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20% off Entire R.M. Williams Range (Boots All Styles $395, Belts $79.95) + Free Postage for Orders above $200 @ Allingtons


FREE Standard Delivery Australia Wide for Orders Over $200

20% off Entire RM Williams.
Boots All Styles $395
Belts $79.95
There is
Free Click & Collect for SA people and
$9.95 Postage for others.

Nice quality shoes to have, Support SA

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  • FREE Standard Delivery Australia Wide for Orders Over $200*

  • Thanks OP! You're a legend :)

  • Great price but WFM now so not going to wear them often.

  • Cheaper than a private school with exactly the same result.

    Thanks OP. Huzzah!

  • I am a bit unsure of sizing, will ordering 2 sizes then returning the non fitting size (postage cost incurred by me) be acceptable under the refund policy?

    • Use PayPal and they'll cover return postage if you've enabled that option

    • If possible you should go to an RM store and try them on before buying. They will stretch a little with use so you want them a bit tight but not heaps - so if they feel way to tight then you should probably go a size larger.

      • Good advice. The store might even price match.

        • They won't price match they just watch you leave mornfully after writing down your size specs on a card for you to buy online elsewhere.

          • @thatonethere: Oops yeah sorry about that. I was recalling a story of a mate who got an online price matched when he bought RMs - but he got it price matched at David Jones. My bad!

    • I have a comfort craftsman dynamic flex and I'm sized 9.5G. I also wear a size 10 us running shoe, if that helps.

    • Thanks for all your responses, I actually have been fitted in store but I wasnt 100% about the fit was about to get refitted then Daniel Andrews cancelled life.

      • RM sizing is gong to be smaller than your normal size. Im normally 7.5 but got fitted as 6.5, and even then, it feels a bit loose after the boots have stretched out

    • I'm a US8.5/9 but my RM's are 6H if that helps.
      I've got a shoe tree in there the whole time. So I think that stretched it a little.

  • Unfortunately that they don't have Narrow fittings and Nungar just doesn't have stock for over 2 weeks :(

    Am I able to buy a G fitting and get it exchanged in store?

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    Absolutely perfect …. for infiltrating your local Liberal-National Party meetings

  • Great price for crafteman shoes and very reliable merchant too. Sharing it from personnel experience for similar kind of deal last year. My order was a back order yet it got delivered within 1&1/2 weeks.

  • i have the comfort craftsman chestnut, should i buy black too?

    • From what I hear, once you go black…

    • If you have to ask, you don't really need a black pair.
      Chesnut is a great neat casual colour.
      Black is good for the office or formal things.
      But I tend to avoid those things :)

    • you know what they say….once you go black you won't go back…jokes aside..this is somthing you'd have to figure rather than asking people…do you have $395 that you think you might spend on something you really need rather than buying another pair just because there is a bargain right now? These deals will certainly keep coming in future.

      • thank you, I really only wanted to buy it because it is so cheap. I don't need black now that I really sat down to think about it. I don't wear black jeans, and I have a pair of black cap toe dress shoes from Allen Edmonds for formal wear that I barely use. thanks again.

    • Do you wear black jeans or black leather belts? If so then yes.

      You can't wear black jeans and brown shoes nor black belts and brown shoes.

    • I bought both, had black first and wanted the chestnut for variation. Although working from home with covid-19 now negates the need but otherwise they were a great buy in terms of comfort (dynamic flex) and durability.

  • They can also order different colours from RWM for the same sale price but you have to pay in advance and the wait can be up to 3 months.

  • Thanks OP got a belt.

  • What's the sizing on an RM williams boot?

    I have Ted Baker's on right now and its a UK7/EU41/US8.

    I'd assume similar?

    On sneakers like Nike's I'm a 9/9.5

    • I'm a 9.5/10 Nike, and wear 8.5 in RM's
      People should be aware RM sizes are Australian sizes when comparing

    • Really need to try on in store. I wear US11-11.5 in Nike sneakers and was sized at 9.5H in store at RMW. Otherwise on the website there are measurements and a guide on how to best find your size.

    • I wear US10 in Nike, Adidas etc.
      UK8 for Julious Marlow Chelsea
      And RMs, its 7.5H !

