Is Anyone Else Experiencing Delays in International Shipping?

So I bought a couple of random items and it seems like they are being shipped from China or Hong Kong. Usually, I get them within 2-3 weeks, but I haven’t got any updates for half a month now. Hence the question in the title.


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    COVID = delays in everything. You're not alone don't worry.

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      Yeah I mean COVID didn’t affect my shipping a few weeks back so just asking.

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        It is now…

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        Well you were lucky then; it's been affecting everyone for what, 6 months now?

  • Yes, I order some stuff from the US last month. I can see that it has been shipped but Auspost has not received it yet. Im guessing in sitting somewhere in Australia waiting to be scanned.

    • Likely my situation then cheers

    • Same deal as me. Bought a DVD from the US in July. In 2-3 weeks, it left the US, went over to Hong Kong and landed in Perth. Now it's sitting somewhere in Australia…

    • Update: I called up Auspost and they said since its express it shouldnt take long. They launched an investigation and now estimated delivery time is tomorrow :)
      But they did mention that it did go through Victoria via third party even though I ordered from Sydney.

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    2 months delivery from China, 40 days from UK, 3 weeks from US; all took twice longer or more than last year. Don't worry, everyone is on the same boat… so to speak

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      Wow, alright I guess I can forget about mine

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        Or wait a long time. Last week I got something ordered Jan 26 (Aliexpress)

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      Exactly my experience. 2 months from China, 3 days local, 30-50 days from UK, and US is about the same.

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    2 - 2.5 months for anything from China atm.
    Last parcel left china in a week only to spend 7 weeks sitting in Australia.
    Aus Post is struggling

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      Yes, I managed to get some cloth masks shipped from the USA to NSW at the beginning of Victoria's lockdown (thought it might spread here), but they spent about six weeks sitting in Australia before Australia Post finally delivered them.

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        That's the same thing that happened with me for a jewellery set I got off Wish.

        The item took 3-4 months to get to me with 1 whole month lingering in Australia somewhere :/

  • Yep. The fan for my vacuum robot is taking so long that I had to buy a second vacuum.
    Th tracking says it left China on the 18th of August, can't be tracked since.

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      It's probably in Peru in transit for Mozambique. It should makes it's way to Grozny for a quick stop over before finally heading to Melbourne where it will end up missing.

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        As this weird route is not exactly impossible, I've already bought a (local) replacement… Still have 60 days before I can request a refund.

        • Still have 60 days before I can request a refund

          What the? you bought another vacuum cleaner with the intention of using it and then returning it later? I hope they don't accept your refund request!

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            @bobbified: No, sorry… You misunderstood… I bought a fan to repair my vacuum… As it was taking too long, I bought a new vacuum which I am using and keeping.

            The 60 day is for the fan, which hasn't been delivered yet (I can request a refund if it is not delivered in the next 60 days). Therefore, I will have two working vacuums, and that's fine.

            *I must say that the world is actually fu**** and people are in this negative vibe always thinking the worst of everyone else… That's kind of sad… 😔

            • @this is us:

              I bought a new vacuum which I am using and keeping.

              My bad.. I read your comment a little differently to that.

              *I must say that the world is actually fu**** and people are in this negative vibe always thinking the worst of everyone else… That's kind of sad… 😔

              I wasn't actually thinking the worst - After reading your comment, I had to ask myself "people do this??" before I responded.

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    Yes, but there's been no consistency to it. FWIW I order a lot from OS so I'm very familiar with how long it should take. The odd thing at the moment is a package you order weeks after another can arrive first. Packages ordered from similar locations at the same time can arrive weeks apart etc. I had one that was so late (2 months) we'd assumed it was lost and a replacement sent. The original arrived 3 weeks after the replacement arrived.

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    half a month = 2 weeks ???

  • Ordered some cigars, normally take 2-3 weeks but its now 5 weeks and still waiting.

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    Less flights, which typically carry cargo.

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    I have things coming from Japan but with EMS suspended they've had to be sent via sea freight. It's gonna be a looooong wait.

