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Britax Safe N Sound Brava Black $279.20 Delivered (Was $499) @ Baby Bunting eBay AU


A great deal for a normally expensive seat. Less than $300 for a top-end Britax is fantastic.

This is the BabyBunting exclusive version of the Britax Safe N Sound Graphene which is $383.20 after discount ($479 prior to discuount) (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Britax-Safe-N-Sound-Graphene-Con...). They have the same measurements and design, but with different fabric. Some users also report side impact protection is different.

I've owned the Graphene for two years. We loved it so much, we chose the Brava for #2.

Also see grey colour: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Britax-Safe-N-Sound-Brava-Grey-/...

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  • Nice! Been waiting for a discount on Baby graphene and got this.

  • +3

    Graphene has SICT but Brava doesn't.

    Still a reasonable seat.

    • Is SICT a big safety feature? Or just something "nice to have"?

        Our patented Torso SICT™ design minimises the energy impact on your child’s chest and vital organs, and reducing crash forces for greater protection

        • The SICT and equivalent G-Cell from Maxi-Cosi etc. appears to just have an extra layer with some form of "cushion" around it.

          I'm sure it makes some difference, but I wouldn't think it would be a massive one.

      • Pretty important for side on impact, but if you won't have any crashes or others crashing into you then it's nice to have.

        • lol good way to put it. Makes sense

        • +5

          Good thing I don't plan on having anyone crash into me!

    • Yes good pick up. Updated description.

      Interestingly, the Brava has a slightly higher safety rating than the Graphene for forward facing. The Graphene is slightly higher in rear facing (only 0.1 difference either way). See https://www.childcarseats.com.au/find-and-compare-child-car-...

    • Also the materials used for the cushioning are cheaper and uglier, and the shoulder pads are a more annoying design.

      Source: I own the Graphene and the Brava.

      • So which one has better cushioning?

        • The more expensive Graphene. The Brava just seems like a nerfed version which I guess is fair enough.

  • +5


    Might be worth reading up on the safety ratings for seats prior to purchasing, this has 2.9 out of 5.

    • Cancelled, thanks

    • +2

      When you start getting in to convertible 0-4 or 0-8 seats, around a 3 is above average really when forward facing as there is nothing to stop/reduce the head energy.

      It also scores a 3.9 in ISOFIX and rear facing configuration which is the safest position for any young child and why ERF is always recommended as long as possible.

      If you want a 5 star rated "seat", all you'll likely find is a capsule that lasts to 6 months.

      The way people install the seat would also play a huge part on the rating. No point having a 4 star seat if it's not installed properly.

      • +5

        Probably also need to look at getting a safe car, with side impact passenger side airbags etc, not just a safe baby seat!

    • +1

      Hot tip, if you have a modern car with side / curtain airbags, then they are almost all equally the same. All use belts (isofix or the seat belt itself) to keep the seat 'rigid'. Still using 'belts' either way.

      Australia has its head up its bum and has NO seats with rigid isofix. Only the Nuna capsule is rigid isofix. Again, not a single seat. Europe/ Volvo use them exclusively…but not good enough for Australia apparently!

      This means side impacts/ t bones rely on belt tension. Give your seat a good shove on the side and watch it move. Now imagine if it had 2 steel bars holding the sides.

      Also super easy and safe to install a rigid isofix. It's a fixed clamp point. It's either in, or its not. None of this "check my belts are setup correctly" rubbish. Also move between cars is a breeze. Push 2 buttons and release.

      Personally, (until we get a rigid isofix) I think the Baby Love Ezy Switch is as good as any as a rear facing seat and sells for as low as $110.

      • Having the seat move a little is actually better than having it rigid in some cases, as some of the impact energy is absorbed and lost that way. (think crumple zones etc)

        • +1

          If the belts were shock absorbers yes, but the movement is just tension slack over a belt length of a few cm. Movement is just basic lateral acceleration of the head/ neck..

          Hold your arm tense and flick it. Then do it again, but this time relax your wrist. In this scenario your babies head is your fingers. A rigid setup is much better.

