games are coming for free to ps plus members for PS5

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    These are the games coming to PS Plus so you don’t double up.

    Batman: Arkham Knight
    Battlefield 1
    Days Gone
    Detroit: Become Human
    Fallout 4
    Final Fantasy XV
    God of War
    Infamous Second Son
    Monster Hunter World
    Mortal Kombat X
    Persona 5
    Ratchet and Clank
    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
    The Last Guardian
    The Last of Us Remastered
    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
    Until Dawn

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      where did you find this list!?
      been meaning to get god of war..

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        I think it's for the free psnplus games at launch for PS5.

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      Will those games be available for current PS4 users who hold a ps plus membership? Or is it only for PS5 users?

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        Ps5 only I understand and press start has the list

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        Only PS5 users with ps plus membership.

    • persona 5 and not persona 5 royal?

      • Yes, not royal but then they need to give away a few good games over the next 7 years so it might pop up at some point but not at ps5 launch

      • Makes sense to me
        Persona 5 is one of the PS Hits, Royal is not.

    • Do you need to buy anything extra? Or just need the ps plus subscription?

    • I’m just wondering if I have PS4 Fallout 4 physical disc with all DLC bought in PS store. Will I still have those DLC when I play it on PS5 with PS4 disc? What if I played the game through collection?

      • Yes you will.
        You need to have disc installed to play it (including enhanced versions) so make sure you don’t get a digital only PS5

        • Fallout 4 will be one of PS+ collection game. Do I still need to own the PS4 disc? I'm trying to sell the PS4 games as many as possible.

          • @Capt0083: So this is how i understand it to work (from various media reports)

            You own game on PS4 Disc… you get enhanced version (if available) on PS5 but must put disc in to be able to play

            You own Game on PS4 Disc but purchased DLC on the PS store : You need to have game installed to be able to access DLC
            So to me this translates to if you have it digitally through other means, its linked to your PS account you get the DLC

            I know for example games i have paid for on disc and then i got DLC through the store, when i downloaded the games via PS Plus (cause they were now free) i could fully access all the DLC
            This also worked for my cloud saves, they downloaded to my PS4 when i switched to the PS Plus Digital version.. without need of the disc.

            Does that make sense?

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              @jimbobaus: Crystal clear. Thanks for the detail explanation.

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      is Horizon Zero Dawn good? sucks its not in PS Plus Collection. but it is 16$ in Amazon.

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        It is, surprisingly good. And the DLC is on the disc!

      • +5

        One of the best games of this generation.

        • yeah i may grab one from bigw, $1 difference since my amazon prime expired

      • One of the better open world games this generation for sure. Seems like it was a little underrated for some reason.

      • For $16 its a massive yes.

      • I payed like $50 for the complete edition on release.
        $16 is a steal

      • -3

        IMO it's way better than God of War.

      • I played it at the start of the year. It's amazing. Way better than I expected. My only two complaints would be the map doesnt have a fps cap & cause PS4 lacks a system one my fan goes up. And just like the Witcher 3, the story is long, and incredible so ofc I wanted to keep playing. About half way through I changed difficulty to super easy & smashed it out.

        The game is beautiful. It uses trickery to render the world. It actually only creates what you can see with slightly overlap on the sides so everything behind you doesn't exist until you turn around meaning those extra polygons are used on screen. I also suggest the upgrade to summon a new mount asap after you get the stealth takedown & drop kill ones. Saves having to run.

    • Hey, this is also for ps4 ps plus right?

      • I don’t believe so. It’s a PS4 collection for ps5 owners who subscribe to ps plus. I think it’s an incentive for those who skipped PS4 this gen to buy straight away rather than wait for next gen ps5 games and potentially go somewhere else.

      • It sounds like just ps5 owners. At least half of these have been PS+ games already. 5 of them in the last year so if you have PS+ for a while you might already own. Otherwise they go on sale a lot for $13-18.

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    Undercutting Big W by the looks of it.

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    Please add “[PS4]” tag to title.

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    Sweet bought it. I was thinking over the last 3 days or so that I should finally play God of War. Woke up this morning and considered walking to the city to buy it preowned for $20ish but ultimately couldn't be bothered. This deal makes me feel better for being lazy :)

    • +5

      You're not going to regret it. Probably the best PS4 game graphics in my book.

      I've played it by borrowing a friend's, now thinking if I should own one myself.

    • +2

      Easily one of the best games I have played in a long time.

      I remember while playing it thinking that it will definitely win game of the year and sure enough it did!