    Meanwhile I had an AliExpress order arrive in 2 weeks the other day.

    • Yeah mine is via sea fright as well, big rip i guess

    • Free shipping or did you pay extra?

      • Free shipping. Normally EMS due to the size but sea this time.

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      Ali Express is quite impressive now. I've had free tracked shipping delivered in two weeks from China on three occasions in the past few months. Not like the old days anymore.

      But I do understand in some way the Australian government kind of pays China to be able to provide this.

      • I think part of it is a lot of sellers are now using epacket and other providers as China Airmail is likely to end up in transit for months.

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    If only there was some reason that there was a delay…

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      I heard there is a pandemic going on. I could be wrong.

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        good theory tbh

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    We can get an ocean freight shipment collected from the mid-west USA and delivered to me in metro Melbourne in a time span of 5-6 weeks. Yet it takes 6-8 weeks to get a package delivered by airmail post. Go figure.

  • Yes

  • the whole world

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    For sure! And availability of products is scarcer too.

    I'm finding things that I buy online from China/HK are taking significantly longer to even leave the originating country.

    If you're in VIC, you will notice that your items are getting sent from VIC to NSW for sorting. Then back to VIC again for final delivery.

    I'm learning that it pays to know the difference about which courier service to choose when buying things internationally now. And stick with the more credible stores - some stores are happy to take payment for upgraded shipping options, but will mail your goods out on a cheaper service.

    If you're buying stuff from ebay, take note that your buyer protection tends to expire in 30 days. I think Paypal covers you for up to 60 days. If you bought from AliExpress, you'll have a longer period for your buyer protection.

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      Cheers for the info. Oh boy have I taken logistic services for granted. Guess it’s no more buying internationally for the time being.

    • What are the credible services on your view?

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    Purchased bike hub via ebay in March. Vendor in USA, but said shipment would be from Rumania. Postal tracking provided, but nothing updated since lodgement of parcel. I have been dudded $200, hope your loss is less

    • That's rough, I haven't spent much but yeah it's not looking great.

  • big time

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    Yes, you're the only person. Do you know why you may have been singled out?

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    No update for half a month is nothing. Give it 2 months before you start getting upset, because Covid has trashed the international shipping and logistics industry.

    I regularly buy from AliExpress, Banggood and eBay and 2 weeks is nothing.

  • Yes, will take a bit longer time.

  • Some things I ordered from China still "in transit" it's taking months to get from China to Sydney…. then 3-4 weeks from Sydney to me. What is annoying me is there's no tracking after it leaves Sydney. Austpost is struggling… but why so badly? Covid seems to be an excuse for everyting. It's taking 2 weejs to get something across the same city. BS!!!

    • Most of the time if you use the cheap Chinese Government subsidised shipping, Aus Post can't track it until it hits customs. It's not Aus Post's fault. Next time, consider opting for a better shipping option. Most Chinese based sellers do have other options. ePacket is your best value combo of speed and trackability.

      It's not just AusPost that's struggling. In fact, 90% of my parcel delays from China (and I've been ordering from China for years) can be traced back to China Post issues, or issues with the providers that AliExpress use.

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    Yeah, it's strange. I can't figure out what it might be. It's almost as if there's something world wide that is affecting everything we do.

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      It smells as a hidden "decoupling" process.

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    Australia post is very very slow

  • Two months + from China.

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    Obviously you have no experience in receipt of parcels from around the world.

    Typically this from "China" take five (5) or more weeks to arrive in Australia.

    This is what you have to weigh up when buying items knowingly deriving from China.

    Expect at least Five weeks… then you have to run the Ozzie Post incompetent system which could add a further 2-3 weeks on top.

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      In normal times, I find shipping from China to Sydney to be very quick. Some things arrive in as little as a week but almost always within 2 weeks.

