Recommendation for Mortgage Broker in Sydney?

Would love a recommendation for a good mortgage broker in Sydney to look at refinancing our home loan and a couple of investment loans.

We were with our current broker for about 15 years and she was terrific. She saved us so much time over the years. Previously dealt directly with banks, and it was such a time waster. Has unfortunately retired and her replacement doesn't seem very efficient.

Looking for recommendations from anyone, especially if they've had a good longterm experience.

Anyone got any suggestions. I'm really after specific names if possible, not companies, or branches etc



  • Hi OP

    I am a mortgage broker, Sydney based also.

    I've helped a few fellow ozbargainers with finance so I'll be happy to help.

    Feel free to get in touch if you would like to chat


    • Thanks for the reply.
      Have you got a website I can look at?

      • Go to your account settings > messaging > Allow private messaging and send me a PM please. We can have a chat from there if you like


  • As a dude who owes several banks several million and have been thru as many brokers as I have fingers in this past decade, I just want to offer my 2c.

    What's a good broker? If you just want a guy that's polite, professional, answers calls and emails, I reckon pretty much everyone will satisfy.

    If you're a straightforward case, e.g. PAYG income, first or second home etc, go find a kickback broker - i.e. someone who will give you some of his trail back to you. May as well save some money.

    If you're a non-straightforward case like me, e.g. hitting debt serviceability ceiling, many properties already, etc, you really need a dodgy guy who is connected with people on the inside of credit teams at banks. These are hard to find.

    Sorry can't share anyone, but hopefully gave you some ideas.