This was posted 1 year 4 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Britax Safe N Sound Millenia SICT $399.20 Free Delivery @ Baby Bunting eBay AU


It'll be the cheapest it'll ever get (+/- a few $$).
Britax is never included in any big sales at the baby shops so the only way to get this sort of discounts is from eBay 20% sales.
Haven't been at this price since Nov 2019, and this doesn't require eBay plus.

Have had mine for 4 years now and definitely Britax quality > majority of the other brands I've used.

Alternative colour Pebble Grey -

Original Coupon Deal

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    Good price for a Millenia!

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    Got the same one at the same price from eBay last December. Must say my little one loves it. Recommend+++

  • Thanks. I bought britax graphene + for my smaller car.

    • Wow just saw that the graphene vs graphene+ is only $50 difference.
      That seems worth it but for the Millenia, for some odd reason it's $300 difference!

      • Britax Graphene + = $423.20
        Britax Graphene = $383.20

        So, $40 price difference.
        I'm not sure what's the difference in feature though.

        • +2

          oh my bad. Must have missed the $383 one.
          The "+" gets better material supposedly

          From google:
          The Graphene + has thermo 5 fabric and memory foam on the inside of the fabric where as the Graphene just has the bamboo thermo 5 fabric.

        • +1

          Why in the world did Britax think silver straps would be a premium feature? I've been looking at Maxiguards, and seriously considering getting the lower model just for black straps.

    • Yeah Graphene/Graphene+ is better for a smaller car. It's made so you can fit 3 seats in the back seat of regular sized cars.

  • Great rating for forward facing. Rear facing still good as well.

  • +1

    2 sold and now out of stock?

    • still shows available to me??

      • Still available, just got 1, thanks OP - been looking for a while :)

      • Oh.. doesn't ship to where i am…

  • Pretty sure I paid $379 in Nov 2018 (original price $449 and can apply 15% off ebay discount). $399 is not bad though, and it is a really good car seat. Recommend

  • Sweet, price protection time

  • in term of ventilation, is this one good? My son's back gets wet in hot days like yesterday in NSW.

  • Thanks for the tip, just used this to buy the Graphene, been waiting for months for a sale :)
    By the way, how did you find the discount code? I don't see reference to it anywhere on Ebay?

    • +2

      Glad I could help.

      Was scrolling through OZB and found that Babybunting was listed:

      I don't actually need another seat (have 6 across multiple cars….) but I just like to check if I had gotten myself a good deal previously haha

  • I just sold one of these on FB Marketplace for $300 - second hand!
    Bargain for a new one.

  • +1

    For 0-4. What are people using 4+?

    • Maxi Guard Pro.
      Only thing is they don't have it on their eBay link…. must have been removed before the sale started!

    • InfaSecure Achieve Premium Convertible 0-8

      • We have one britax and one infasecure. The infasecure straps are not evenly tight. This blows my mind. I have contemplated replacing it and would never buy another infasecure.

        • I have 2 britax same as in this deal and new infasecure ones for my growing son. Must say britax straps are easier to adjust but wouldn't say infasecure are not tight. What i like about infasecure is that it's not as wide as britax and has much more leg support for my son.

          • @errorius: It's that the length is uneven. If you tighten it until one strap is super tight then the other strap is just passable. But the tight strap crushes little man on one side.. So you let them out slightly and the looser one becomes too loose

  • Very good price with the 20% discount. I bought the Graphene+ on sale 3 weeks ago for $499, which was decent at the time.

  • -1

    Which colour is better in the long run?
    I heard some mom prefer Grey more

    • Black for me.
      Grey (and blue for some of the other models) doesn't quite match the normal black interior of the car

  • +3

    I legit have been holding off buying a baby seat because I was hoping OzB would come up with the goods.

    My intuition is king…thanks OP!

    • same except need 4+ yr old one

  • +1

    I have this seat for my kid. Really easy to adjust and install. Only issue I have found is that the ISOFIX straps often need tightening to show the green indicator. Otherwise a great quality seat.

