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Bowers & Wilkins 607 Bookshelf Speakers Pair $689 Delivered @ Digital Cinema


This brand hardly ever goes on sale
Cheapest in Australia at the moment

5 years warranty

Please note

  • stands are NOT included
  • you need an amp/receiver to drive these, they are NOT active speakers.
  • these will be available for pick up OR will ship from us on the 5th or 6th of Oct

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  • S2 or originals? Seem to be the originals?

  • I've got some 601s already, would these match in a surround setup?

    • +1

      if you were to get the 607s, I would then use your current pair of 601s as the surrounds and use the new 607s as the mains, and the HTM as the centre

      • What's the logic behind using the smaller pair for the mains?

        • newer crossover, newer drivers, new speaker in general

          • @atish digitalcinema: Newer crossover, newer drivers, newer speaker generally does not equate to better sound.
            It is a fair question, why use smaller speaker for mains and bigger in surround?

            • +1


              Newer crossover, newer drivers, newer speaker generally does not equate to better sound.

              My thoughts too and I would have suggested using the larger (UK made), speakers as mains and leave the smaller (china made) pair for the rears.

              But, if you look back at comments/reviews comparing the 'new' 685/686s1 to the earlier 600 series there's a lot of praise for the new stuff I only assume they've improved more in the 12yrs since so OP is probably onto something.

              jje should just buy them and try both options ;)

              • +1

                @watts: I did :) I'll report back when they're here.

  • Are these a replacement to the 685?

    • I would say replacement to the 686

    • replacement for the 686 series 2 I believe.

      I have the 686 series 1 and they're fantastic little speakers.

  • Good deal.

    Wish I needed some. But as it is my 602s3 and lcr60 aren't even connected (really need an amp with true 2 zone.. Nowhere to put a second amp)

  • Can these be mounted on a wall for surrounds

  • How do these compare to the Q Acoustic 3020i?

    • +1

      Well, the q acoustic tries hard.

    • I have the 3020i. I was very tempted to get BW607 when searching, and the best price I could find back then was $799 and 3020i came out on special for $399.

      All other things being equal, I think it is law of diminishing return. I believe the 607 would be slightly better in sound clarity and precise compare to 3020i but won't be 2x the difference reflected in the price. All online reviews tend to point this way too.

      Personally at this price I prob would have bought the BW 607 if I was in the market again looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers.

      • Yeah, I got the 3020i's at that price too, but I ended up getting a pretty decen amp. So I'm wanting something decently better. However I'm edging towards some focals or Dynaudios at the moment.

  • Can we get a deal on some Kanto Yu's soon?

    • which model please mate?

      • Not OP but Ive been on the lookout for a pair of B&W 707 S2s in the second hand market for ages without much luck.

        Any chance of a deal on these?

      • +2

        YU4 are probably best for most PC/nearfield setups so I would go for that more than the YU6.

        If you did deals with YU4 or YU6 + the Sub8 will likely get more than a little interest.

        • +1

          +1 for a Sub8 deal! I've been looking for a compact 8inch sub for AGES. A good 30%+ discount and i would buy it immediately.

        • Yeah, keen for the YU4, YU6 and the Sub 8. Will grab whatever is best value.

          • @KLoNe: Based on the pricing for the Airpulse A100's and the fact that they compete with the TUKs, the YU series is looking quite dated and overpriced these days.

            If the A100's got the same BT 5.0 and other internals as the A80's, they would be the go-to speakers. I would go with the A80's if they were available locally. That cabinet & size look really good.

            • +1

              @Monsta-AU: Thanks Monsta-AU - I hadn't even heard about the A100's yet - Gonna give the YU's a miss. Many thanks!

            • @Monsta-AU: @Monsta-AU can you PM me please, I can't seem to PM you. Thanks mate.

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