    • I have been ordering from china for years off & on. Never taken 4 months. It always has a tracking number & It gets scanned when it arrives in Sydney & then usually a week to 10 days from there… total 3-4 weeks at most. 4 months is ridiculous. I have complained at the 4 weeks it's taking from Sydney with no tracking from Sydney. I'm experiencing no tracking from AustPost within Aust as well. Not just one parcel…. 90% of them. What's the point of having a tracking number if they don't even scan it at the Post office? Grrr

  • Yes I do.
    I guess we all do.

    Interestingly, I have first hand info of a similar situation in the USA (California), about an LG fridge/refrigerator (made in Korea?): it is taking more than 10 (ten) weeks to have it delivered !!!
    It doesn't sound "natural".

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    Yes. But I was also scammed by an Amazon seller in China. Was given a dodgy tracking number that didn’t move until after I queried the time delivery was taking. Amazon refunded me and the package with the tracking number ended up being delivered to an address in another state with completely different contents. Worth knowing this happens in case you need to seek a refund within a particular timeframe (PayPal/Amazon/ebay etc).

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    Depends which service you use - EMS or DHL. DHL is next day (even in March/April this year), EMS normally takes a month, but the post office in HK closed for a few weeks, so they have to clear up all the parcels first. Don't forget the number of flights to Australia is limited, it impact on the delivery service.

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    Yes waiting on an rc car from China which has been over 2 months.

    Disc golf set via Amazon prime purchase took 6 days from Texas to Adelaide Austalia

    • Wow…. thats faster than I can get anything across Perth!! 🙂

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    Yup, asked my brother to post Jabra earphone from Malaysia and I got it 4 months later. Posted April got it in August.

    • Yep exactly my experience.

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    2-3 weeks is half a month. So why are you complaining?

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    Ordered 5 items mid of July from Aliexpress. 3 of them came start of sept and other 2 came last week Melbourne.

    Pre-covid it was anything from 3 to 4 weeks max for me.

    • Same experiences for me.

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    Ordered a jewellery set off Wish in Early May, got it in late August so, 4 months.

    Ordered 2 more orders off Wish on 05/09 and it's getting delivered this week.

    So, it's fluctuating badly.

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    During the middle of a worldwide pandemic with severe restrictions on travel/transit…why would you even ask this question?

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    I received some packages from Austria recently that took three weeks. Normal transit time is two, so I consider that to be pretty good.

    Currently watching a cheap air mail package stuck in China for a week. The translated text states "Package waiting for investors". I imagine they're waiting to fill a bulk shipping container before sending it here.

    It's easy to be angry at Australia Post for the delays, but many are outside of their control.

    • Yep just checked mine it's a similar siutaiton here. I would assume that it's either sitting in some warehouse waiting to be processed or that they are still waiting for the shipping container to be filled.

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    I ordered something from Hong Kong, it went to Singapore, then Japan, China, Sydney, Adelaide.

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    Yep, ordered a couple of things from China and they took around 2-3 months to arrive (VIC).

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    Can Melbourne receive international deliveries?

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    Just asking for people's experience (and thanks for those who've shared theirs) BTW. I am WELL AWARE that we are in the midst of a pandemic. Thanks for the jokes anyways.

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    Depends on the shipping company they use in China. I had one package come within 1.5 weeks, I have another package been 3 weeks (2 weeks since it's left China, presumably stalled at another country) and it has arrived yet. I have one package from china to singapore. It hasnt been shipped from Singapore for 1.5 months yet.

    It's the luck of the draw, ask the seller what shipping company they use and ask for a recent example

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    There were problems with shipping mentioned in the media earlier this year. Haven't heard anything more recently but don't imagine it's changed much.

    There is apparently a limit to how long a ship's crew can operate (11 months from memory) with big penalties for the captain if exceeded. The old crew can't get back home and the new crew can't get from home to the ship because of lack of flights, border closures, and quarantine requirements. No crew, no shipping.

    • Oh wow I had no idea. Thanks for the info

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    Even container ships are delay around 3 weeks extra, currently sitting around 5-6 weeks out of China. Christmas is going to be fun. Expect things to be out of stock.