    • +3

      I envy anyone about to play God of War for the first time. It took me a while to get used to the "heavier" physics, compared to the very arcadey earlier games in the series, but after that…

      Definitely one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had.

      • +1

        The "heavier" physics almost put me off for a while. I stopped playing for a few weeks. But after that, hooked, playing almost everyday.

  • +2
    • Phew.. just sold Days Gone for $35 a few days ago.

      Detroit is well worth it for that price

      • Although with Detroit, I got the digital deluxe version for $19 which includes Heavy Rain the other week. Something to consider if you want to wait for that deal to come around again.

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    got god of war from Harvey Norman auburn for 5 dollars around 2 weeks ago

    • Did they have all ps4 games on sale for $5 or any others besides god of war?

      • just spiderman and just dance 2020 at the time

  • Any recommendations on Days Gone, Nioh, Little Big Planet or Killzone?

    I've played most of the others.

    • Avoid Killzone. Janky ass controls and mediocre story. I quit midway through.

      I've been meaning to play Nioh which is a Soulsbourne type game. This was free recently with psnplus.

    • Of those, I've only played LBP. It's not bad. I liked the controls and platforming (despite criticisms). It has a decent single-player story. I would say well worth it if you're a fan of 2D platformers and it's at it's cheapest discounted cost. Just don't go in expecting Mario.

    • I liked Days Gone enough to complete the story. Taking on hordes of zombies is genuinely fun and driving around on the motorbike is cruisey. The story is a bit hit and miss but okay.

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    Probably should buy the disk version of PS5 after all

    Yeah right!

    So Sony are going to get people in to next gen by offering a $150 discount on the disc-less console ($600, cf. $750). You'll get the same specs, minus an optical drive (which costs peanuts), for a big 20% discount off RRP. Where you get stung later is that all of your software purchases must come from the one distributor - Sony themselves, who are going to be charging $120 for digital new releases via there PS storefront. When you consider JB/Amazon/Big W will do $69 for new releases (may be higher next gen, e.g. $79, at least early-on), that there is already a ~$40-50 difference. Once you're 3-4 games in to the next gen, you're paying jacked prices for the next 7 years. Not to mention some of the big sales that come along well after release, where your bigger titles can be had for $15-25 (this deal, for example). And, again further, if you pick up the disc version of a game Day-1 and resell in the first couple of months, you recoup most of your costs (I sold my GoT for $65 after buying at $69, and sold my TLoU2 for $55 after buying at $69).

    This message needs to get out there. Avoid that disc-less version like the plague. Like a lot of companies that want to lock you in to a monopolised market or have proprietary practices - avoid! You will pay more, a lot more. Preserve your right to exercise the free market - it will always do better for you economically.

    • +6

      Avoid digital everyone!
      The resell market is the only way many of us could afford to game this generation and last!!

    • +3

      see this is why im glad i got the disc version. im no collector and I always resell the games im done playing

    • The All digital version is aimed to North America and some Countries in Europe, the rest is just addition.
      Optical Drive is around USD$40 but of course they will try to get most sales from digital edition since they receive $27 for first party games and $7 Third Party for all Physical releases (at full price) and $36 for first party games and $10 for digital releases (at full price).

      • Optical drive is an 8k UHD DRIVE
        Not $40usd at all.

    • I'll buy it in 2 years when they are being cleared out for under $100, and modifications would be pretty advanced and simple by then

    • +1

      Agree 100%, I resell all my games & generally pick up new ones on sale from a brick & Mortar shop like Big W. Or online via Amazon. I don't get the appeal for the digital console, at all….

  • I had just ordered Spider-Man, Days Gone, the uncharted collection and Horizon Zero Dawn from two days ago so I contacted Amazon CS thinking they would just credit me drop prices but they said it wasn’t possible. I had to cancel the order and re-order to get the lower prices.

  • +1

    I'm a newcomer to the series, really enjoying it minus the fact it feels like every room has a puzzle in it, which is a bit annoying. THey're not hard, I'd just rather be slaying things than throwing my axe to solve puzzles.

  • Excellent, picked up the uncharted collection (as i never did play the first one on PS3), the lost legacy & Horizon, these, along with Uncharted & Ratchet & Clank from the PS5 online service should keep me busy for a while when my PS5 arrives. Then it'll be spiderman MM ultimate and i can buy any other ps5 games i want second hand when people are done with them.

  • Could anyone suggest some good titles to grab for PS 5. (I don't have a PS 4 or PSN account)

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Been oooohh and aahhhhing bout Horizon for ages; finally jumped in & grabbed it. Hopefully- won’t sit in pile of shame too long 🤪

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