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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live SM-R180 - Black $212.43 Delivered (HK) @ Toby Deals


Updated $212.43 with CART3
Have been looking for wireless earpieces and noticed these for A$219.00 on the TobyDeals while looking at the Buds Plus

Comparison video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8KE6zOVgag GALAXY BUDS LIVE vs GALAXY BUDS PLUS (Which Earbuds Are Best?)

Meet Galaxy Buds Live! The all-new earbuds, with an iconic shape and ergonomic design, that is designed to tune in to every moment. Here's how you can get the perfect fit for all-day comfort, with less fatigue.
Ergonomic design for Comfort fit
Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation
Live and spacious Sound with 12mm speaker

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  • I have these, pretty happy with them. Good for work when you need to be somewhat aware of what's going on around you.

  • Never used this site. Legit?

    • I purchased Galaxy Buds Plus from them last week in $143, was shipped same day from HK and delivered in 5 business days in Sydney. I would recommend go for Galaxy Buds Plus, cheaper and better than Buds Live in day to day use.

      • In ear buds don't work for me unfortunately. My ears are weird. I've been through dozens of pairs from 20 dollars clearance jobs up to 400 dollar RHA's. They just don't fit. I've tried all the tips, comply, spin fits, mix and match. So for out and about I use earbud style, and over the ear at home.

  • Noise cancellation on these is a joke

    • Not compared to other open buds. Guessing you are comparing to inner ear buds.

    • Indeed…..You hear your voice when NC is on….

      It's better with it off…

      • I have them and they can’t even noise cancel my pencil
        I think these would be better, let me know your thoughts on it:

        • That would be the same as the Buds Plus tho?

        • It is impossible for ear bud style headphones (galaxy buds live) ANC to compete with in-ear (those) or over ear, something like bose QC series. I don't think they should advertise the feature on the live, but every review I've seen has mentioned that it basically doesn't work.

          • @shamowfski: Yeah, basically what I think. Noise cancelling is good enough on this type of earphones, but you shouldn’t get it just for that feature

        • I have them and they can’t even noise cancel my pencil

          Well, theres your problem. ANC isn't even designed to noise cancel sounds like your pencil…. If you want to cancel sounds like that, you need closed passive noise cancelling headphones.

          It helps to do research before you buy something

          • @Butt Scratcher: Well that’s what I mean! It doesnt have real ANC good enough to sound proof small factor noises

            • @Mr-X: Well, it's opened back. These are meant to let in noise.

              Again, ANC isnt DESIGNED (keyword here), to cancel random noises like you writing with your pencil at will.

              If you want to cancel small random noises like that, you need PASSIVE noise cancelling. Something like what you linked where they insulate outside noise

              If you read up what ANC does, it basically listens to outside noise and predicts what comes next, to produce a sound in your ear which cancels it (e.g. very effective at cancelling jet engine noise while on a plane or tyre noise in a car). They can't predict random noises no matter how good the ANC system is, because you simply can't predict random

              Which is why I personally would never buy one of these, they really should have made it closed back

  • Found this YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iB_qDxwJm_U Galaxy Buds Live: A REAL LIFE REVIEW

  • So I called OW BNE CBD, they said Toby's Deal has been blacklisted.

  • Ozbargain needs to BAN this seller FOREVER, currently dealing with them for warranty claims since I got a faulty Insta360 One R camera (fogging inside the lenses while outdoor recording video without touching any water), they use "physical damage" as excuse to end the warranty, I only got the camera LESS THAN ONE MONTH!!! I will see if PAYPAL can solve this issue for me or not.


    • cant you deal with the manufacturer for warranty?

    • Shop with confidence.
      If your order is significantly different to the seller’s description or doesn’t arrive, you have 180 days to file a dispute. It could be that the event you bought a ticket for was cancelled, you didn’t receive everything you bought, or the item was defective, damaged or counterfeit. We can protect you for the full purchase price plus shipping costs, up to $20,000 per item.

  • Now even cheaper. And is being price beat by OW.