    • Yeah, I'm 100% going brick and mortar during Christmas.

    • So going back to a Christmas like 1918 where people aren't going to try to buy each other off with gifts.

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    I lot of the issue is the states and fed can't agree on international arrival cap being removed, so there are very few airlines even flying to Aus anymore

  • Yeh. Ordered something from china. It went around china for 2 week then to hk. Hk used dhl, instantly came to syd within a day. But taking a week to deliver.

    On a side note- friend tried to send me some stuff from hk. The only option hkpost can use is by boat.

  • 2 orders from Aliexpress 7 weeks ago and hasn't left China yet.

    Will probably seek a refund after 10 weeks and not order again until the postage issues are fixed.

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    Not just delayed, my last 2 packages have been marked as "delivered" but never shown up. And these were from Amazon too!

    • Did you ask for a refund, it happened to me before but mine was stolen.

      • First package was refunded (it was a pain as it was a amazon marketplace order, and everyone was trying to pass the responsibility on to the next guy)
        The second package was marked as delivered only today, but not received. I sent them a message and they asked me to wait a few days. Never had issues before, but recently things have been bad. Worried about placing orders for anything expensive that can't be collected from a store.

        • Watch out for parcel theft as I was a victim of it a few weeks ago. I have read on other posts that the Amazon delivery person would take it sometimes, marking it as delivered. They would even upload a picture showing that it is on your doorstep. Otherwise, there are also people tailing Amazon deliveries.

          • @RobBoss: Damn, that sucks. I live in an apartment complex, so if the deliveries are "left" somewhere safe, then yeah, I'd suspect they would be picked up by any of the hundreds of residents.

  • I still haven't received my package from France since mid-August, not sure if it is delayed or missing because there's no tracking number

    • My parents sent a package from Europe. End of July it was "cleared and waiting to be exported". Next update was mid September. Same message. It hadn't moved at all!

      Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath. Expect 2 months or more and anything quicker is a nice surprise.

  • I ordered two items in early March from the same store in the USA. One sent from Fedex, arrived in three weeks. The UPS one took THREE MONTHS. It did a tour of the US, then went to Hong Kong, it got to Australia, then decided it needed to goto back to Hong Kong, then decided PERTH was the best point of entry.. then took three weeks from perth.

    FML. Thankfully it still fit my son for his birthday!

  • I feel like it's getting worse. Had some deliveries arriving in June etc not too bad. But right now it seems completely bogged down.

    I also sent a package to Europe. I chose express, normally delivered in a week. It's been 5 weeks. Last update was 4 weeks ago saying that it was leaving Brisbane. Nothing since.

    I was expecting delays, but thought express package would get priority on the flights (which is what I was told as well), so I wasn't expecting it to be this bad. I'm wondering now if there's even any point sending express.

    • I'm finding Express Post within Aust is taking longer than it used to. AustPost won't even guarantee Express Post next day dtllivery. The service has gone but the prices remain.

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    Look at the positive side. If it's in transit for more then two weeks you can be assured it's COVID free. /s

    But seriously, what do you expect? Volumes went up 300-400% while sorting capacity was cut 70%.

    Delay's are to be expected. I'm actually amazed at how well they have been performing (I've seen my postie delivering every Sunday recently).

    They can't just pop new facilities and trained staff into existence overnight.. this isn't hotel quarantine /s

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      I agree. I think AusPost have stepped up to the plate considering the pandemic. There's almost no money in it for them for ChinaPost-originated packages too.

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    Nope. Last week, Ordered a CPAP machine from Ohio USA via FedEx, it then departed from Tennessee. Stopped over at Hawaii. Arrived in NSW, then Brisbane..

    It took 5 working days… it was actually supposed to arrive on the 4th working day but the delay was when it was in Brissy already, of all places.

    Btw, that was also how long it took Liquorland to delivery my scotch

    • FedEx is a completely different beast though. Always quicker than local delivery, despite being sent from other side of the planet :)

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