  • any advice from people with babies? Have you used this brand? this model? thanks!

    • +2

      I have this seat and it is fantastic. Really easy to adjust the straps and take the covers off for cleaning which is important.

      I know all the cheaper car seats I've used (in grandparents cars) it's harder to pull the straps tight/release them when getting kids in and out of the car which would become tedious full time.

      It seems soft and comfortable, both of my kids have loved the car from day 1 so I would highly recommend.

      • thanks!. do you have the Millenia model or Graphene model. I'm trying to find out the differences but I think by the time I decide the deal would be gone haha

        • +1

          I only have the Millenia but have done research on both.

          Graphene is just the slimmer version (width-wise) but comes at an expense of less protection (3 star rating) v.s. the Millenia which is wider but has a higher safety rating.

          Feature wise I think they're the same, front and back facing, suitable up to 4 years, isofix.

        • +3

          I have the Millenia :)

          My daughter is 1 next week, is >90th percentile for height and weight and still comfortably rear facing.

          I also have the Maxi Guard Pro (I think) for my older son which is pretty much the older kid version of the Millenia.

          • @Me88: I've got exactly what you have. Best combo as I was able to shift the older one into the maxi guard pro when the 2nd came about.

        • +1

          If you plan to have 2 kids, go for the Millenia.
          As others said, slightly more safety features and less cramp for the kid.

          If you plan to have 3 in quick succession, go for the graphene otherwise you'll be looking for a car with 3 rows of seat!

          • @blacknwhite1: Thanks! yes I think Millenia is better for 2 kids and higher safety than Graphene.

            Do you know much about the Nuna Klik Plus Capsule Caviar…it seems to be the highest rated rear-ward seat

            • +2

              @yellowfever: Sorry I only know the seats that I've used personally.
              Never heard of Nuna before. Don't think they were around 4 years ago when I 1st started looking at seats haha

              However, I can comment about capsules - waste of money if you are looking to buy brand new.

              Benefit is can move from car to pram to car to home.

              last only 6 months. 12 if you really pushing for it or if your baby is small
              most likely will cause struggles to 'transitioning' your baby from car to anywhere else without them screaming at you for waking them

              Sure it'll be useful for first 6 months, but I reckon it creates more bad habits for the next 24 months!
              At least that's the outcome I came to. Happy for someone to prove me wrong as I haven't used capsules before.

            • @yellowfever: Have a read from these site about potential toxic in baby car seat ( a up to date report should be on the same site too ) and Non-Toxic Infant and Convertible Car Seats. As the result we bought Britax One4Life ClickTight All-in-One which would last up to 10yo

            • +1

              @yellowfever: The Nuna is a capsule, very different to a rear facing seat. The Nuna is very safe, well rated, lightweight and easy to use. But it's also VERY long. I tried the Nuna Pipa Klik and it was almst 70cm deep, meaning it's only good in a medium to large car or SUV. Not great for a small car unless you want the front seat to be useless.

    • +1

      For me, my baby hates being in Millenia. He would scream all the time. I now use Mother Choice Adore AP and he prefers this and got good rating too.

      Dont get me wrong, all the safety features are great just my baby doesnt like it.

      Expecting a second one and she will be using it.

    • I have this seat.

      My wife had heard from multiple people that it was awesome.

      I tried to talk her down to a lower cost car seat but we ended up getting this one.

      I can confirm it is a baby car seat. My kid sits in it.

  • mrs says to get maxi cosi euro plus, which is same price as this… any advice?

    • +1

      My research may be outdated, but I compared these two when I was expecting my first son three years ago, and from what I recall they are both great, but the Maxi Cosi is a bit smaller and they tend to outgrow it sooner, particularly rear-facing.

      I'm glad I went the Britax as my kids are huge and tall :P

      Probably best to double check though as I could be misremembering - good luck! :)

      • We went with a 0-1 capsule initially. Son is 7 months old and 95th percentile for height.

        I assume we have missed the boat for a 0-2/3/4 seat and should aim for a 1-6/7/8?

        Must admit it's something that I knew was coming up but had slipped my mind recently.

