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Dji Osmo Mobile 3 $127.20 Delivered @ digiDIRECT eBay


Slightly cheaper than recent amazon deal. osmo 4 is not much upgrade i think. Grabbed one.

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  • PRICE in title

    EDIT: mods fixed it, do you have to make the mods do it for you?

  • A deal for the combo would be great.

  • I have an insta360 oneX. I want this gimbal too, just having trouble justifying the expense right now.

    • After fluffing around for 4 hours I bought one. Got tired of thinking about it.

      • Thank you for the update, I found your blog entertaining.
        Really though, have fun with it. I have been looking at buying both things mentioned, but this whole lockdown doesnt give much chance to use them, so im hoping for either better sales or new releases when the world is actually open again

        • Yeah I'm the same. I've wanted a gimbal for a year and a half, but could not justify the benefit vs weight when I walked the Camino de Santiago 800km pilgrimage walk with my 11 year old. We got the insta360 onex which took some great footage that was different - especially with the 3 meter carbon fibre selfie stick (just 200 grams form memory). I got significantly unique footage I could not have gotten with a gimbal for the same weight. Doing that trip EVERYTHING came down to weight. I would change a rain jacket to save 50 grams. Serious gram counting.

          • @ShipShapeRC: Oh wow yeah, i can understand. My sister did some 150-200km of that trail, didnt have to go quite as far on the gram counting as you but i can remember she was still quite careful/picky.
            That setup certainly sounds like it would have got some amazing shots. Thanks for the ideas, i'm gonna look into that for myself.

            Also just putting it out there. I can recommend the Camino's 'sister trail', the kumano kodo in japan. My sister and i have done parts of that on a couple trips to japan. Absolutely beautiful scenery and some great places to stop along the way (hot springs/onsens, temples etc)

            • @thearbiter117: I was hiking with some Japanese ladies for a couple of days on Camino who raved about Kumano Kodo. My son studies Japanese too. Will have to add that to the bucket list. The Insta360 does some wonderful shots. Editing with it is a little cumbersome but its great when people say 'how where you allowed to use a drone there?' Try explaining the invisible selfie stick you are holding to take the shot. I stilled my phone as my primary shooter too as the 5.7K footage are a lot of data to manage while walking.

  • I got osmo mobile 2, haven't even used it much but my phone is too big for it so it doesn't moves freely or am I doing something wrong here? I got Samsung S10+

    • Yeah my camera with case around 230grams. I can get it under 200 grams by using a simple case. But that's right on the limit for the osmo 3. From memory the osmo 2 was similar. I think S10+ without case or lenses should work. I have not tested it, just going by specs. That said I looked at my old notes and I rejected osmo 2 for LG G7 which is similar in dimensions I think.

    • I think Osmo 2 can handle up to 240 gm and i recon should be fine with your phone.

  • Do we expect this will come down further $$$ ?

    • Eventually tech almost always comes down. When stock of the 2's runs out and the 5's are released, the 3's will become cheaper. Same with ram, cpus and other tech stuff. The question you need answer is the balance between potential future price drops vs the extra use you will get in the mean time. I mean if in a year from now you could get it for $99.99 you save $27 but you missed the use of it for a whole extra year. Is 7 cents a day worth waiting for? And in a year from now would you decide to wait longer again for the 4's to drop? If you have a need, it's a great price (it is) and you have the funds spare, pull the trigger - literally.

  • All over.. Anyone know of the next best price?

  • My parcel has not moved once in the last since 24th of last month. It's stuck in Sydney with AustPost. Stuff within Australia is taking more time than I used to get stuff from Aliexpress in China pre-covid Oh well, sign of the times… Hopefully we are mostly through it.

    • Mine arrived yesterday. Austpost is bloated with online orders more than ever.

      • Mine is still lost in sydney. Got an automated appology from AustPost days ago, still has not moved. When can you call an item lost in covid?