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Aftershokz AEROPEX Wireless Bluetooth Headphones $199.20 (RRP $249) @ Pushys eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Similar deal to the one I posted yesterday:

Rare bargain coming from eBay, particularly if you are not eligible for the Unidays discount.

I can't see the "alternate store" field, but it's here: https://www.pushys.com.au/aftershokz-aeropex-wireless-blueto...

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  • These any good? I’ve heard they are crap for bass…

    • I've got the air for a year now. They are good for walking/running/cycling as you are still aware of your surrounding. I also can't tolerate in-ear headphones for too long. The bass is non-existent but the volume is not too bad. Battery lasts about 2 hours.

      • I hope the 2h-battery is not the case for this particular model as they advertise 8-Hour Battery Life.

        • I got the Aeropex and use it for 3h30 daily commuting. I don't think the charge would last 8h, but definitively more than 5h

        • Dude air last easily 5 hours I never faced any problem, also aeropex can last 7 hours on average I know because I use it at my work everyday (5 days), aeropex is more comfortable and lighter that you forget about it when you wearing it.

    • Sound quality is not very good

      But you can hear everything around you
      I use them when cycling, horse riding etc

      8 hours play time is bs too
      Mine last 3-4 hours on average
      So I normally take the wired version when going on long rides

      • Really? I've taken mine on numerous 6 odd hour rides and battery hasn't been a problem at all?

        • Yeah

          Might have got a dud
          Thought about returning but too much effort involved and I still like using them

          Love the old wired ones more (battery actually last for days)

      • Do they fit alright with sunnies/glasses + helmet + masks?

        • (speaking for the air version) a bit cramped on the ears with just the sunnies and aftershokz earphones but yeah they'll still fit fine. Add on a mask and you run the risk of yanking something off if you dont take them off in the right order. taking off your mask might yank your sunnies and earphones off so extra care is needed there.

        • i have hearing aids and wear glasses, I use these with the other two, while walking and driving for hands free.

        • Sunnies + helmet + earphones was fine.

          The masks are really fuggin up the stack right now, so I'll drop one of them (mask/sunnies).

    • I have the air. great for cycling, any other type of earphones will block out surround awareness and be completely useless in the wind anyway.

      you dont buy these for sound quality unfornately.

  • Apparently, they are not great for "enjoying music". I bought from Microsoft and haven't received yet. Check the links shared on the Unidays deal.

  • I have all of the Aftershokz .. These are the best sounding most comfortable
    If you have hearing problems these bond conductive bypass the inner ear if your conduction is still good.
    So work well for me for music and tv over hearing aids.

    • I had the gen 1 of these years ago. Out of curiosity did you have those? If so, how's it compare now?

      • Only one I do not have is the wired one or new mp3 only pair
        Got the bluez ones first headband broke although still work ok not super comfy. I used to wear them up right like over headphones.
        titanium again ok not for long periods headband wide
        Air have 2 pairs of these can wear for a while.
        Aeropex the most comfy of all and seems to have the best sound.
        Interesting I think the older titanium and Bluez ones a little louder.

        Mic wise Aeropex good.Air can be hit and miss.
        sound wise well they are all on the more natural side and missing lowend.
        Like speakers all a personal thing.. I never big on super bass systems with sucked out mids. So I like them.
        seeing I only have 20% in one ear and 50% in the other I do not get as much outside interference as others do.

  • Have a pair of the old titanium ones, use them every day for cycling or as my work meeting head set. The mic seems fine and they are quite clear. Basic for music but that's not why you buy them

  • I have a set of these. Dont buy them for the quality of the sound but rather for their utility, as others have said for sports and for work. They are ok for taking calls on. I use them while working in a busy/loud workshop and lawn mowing as you can where hearing protection and still listen to music.

    • BTW it's really good if you listen to asmr, I use it practically every night, can't sleep well without it, I may be addicted to these

  • other use cases : while cycling/running maintaining situational awareness

    getting voice directions without having to look at your phone or turn up speaker at max volume
    sending verbal commands to google assistant (requires a press & hold of button to activate)
    music (don't expect much at all - but decent enough for exercise)
    surprisingly decent at calls