        • We went capsule and then 0-4 seat (Graphene). Worked well.
          Second one due shortly, will do the same. BUT, my kid is nowhere near yours for height :)

          • @nafe: what do you need after 4, another seat?

            • @SgtBatten: Yep, but from what I've seen, a 0-8 seat is more of a compromise on design compared to ones which cover a smaller range (0-4, 4-8 etc). Considering that the capsule I've had will see 3 babies carried in it in it's lifetime, the cost isn't much. I'll get around 3 years out of my current seats as well (both OZB bargain prices), so I'm comfortable with nabbing an OZB special for 4+ down the track. Also I have Graphenes which are one of the most compact seats for rear facing which the 0-8 can't do.

              I figure a carseat after a few years kept in good condition is probably worth half the cost it originally was. Spread that depreciation over the years of use and it's really bugger all. Especially when it comes to my kids comfort and safety. Everyone is different though :)

  • +1
    • ahh i see Nuna Klik Plus Capsule Caviar is also discounted on the eBay site to $439.20

      Seems to be the high safety rated rear-ward facing seat..

      Now I'm confused which one to get, the Nuna or the Britax Millenia…

      • +1

        Nuna only goes up to 12 months old though.

      • +1

        Value wise, I don't find capsule great. If you have spare $400 to spend, sure go for it. But after 6 months you will need to buy the Britax (even though they say the capsule can last 1 year but baby can grow very quick). I personally find that in the first few months, we don't go out that much, and they can sleep very well so it doesn't bother them so much moving in and out of the car seat.

        • thanks all for feedback! seems like the convertible is way to go

  • Is it good enough for Honda jazz?

    • What year car and how do you intend on placing the seat?

      As example, putting it rear facing behind the front passenger will have the front seat pretty much all the way forward and leaning frontwards.

      My wife drives a Jazz and we place the seat in the central position such that the rear facing head (of the seat) pokes in between the two front seats.

    • The Graphene doesn't take as much space, so you may want to consider that for your Jazz.

    • +1

      I'm currently using the graphene in my honda jazz 2018. Bub likes it and the space is still plenty for the front seat to move.

  • This is a very good car seat. We have been using this since my son was born 4 years ago, very comfortable and still looks new. Iso-fix was super easy to use too.

    Now it's getting a bit tight for him, probably time for a booster seat.

  • Copped, cheers!

  • OOS

  • Gone Now, damn a bit late.

    • +2

      its back in stock, both colours

      • Thanks!

  • Is this better than the Safe & Sound Brave Black?

  • +1

    The Britax Maxi Guard Pro is now available for purchase ! I just picked up 2 for the two cars.

    • Thank you! Checked this morning and it wasn't available!

  • Just bought Maxi Cosi Moda couple of weeks back from Amazon for the same price. Was keen on getting this one.

  • It's amazing how most of our fellow Ozbargainers not only can give advice about 'High yield investments' but also with electronics, money and now baby car seats. Almost 100+ likes now for this post. Good on you guys!

    • I trust OZB comments more than actual reviews as we are heavy on praises if its a bargain, and heavier on the criticism if it sucks!! 😁

  • Also not a bad buy is Infasecure Comfi Caprice12 Months To 8 Years Mini Swirl - Black on baby buntings ebay store for $127.20 and free delivery if you sign up for free trial of ebay plus

  • thanks OP, got a britax safe n sound black

  • Thanks just bought one

  • Have used this for both my kids. I like their isofix clips, design is good and after close to 4 years, still in good working order

  • Excellent seats these! We have one and the premium+ one.

  • Bought 👍🏽

  • Damnit - missed

    • +1

      Graphene still available, glad I made it home in time to buy it. Quite a few people prefer it over the Milennia (prone to head flop)

  • Has anyone tried getting Baby Bunting to match their own eBay prices for coupon deals like this? I have some stuff on layby with them but it'd be cheaper via this deal

    • I'd say the prices are the same. I believe the discount is paid by ebay(?)

  • FML……been waiting for these to go on sale for months and I missed it.

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