          I'll back in Volvo's R&D team over Aussie regulators ;)

  • Is the discount supposed to be on the Graph ene too? The code doesn't work for the graphene at check out for me??
    Pls help. 1st baby on tbe way in 2 months!!

    • Yes but higher price…is it not discounting at all? It has "Take $95.80 off this item" on my page so is definitely eligible.

  • The 'take off 95.80' has now disappeared for me - even off the Brava - I could see it both on mobile desktop and app but gone now!!?

  • If I sign out of my account I can see the 'save xxx' message but when I log in the discount doesn't apply for me!

  • Sorry for the multiple posts but I figured it out! My account was originally set up in another country so I had to re-register to get the discount! GOT It :) thanks everyone!

  • Got one great deal for the price!

  • Can anyone recommend a good seat for 4+ year old? We've been using the Millenia but our daughter has nearly outgrown it

    • Maxi Guard Pro. Harnessed until 8. Also currently great price at 20% off.

      *edit - seems like code is gone, as per comments below. Still a great seat and can sometimes get 5% cashback from BB

      • Thanks snoop. Will keep an eye out for that one.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Which one do you guys recommend? I have a capsule for the first 6 months.

    Also my Mrs has a suzuki swift sport 2012 and wondering if this or the graphene will fit. I bought the cheap one from aldi a couple of months ago but wanted to get something more safe

    • The Graphene should fit. We've got a decent sized Infa in our Swift Sport…hard to see around but it fits ok. A compact seat like the Graphene should fit fine.

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • +4

    exclusive version

    Means you get ripped-off because you can't price match elsewhere.

    • Exclusive means no where else sells it.

      • +1

        As far as baby seats go, the poster above you is correct. Identical model numbers have different names at different retailers to avoid price matching. Infa-Secure Rover, Rally 2, odyssey and Lantra are all identical seats sold at different stores.

      • +1

        They do it all the time, have their own version which is essentially the same but different name so no one can price match it…and then usually have it as a "Best Buy" on their website and in store so they're excluded from their sales.

  • I got a Compaq which is what I was after for $240 :)

  • Thanks OP! But I’ve decided to buy mothers choice accord in the end. Salesman at baby kingdoms showed us this and said his family uses this. Pretty high safety rating as well. F 3.4, B 4.9. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/223894615930

    Reviews show that it is a bit difficult to set this up but we just gonna leave this in our car.

    Also it’s isofix compatible and they call it isogo for some reasons..

  • Looks like they’ve taken the code down already! (Could use this code on other seats and products until 29 Sept it said but it’s gone)

    • I think you're right. The deal was posted as having 28 sellers. That list is now down to 17. I had a few things in my cart and the code worked, but I decided to go back and add something else, only for the code to not work any more.

      • Have to be quick!

      • +2

        That list is now down to 17

        Yeah, looks like baby bunting is no longer listed as an eligible seller.

    • yup I bookmarked the Uppababy Vista strollers and spent hours researching before pulling the trigger. Now I can no longer pull the trigger. I will pull the shotgun trigger on the next sale!

      • Was contemplating getting the Uppababy Cruz and was tempted to pull the trigger last night but decided to sleep over it and looks like the codes no longer work. :(

        • Cruz is good too, but it doesn't have the bassinet I believe and can't widen to 2 seats in future (I think). But yes it is seems great.

      • +1

        BabyJoggers are great and the best lightweight stroller for one kid only is the BabyZen Yoyo. I always look on baby kingdom and then get baby bunting to price match and they take a further 5% off

        • I'll check out the BabyZen yoyo. I did see it part of a youtube review but kinda looked over it.

          • +1

            @yellowfever: It’s awesome. But makes you hate your standard heavy pram!

            Definitely look on baby kingdom and price match with baby bunting if you do get it

    • Yep, I used this code to buy the Nuna Klik Plus yesterday (439 down from 549) but was slow posting the specific deal.

      I just went to post it and the code no longer applies.

  • Brought Maxi Guard for $295 with code this morning

  • This seat is really fantastic, that is an amazing deal.

  • Anyone know when the eBay code will come up again ?

    • +1

      The seats are back in stock but 20% discount no longer applies to baby bunting!

      • Yup saw that
        Wonder if they will have it again

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