ANZ Business Black - No Annual Fee First Year, $300 Thereafter (Note - Not Normal ANZ Black Card)



*Not the normal ANZ Black card offering, but might be some value here (particularly earning points with ATO transactions).

Save $300 with no Annual Card and save $75 per card with no Rewards Fee for the first year on a new ANZ Business Black credit card.

Applications must be submitted and approved by 15 December 2020
Eligible purchases

1.5 Reward Points
per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to and including $10,000 per statement period

1.0 Reward Point
per $1 spent on eligible purchases above $10,000 per statement period

Taxation payments
0.5 Reward PointsSuperscript: 3
per $1 spent, uncapped

Interest rate on purchases - 20.24% p.a.

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  • Just a warning that ANZ now evaluates applications on the basis of what is max payable on all credit cards and credit lines owned by the applicant. So if you have a credit line of say $400,000 and you are using only $50,000 of that, they will calculate possible debt payable on the full amount, not the lower amount outstanding. Credit card debt is calculated similarly, even if you don't owe anything on any of the cards. I think very little weightage is given to credit history under their new system.

    • ANZ also calculate three times the value of your credit card limit as assumed debt, regardless of what is owing on the credit card facilities.
      e.g If you have a $50,000 Black card already (perhaps with $12,000 currently owing), ANZ will assume you have a debt of $150,000.

  • Is there a minimal salary to be eligible for this card?

  • If you plan to convert to Frequent flyer points the conversion is 2 reward points to 1 frequent flyer point.