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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 $270.08 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


First post. This is the cheapest one I can find at the moment.
In stock on September 25, 2020 from Amazon US.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Every day we are moving closer to release of next generation (likely to be announced in October), and to Black Friday Sales (Late November)… If you can wait, do. :)

  • Yeah if you're able to just wait for the next gen…then buy this gen xd

  • Thanks op, good deal but I will hold off. If anyone keen on upgrade this is a fair price if you can't wait.

  • Wouldn't the next gen be more expensive?

    • The assumption is probably that the new gen will cause these prices to drop below $270

    • I would expect this would be cheaper after the release.
      Has gone as low as 208 on Amazon.

      • …was going to say I have seen this much cheaper. At $200ish it'd be a great value CPU but I'd be waiting for next gen at this point.

    • Ryzen 5 2600 and 3600 both released at $199 USD. The 2600 dropped by about $50 AUD when the 3600 came out - I would assume the same for next gen.

    • Even if next gen is a bit more expensive, and even if bargains aren't "sustained" for the 3600; there is a very high likelihood that there will be some good bargains for this model before the end of November. Unless you really need to build now, we are (at least in my mind) getting really close (~65 days until Black Friday).

    • AMD are really good when it comes to dropping prices on new hardware releases. You could see a $25-50 drop on this gen chips.

  • Amd is going to keep supporting zen 2 for some time. At $270 you are getting incredible value and future proofing as well

    • Like they are supporting Zen one buyers?

      Thinking I'll wait for the new chips to come out and then buy a 3800X, latest CPU my motherboard will support, because… reasons.

  • To wait or not to wait…

    Paired with a 2070s or 3070?

    • I think the 3070 (~2080Ti) would be slightly bottlenecked by this CPU at 1080p and, for some games, even 1440p

  • Will then get any cheaper than this?

  • Cheap as chips but youre better off waiting for a 3700x or 3800x price drop for tbe extra 2 cores.

  • Zen 3 will be out by the time you get it.

  • The temptation is so strong. I'm on a B450 motherboard too (non-MAX) so who knows when or if the 4600 will work on it… The 3600 will likely come down to $200 when Zen 3 hits shelves though.

    • It's meant to isn't it with bios update.

      There isn't meant to be much different with the motherboards as not even the new 3000s series gpus require pcie4x

    • Yours will be supported, it's those (like me) on B350 who got the middle finger. Well they gave it to you as well but then got scared and put it away.

      I'm actually half tempted to go back to Intel next purchase, at least with them you know your motherboard is only good for one CPU.

  • Ryzen 4000 are the last generation of CPUs to be released on AM4. Personally I think if you have a decent AM4 board already and can wait for next gen, you should. Might as well get the latest gen chip your board will ever support.

    • Yikes did not know this…
      Surprised they originally only supported the B550 or X570 but not surprised at the backlash that made them capitulate.

      Better off waiting if you can because you’ll only have one generation to upgrade to anyway so May as well start with the best.

  • How do you know that this price expires on 27 September? Just curious as I don't see that anywhere.

  • frankly speaking, if I have to wait until mid October to get this, I would rather pay extra $20 bucks to get it before the end of this week.

    • There's a lot of us already waiting for our ram and motherboards from amazon us/uk/ ;)

      b550m aorus pro $183
      crucial 3600 ram CL 16 $222

      Honestly i have more faith in Amazon US than Auspost atm. 3 weeks waiting from syd to melb.
      I get my parcels from amazon au in less than 24hrs whilst waiting 2-3weeks from Auspost.

    • nvidia flashbacks

    • $20 is a lot less than I think others are anticipating, also would you wait for extra cores for the same total budget? If it's for games then probably yeah just get it now, if it's for content creation or compiling/rendering I'd consider waiting for getting more cores within the same budget in the near future if it's currently out of your price range.

  • How di know if that is compatible with my motherboard?
    THX in advance

    • Can make some assumptions based of your chipset but most manufacturers will have a supported CPU list on their product page if you look your board up and the latest BIOS.

  • +3 votes

    Bad time to buy a new amd processor…

  • Pretty decent upgrade from my 1600 for gaming. My b350 motherboard won't take the upcoming 4000 series :/
    I also notice my RAM now works at 3200 when it only reached 2933 before.

  • How many docker containers do ya reckon this baby can run?

  • Any idea if AsRock are planning to release a BIOS update for the B450 boards to support Ryzen 4000? I've just heard about the reversal AMD has done and will now release the update or something of the like but been having difficulty to find out whether AsRock will come on board (no pun intended)

    Thanks :)

  • My PC's motherboard died recently and such I had to upgrade everything.

    At the time the I picked up the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 for $299 from a local PC store, it's teamed up with a MSI B450 Tomahawk Max.

    If you need to upgrade now, do it with confidence and don't sweat it as there is always something new on the horizon.