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Items from $3.50 + Free Postage @ Cotton on eBay


I just found this on Cotton On's Ebay page. They have a bunch of items for $3.50 to $10 with free postage. It's mostly womens stuff, but there are lots of t-shirts, singlets and Spring/Summer wear.

Example Item: Cotton On Womens Curve Relaxed V Neck $19.99 $5 $4 with PLEAT20

Mod: Additional 20% off with PLEAT20
Original Coupon Deal

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    This bottle seems nice for $4 delivered with code PLEAT20 And it was $12.99

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      As a plus, it says it's unisex. I hate those gender specific drink bottles.

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        companies started to pivot towards gender specific everything when they realised they could sell a lot more, fostering the "his" & "hers" and "son" & "daughter" shite. Seen so many pink bikes in hard rubbish, I bet a lot of those households have younger brothers who are made to feel like pink is shaming.

        fun fact: "he man" was conceived as a "boy" version of a doll originally, the franchise was built from there.

  • Just bought 2 pairs of shorts for $24. Should be good enough for casual weekend wear at the very least.

  • Thank you! Just got a couple of basics (cami + tee) for $8 delivered.

  • dammit i'm too fat for any of this.

    • Lol

    • Summer is still a a couple of months away, buy the clothes now for motivation to get into shape.

  • Thanks OP! Got a few t-shirts for the wife and I

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