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      • Then you’re wearing the wrong sized nikes I’m afraid. Your feet are very wide, which necessitates the large sized Nike shoes. However, that would make it too long even if the width is just bearable. I’d say your ideal true to size is about 8.5-9 wide US if they are a 7.5H RMW.

        Source: used to work in footwear for a while. Saw this all too often.

        • Agree, that will be very well true!
          But why is it 'wrong' size? It's correct for me! It's comfortable for me!
          Also, when I get those New Balance Wide Fit models, I still end up fitting in US10!
          What's your take on that?

          • @kaizenmode: Most proper shoe companies (this would include nike, RMW, new balance etc.) run "true to size" ultimately following a standard universal set of measurements with very minimal differences (any minute differences would be mostly due to the nature of the material). The differences is in their widths however, is not as properly followed a set of guidelines.

            As such, I've noticed that many will say a larger size (such as in your case) fits them just fine as it's comfortable - but upon closer inspection, is way too long or too much toe box space for them. But they're so used to it because they've been doing this their whole lives, they think this is normal. I suspect this is what's happened in your particular case. Asians are particularly prone to this because asian parents tend to always get one size up so the kids will grow into it. Unfortunately, the only things the kids grow into, is the idea that they should always have shoes 1.5-2 sizes too big for them with lots of "toe breathing/wiggling" space.

            Your true size should be one that's professionally fitted, and the US equivalent would be 1-1.5 sizes larger than that (because of number differences). I.e. RMW 7.5, you should be 8.5 or 9 US.

    • Nikes I'm US 10-10.5

      RMs 8.5 G. Were a bit tight at first but became a perfect fit after a few weeks of wear

  • Do they still make any of the shoes in Australia or are they all made in China now?

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      The Craftsman are made in Australia. Some of the lower priced footwear are imported.

  • just buy pants that fit! save $79.95

  • Is it possible to exchange the item in R.M. Williams store in case of wrong sizing?

    • Of course it isn't.

      Go in, try on the right size, then order from this seller.

      • I see. That's a tad unfortunate as I was gonna buy it as a gift.

        Thanks for the info!

      • How about buying from and supporting the store where you can try them on.

        If you don't support them they won't be there.

        • Apparently someone disagrees since you were downvoted. Go try them on in a shop, taking up a staff member’s time and energy, then order it online from another shop. It’s the OzBargain way.

      • I bought my pair from Nungar trading and managed to swap for the correct size at an RMW store in Castle Hill.

    • You can try calling them and asking.

      Tell them you they were a gift and you don't have a receipt.

  • Thanks, Chestnut ordered.

  • Is this the cheapest comfort craftsmen boots get?

    • Pretty much! I doubt you can get them much cheaper than this.

    • For reference, the one and only pair of comfort craftsmans I own I got for this same price from the RMW website when they had a sale going last year. I dont think they get much cheaper than this.

  • Mine say 9 HCF, guessing that’s a 9 H?

  • Can anyone confirm if this is legit?

  • Thanks I've been waiting for these to come down after missing a few offers. I finally went into an RM store as well to get properly sized. Just ordered a pair.

  • 7.5G gone :/

  • Great deal!

    Almost bought a pair but then thought, hell I've only worn my current RMs about 4x since March.

    Had to put the credit card away in order to be sensible.

  • How long is the sale on for?

    Out of my size :(

  • Thanks heaps OP!

  • Looks like most sizes of boots are sold out

    • Email them, they might be able to honour special price, but put an order in for you. You might end up waiting a little longer for stock to come from RMW.

  • All sizes can be back ordered by phone but Allington advised the wait time will be 2 to 10 weeks until they receive more stock.

    • How does this work? Mention your card details over the phone to pay? Do you get an email confirmation of the receipt, etc?

  • What are their belts like? Sick of cheapo ones that keep falling apart.

    • excellent, I love mine. its made with solid hide leather, sturdy metal buckle, and made in Australia

  • David Jones just price matched this with no issues

  • Went to purchase instore. Purchased the comfort craftsman in my size in chestnut, but also placed in a back order for the black, same price (told it will take 4-12 weeks). If they don't have your size, give them a call.