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Withings Thermo – Smart Temporal Thermometer $89 @ JB Hi-Fi


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Withings Thermo – Smart Temporal Thermometer

Thermo is a game changer. Now a fast, simple, no-contact gesture yields the most precise temperature possible, and automatic sync with the dedicated app also allows you to track temperature readings, get reminders, and input related symptoms/medications right on your smartphone.

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  • Can confirm codes not unique this time

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    I own one. Measurements line up pretty well with our oral thermometer, but only take 2-3 seconds to capture. Wouldn't spend the extra $$ for an adult but it's been great with my kids.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Always good to hear from someone who has one.

    • Do you have to use it with the app? I've read reviews were they stated it doesn't work unless connected to the app…?

      • Not 100% sure as it was a while ago, but I think I was forced to set up with the app before it worked. It does work offline after that though.

      • You can use the device on its own without app. You lose most of the functionality like Wi-Fi sync, Storing family member names, ability to analyse/chart trends, etc.

        We have one of these and children can use it at home while we are in the office. Within a few seconds the data syncs with our phone. So far we found it very reliable and easy to sue.

      • I have this and it's been pretty good.
        It works like a normal thermometer without the app.
        You'll get the readout on the digital display on the unit.

        The main functionality you'll lose is being able to assign each reading to a person on the app so you can track the history/

    • Also already own one of these, take daily temps of 3 adults here, been great as quick and convenient contactless testing each morning the past ~9 months or so.

      It’s clunky to assign each temp to each user as the app needs to be setup on each users phone for that data to go into Apple Health etc and each user has to select their name on the device after taking their temp.

      P.s Also have the Withings Scales and Blood Pressure monitor, if a deal comes up for either of these would highly recommend also

  • great price, its awesome for when kids are sleeping.

  • was looking for one. thanks OP.

  • I'm getting 'Opps an error occured'… Wonder why.

  • "This Wi-Fi connected temporal artery thermometer features a revolutionary 16-sensor array that requires no contact"

    on one of the photos the woman is literally placing it on her forehead.

  • In the description it says no contact, but when you look at the pictures, they are pressing the thermometer on the skin…. So can this actually take a reading without pressing on the skin?

  • Can this be used without the app? And can this be used without having to create a user profile?

    I was hoping to get this for the family, but it would be a nice touch if we can use it for other people too. (ie guest mode)

    • I'm pretty sure I needed the app to perform the initial setup, but you can just delete the app afterwards though. You can also continue to use the app and just leave the guest readings unassigned (or delete them).

    • This thing will not work without The App, so to be able to use this you need to have SmartPhone.

  • thanks OP! bought 1!

  • Was interested in this, but then found this apparently soundly based YouTube review that highlights a rather alarming variability in the 'accuracy' of this thermometer … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ltsFgWnWGU . Pass.

    • FYI, all external thermometers, such as forehead/contactless, will have a degree of variation from "internal" thermometers, such as oral/rectal.

      This is because your external skin is more susceptible to environment temperature changes, e.g. if you are outside on a cold winter day, your skin will become colder, etc.

      The thermometer itself is likely to be accurate, its the method of measurement that fails the accuracy component.

      This thermometer has it's place in a non-clinical setting, where a small variation in measurement is more useful than waking the child that is sleeping to take a more accurate measurement. It's more to check whether the person has a significant elevation in body temp.

      • Good, balanced response! … I can see that this thermometer would nonetheless have advantages when dealing with a child. However, for my own (adult) use, the very considerable variation in readings found by the particular reviewer remains off-putting, and I will consider other options.

    • I don't know that it is alarming, as it looks like it is perfectly suitable for detecting fever (as temperature increased so did accuracy).

      That said, it doesn't look as though it is a good option for adults who would like to monitor day to day temps (for things like tracking ovulation) as there are much cheaper and more accurate options. But it looks great for kids or quick checks for a fever - although there are ear thermometers which might still be a better alternative.

  • It's a game changer mate, a game changer.

  • I like the design and feature of this thermo
    however, I just can't find an actual use case where you need to keep track of temperature changes

    And if the "smart" feature is not a must, there are many other IR thermometers that do the same but cost less
    I have been using the Xiaomi iHealth one for few years and have been very happy with it (around $50 when I bought)

  • Can someone please confirm..

    They mention that it’s contact free, but photos show it being placed up against people’s foreheads

  • How does the accuracy of this compare to an in-ear thermometer, like the Braun Thermoscan?

    • In ear is more consistently consistent. …. only if your child will allow you or you are not worried about waking up your child. Otherwise there's not much value in getting this contactless one for personal/home use. But 89 is a terrific price. Damn I bought it for 189 about 2 months ago. Happy with it and more consistent than the xiaomi mijia

      • I purchased from Amazon on a daily deal @ 125$ about two months ago … Already have a six year old Braun In-ear thermometer… but this is just too easy. I couldnt let that deal pass up. The ability to keep a record of your temperature reading is very handy and helps me when the little one has a fever

  • Is it better or accurate than the infrared thermometers?

  • Truly reality medical equipment of Star Trek. It is happening.

  • Ordered 1pm, received 5 minutes ago with JB hifi staff delivery. A very Google-ey gadget (their app needs to be improved to fit into Pixel 4 XL), but works flawlessly. Another 'smart' item to add to your smart home repertoire.

  • Anyone have any experience whether this is as accurate as the in ear sensing thermometers? We found those are very accurate but recently it died and they cost more than this.

  • Very quick turnaround on delivery. Ordered this morning and selected Courier Delivery on checkout. Received around 3PM. Delivery was using TOLL same day service.

  • Does it work fine for adults I.e. it is not just to read kids temperatures?

  • but the forhead tho

  • Sounds like a gadget Doctor Who would use: "there's a lot of turbulence in the time vortex. Let's take a gander with the temporal temperature sensor"

  • Thanks OP.

    I've been looking for a reasonable, easy to use thermometer for a while.

  • Great deal, thanks for the share. Tried to buy a Braun or Omron from Chemist Warehouse about a month ago and they had absolutely no thermometers in stock!

    There didn't seem to be any stock available in Brisbane so was forced to get delivery. ETA was listed as November 17, hoping it arrives before then…..

  • Thanks OP for the nudge to buy this…. however there seems to be no stock in the Perth metro area, so I paid for delivery. NOTE: Delivery says it should be delivered by the 26th NOVEMBER 2020, so be prepared to wait for delivery.

  • Just arrived. Installed and tested. Very easy to use. No need to open the app after setup. After taking the temperature, simply swipe the right side of it to selete the family member and press the button to upload the record through WIFI. You could check the records from the mobile app or withings website.

    • I don't know if it is a good to idea to share all that info with this company. It is just a thermometer for taking temperature and it should just do that without the need of an app.

      Say you have traveled somewhere and don't have your phone, you cant take a temperature because you dont have your phone.

      The Thermometer doesn't even start if you don't have your phone or its Bluetooth turned on. Not only that, but the App even asks for your location to be turned on.

      Can i ask why they need all this info?

      Great product but terrible execution. If i wanted to maintain all this info about my health I should have the option to do so, not be forced into doing it.

      I would not recommend it at all, without your Bluetooth/WiFi/phone, this is a very expensive paper weight.

  • Looks like it has expired.

    • Just checked and it can be added to the cart and the discount code does reduce the price by 50%.

  • Was reading a review and was disappointed to read "Withings says the device itself has a five-year lifespan."

  • Can confirm coupon still works - just ordered a second one.