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30% off Poncho Comprehensive Car Insurance (Month to Month)


Hi all,

Was shopping around for car insurance as my renewal was crazy expensive. Poncho is offering 30% off their month to month insurance due to COVID-19. My price was about on a per month basis was about 50% cheaper than my current insurer and car value slightly more.

They're underwritten by IAG so the same company that underwrites my current policy with Coles. PDS seems reasonable.

Only issue is that it's a subscription service where the policy renews every month. Not too inconvenient for me because I already paid by the month but may not suit everyone.


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    * The 30% Covid-19 relief may be subject to change or removed without prior notice. No

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      What a bunch of crooks..
      …without prior notice… that shit should be illegal

  • Unfortunately we cannot offer you insurance right now.
    We appreciate you taking the time to get a quote from us.

    • You in WA?

    • It's your make of car. I got insurance and my mate couldn't and got the same msg as you

      • And they also dont insure for people in WA

        • I got the same, Sante Fe in Victoria… weird

  • I asked a while back and poncho said when they go back to normal pricing, they will send a quote first and give you the option to cancel. At the moment they are the cheapest for my car by about $50 a month. Even if I add back 30% (should be the post covid price) they are still cheaper. They won't insure my mates Volvo S90 sedan though. So I'm guessing they don't insure all cars/models.

    • Similar situation to me. Won't suit everyone I guess but it's ok for me.

  • No love for Adelaide either, or at least my part of it.

  • Interesting product disclosure statement, a little too simplified perhaps.

  • +1

    sounds interesting

  • Gt2rs in vic - fail

  • Not honda jazz in Vic too.

  • No go for Subaru Outback in NSW

  • Best insurer I've ever dealt with! Hope they continue to make insurance better for us all!

  • For me, works out to be slightly more expensive post discount compared to my current Allianz policy on a Hyundai i30 in Victoria, with a higher excess and no choice of repairer; but a slightly higher valuation of the car.

    edit: they don't also cover personal items which is weird - at the very least, it's included in my Allianz policy op to $1000\incident.

  • No go for 2017 RAV4 in NSW.

  • I recently moved to poncho for my cx5 in Vic and it was indeed cheaper compared to my previous insurer. However please be careful with choosing this policy as it's not for everyone. This is a month to month policy and every few months or even every month they might re-evaluate your cars worth(Based on kms driven/age if car etc). And you need to keep updating them if your cars mileage is greater than what is stated in the renewal notice(duty of disclosure). If there is unacceptable difference between what is stated and actuals they can actually reject your claim. (Not that I know of being done to anyone but it's still within there rights to do that).

    Personally post covid lock downs I might move to a yearly policy as I might not have the time to keep an eye on this every month.

    So far so good but as I said earlier it's not for everyone.

    Also this is a month to month renewal policy. Quite different to other insurers who issue a yearly policy and give the option to pay month to month.

  • +1

    Also don't forget shopback of 14%

  • It's only 30% off the first month bro, not for the whole year. Same with the shopback/cashback, it's only for the first month.

    I know because I have it.

    Poncho need a punch in the gut for their BS wording (and the way it's advertised), which I think is very sneaky. They're in cahootz with the cashback mobs for this bs too.

    Prove me wrong bois and gals

    I'm watching you IAG

    • Did you mean from the 2nd month you have been charged a normal price? How long have you been with them?

      • Yes, reverts to normal pricing on second month. It's month to month renewals. They send a new confirmation email of reinsurance every month.

        I'm with them still because its nice to have a single account that makes changes easy, and multiple vehicles can be on the account.

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