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[PS4] Death Stranding, Predator: Hunting Grounds, Dreams $32 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • Amazon was quick… all 3 titles now $31 on AU site.

    Not that it matters to Gerry's bottom line.


    • They were $31 on Amazon from the weekend at least

      • Can confirm they were cheaper on Amazon well before Harvey put this price up.

        I submitted a price protection claim the other day for Death Stranding citing Amazon @ $31.

    • "We're just as good in the online space as anyone else. People say to me, 'go out and promote that' … but I don't want to promote people to buy online off me because it's not as profitable," Mr Harvey said.

  • 82%

  • Want to give Dreams a go it looks great. I just know when I buy it though it'll be made free on PS Plus a month later.

    • I got around that problem by not subscribing to PS Plus ^_^

      • Funny you should say that, I went almost a year without PS Plus because nothing interested me, then something did and it went on sale so I decided to bite again. And so far have regretted it lol It used to be awesome a couple of years ago but has been pretty ordinary for a long time now.

    • Download the demo. I played it with my 5yo. It's definitely interesting. Very creative with a lot of potential

  • Was expected to go on sale, won this game a while back, played it for 30 mins. Essentially you’re a delivery guy who struggles to keep balance.