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Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III - $790.40 Delivered @ digiDIRECT eBay


Original Coupon Deal

down to $790 with DigiDirects current 20% off ebay site-wide.
JB has it for $999 at the moment.

Decent deal.

autofocus is not that bad with the latest firmware update and its easily tolerable if you plan shots ahead of time.

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  • Was literally about to buy this from JB for $999 (before 5% gift cards).

    Thanks OP.

    • For that price, isn't buying a small mirrorless better ? Bigger sensor and lens options ? Just curious to know

      • Not sure, this is mainly for the missus. She wants this as it's a good "vlog" camera, has wifi/bluetooth built in and it's great quality.

        I don't know much about cameras but she's wanted this for a while.

      • Its in its own "point & shoot" category..

        its all you need for great footage (better than smartphone)..
        lightweight, single decent lens, ND filter, flip screen (touch screen), microphone port.

        getting a mirrorless is technically better. but it introduces more variables to play with. for an average shooter it might be overkill.

  • Great little point + shoot, especially at that price.

  • The autofocus on this is trash even with the firmware update from Dec 2019, so unless you intend to use this for stills stick to the Mark ii

    • Doesn't the Mark III use the same AF technology, and the same lens as the Mark II? I think if the slight hunting in continuous AF mode in video is an issue, then you need to look at a more expensive Sony RX100 V with phase detection for example.

      • my gf had the RX100 V.
        thought the EVF was great but in reality never used it.

        I got the G7X MIII myself as i find the touch screen much quicker to navigate and get my shots in compared to the RX100 MV. other reason was the cannon can be held much better.

        the phase detection auto focus on the sony's are wayyyy better than the cannons contrast based AF and i miss it alot. but i cant justify the sony prices just for that feature.

        also noticed it overheated quicker when shooting 4k compared to the cannon G7X MIII.

      • Review of the AutoFocus on the Mark 2 vs Mark 3


        • Yeah that's a pretty good comparison. Pitty he didn't switch positions of the cameras, the contrast of the shot was very different between cameras. The Mark III never got sharp focus, almost like its got the IS set too aggressively.

          I've got the Mark III on the way. I don't plan on vlog style videos, more static shots; so I can probably disable AF if needed, and certainly disable IS.