Tesla Model S Plaid - 8.9sec Quarter Mile, 1.9sec 0-60mph, over 800km Range

Will be about $250K when it arrives here
I wonder how many Model S Plaids you could get for the price of a slower Bugatti Chiron


  • The Bugatti would blow this apart on the track. Electric motors are great for the instant torque and shows through the 1/4 mile sprint time but over a prolong distance it just can't keep up with good old fashion ICE (for now).

    • Personally I think Tesla are pretty terrible cars, and the designs are yuck low level designs.

      But the Model S isn't a sports car, hasn't been engineered on track. Take a more sports focus EV like the Porsche Taycan and you can see the potential is there.

      So the fact the Model S has a party trick that could match a focused sports car whilst able to seat your mother-in-law in the back for the ride is still commendable.

    • With this acceleration, not so sure.
      Regardless for every time one time you get to the track, I’ve already sprinted 100 times from the lights

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    Meanwhile, speed limits apply.
    We don't have any Autobahnen, so only on a closed track could you achieve that 1/4mile time. But, if you can blow $250k on a car, maybe you have your own private track.

    • You mean if someone can afford the repayments on a $250k car.

      Most luxury vehicles sold are on lease where the buyers are buying above their means.

  • Cool, its great that car has one gear because I'm lucky to get into second gear in Sydney traffic.

  • most people don't buy Chirons and Teslas for drag racing. Numbers are just for rich ppl to brag about.

  • Oh cool a faster ipad with wheels

  • Just the thing to race against Taxis in Brisbane streets.

  • I’m looking at getting a $30,000 SUV. Would this be a suitable alternative?

    • Ok for realz, they have Plaid model already listed

      few options including Full driving DLC which isnt full self driving but anyway

      Est. loan payment $3,539 /mo
      Est. Petrol Savings $120 /mo

      $0 down, 60 months, $79,679 balloon payment, $292,019 total amount paid
      Due Today$1,500 Fully refundable

      look you're saying $120 a month in fuel, never buy fuel again, bargain right there. Sustainable future

      • You've convinced me!

        Thanks OP, ordered two.

      • I've always wondered about the environmental credentials of electric vehicles, as the cost ($ and environmental) for battery production and eventual replacement / disposal never really gets discussed or factored in.
        The traditional 'fuel' savings are there, but there must be a cost offset for electricity to recharge the vehicle, and production of the electricity also has an environmental cost (even if 100% solar).

        I'm not against the environmental initiatives, but I'm not convinced that there is total transparency.

        • To Tesla's credit they battery reclamation "cradle to grave" plan. I believe them, since its cheaper to "urban mine" for materials than actually mine for it.

          It is sustainable but I laugh when the "affordable" Tesla is $100K. Papa Elon doesn't understand what most people live like.

          If I was going to put my money on EVs it would be Hyundai/KIa, they're the dark horses in the EV race. All the problems Tesla is facing is what they've already learned to do long time ago, they do it well and at a affordable price.

          • @Bid Sniper: Musk just announced a US$25K car for sale in 3 years time. They needed to get the battery cost down first with their new 4680 cell - cost per kWh dropped by half.

            • @Boogerman: They announce more models than they sell,

              -Model Y, ok finally in production
              -Tesla Semi, bigfoot sightings
              -Roadster, push back to later sometime, they took $50K deposits
              -Cyber-truck, will be shrunk because doesn't fit in garages, 2022?
              -Cyber-quad, nothing about this
              -Model S Plaid

              $25k hatch be great, Elon time says 6 years, will be made in China. Who knows specs and quality.

        • Been done to death on various sites, here’s a recent:


          I’ll eventually buy one, but they are still too expensive.

          • @saltypete: Thanks for that link; I wasn't aware of this recent study. That link in the article related to coal-powered electricity is also interesting; I'm assuming that we are one of those 'outlier' countries.

            Hopefully the EV industry becomes even more efficient and improves as assumed (and that the vehicle prices drop).

        • I’m guessing you’re over 50 years old. It’s rare to hear someone younger make this oft-repeated dumb outdated statement

          • @Boogerman: The carbon emissions just from mining minerals and manufacturing batteries is horrible. Hydrogen will be the future propulsion energy for cars.

            • @Techie4066: False. Hydrogen has one third the energy potential of lithium ion batteries. Additionally, hydrogen currently requires fossil fuel processes to produce.
              As for mining lithium & nickel, battery powered mining equipment powered by renewables was already manufactured a few years ago.

  • When people look at ev cars they only see the the cost today one….not total cost over 1 year….
    My tesla cost 73k to buy, on road 78k .
    I have driven in 10 months ownership 8000km.
    Total cost to drive this km is zero, yes $0 . How, well free super charging up to 1500km when used anothrr owners referral code( we both got 1500 km freecharging).
    No weekly filling up with petrol and waiting in line to pay for it.
    I just plug in charging cable when I park my tesla in the garage .
    My car is 100% charged by solar as tesla garage has dedicated solar system.
    No regular maintenance , no taking car to service garage, leaving it for hours, then picking up car. No sechuled servicing.
    No parts on motor that need ever be changed, no oil changes, no oil filters to change,no fuel filters, no spark plugs ,no radiator to get ho,e I or change the fluid in.
    No expensive keys to replace.
    So it takes 20 minutes to super charge the few times you leave own city to go on holidays once or twice a year, not going to a petrol station once a week more than makes up for the 20 minutes charge times.
    Death to dinosaur juice burning ice cars and suv/utes looking for a place to roll over as they have such high centre of gravity…………

    • Great post & summarised benefits well.

    • 9k car with 2.5k petrol plus maintenance per year . I am happy to pay 2500 per year instead of spending 78k.

      Your car batteries are bound to fail in 10 years ? How much to replace that ?

      If tesla car costed like 25k . I would consider buying it .

    • When people look at ev cars they only see the the cost today one….not total cost over 1 year….

      For many people, 73k is a lot of money upfront. I've bought only 2 cars in 20 years (both people movers) - and they cost less than 73k combined. Sure, they cost extra on top of that (servicing, fuel etc) - but upfront cost matters for many people.

      That plus insuring a Tesla isn't cheap. And the techniques you mention (Tesla solar etc) require even more upfront expense.

      It is not irrational to wait it out a little on electric cars. Buy a cheap ICE now, and bank on electric cars getting substantially cheaper in 3-5 years.

      • The finance industry have you covered if you can afford the repayments but not the upfront cost. Common sense would be to save up… but a lot of people are not patient or want to keep up with the Jones'. Shouldn't borrow for a depreciating "asset". Different story if it's leased through a buiness and you can claim it.

  • Why waste our time with your day dreams