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Australian Made P2 Disposable Face Mask - 34% off 10 Pack + Delivery @ Respa Guard


P2 Face Mask With Active Carbon Filter

Our P2 respirator masks provide 95% particle filtration efficiency protecting wearers from harmful airborne particles and organisms. We are proudly an Australian manufacturer of face masks based in Western Australia.


  • 5 layers of advanced filtration.

  • Activated Carbon filter layer.

  • Adjustable metal nose mold for stronger grip.

  • Tight grip ear band to ensure a more sealed fit.

  • Unique design to easily form a seal around your face.

TGA Entry: 339585

Made to comply with: Australian Standard AS/NZS 1716:2012

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  • The don't look like N95 masks to me. N95 don't use around the ear loops.

    Looks like KN95 masks.

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      Hi ChickenDinner123

      These are P2 masks, however TGA allows the use of N95 to be used as a functional standard if the efficiency meets 95% standard which RespaGuards masks do, we are currently working on getting our masks approved with the US authorities as well, to have them certified in the US as N95.

      Kind regards, RespaGuard Team

      • Before you get NIOSH certification, you can't name the product as N95. CDC has very strict request on the masks. I believe the P2/N95/KN95/KF94 has very similiar filtration efficiency, but still, unless you meet all the standard of N95 (including the head band not earloop), certified by NIOSH, and got listed on CDC website, you can't name your product "N95".

        Here's how you check it:


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          Hi Danaus,

          TGA allowed the use of N95 within Australia to be used interchangeable with P2 masks, and to extend still does, however outside of Australia it cannot be stated as N95 without the NIOSH certification. Initially we hoped to certify these masks with NIOSH hence the design P2/N95 however NIOSH on 20th of August changed the classification to only headband type only during the pandemic. Currently we have other models on the pipeline that we are working on to get them NIOSH certified.

          Kind regards, RespaGuard Team

          • @RespaGuard Team: I'm pretty sure the headband is a typical characteristic of N95 for a very long time (years), definitely not from 20th August 2020. I'm not sure the exact definition of TGA about N95 interchangeable with P2, but IMHO that might mean you can use N95 as P2 in Australia, in case the P2 supply is not enough, but might not mean you can name a P2 as N95.

          • @RespaGuard Team: I cannot find anything about the TGA allowing the use of N95 with P2 masks. Link?

            The only thing I can find is:
            AS/NZS 1716:2012 'Respiratory protective devices', the standard for P2 respirators, and the NIOSH standard 42 CFR Part 84 for N95 masks can be used as functional standards for both medical devices and for respirators that are not medical devices.

            Which does not mean P2 is N95.

            • @PCHammond: That is because N95 is really a US designation.
              Officially we use Level, 1,2,3, for medical masks and P1, P2 for respirators.
              I think they are recognizing that the N95 designation is an acceptable alternative marking where the masks are not for medical use.

  • As stated in numerous previous mask posts, the TGA does not give approval. A TGA number just means it's registered with the ARTG

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      Hi PCHammond,

      That is correct, TGA audits and ensures complies are met, however the mask rating are handled by the manufacturer to ensure they meet the standard required for P2 masks which TGA checks in their post market audits. RespaGuard is an Australian manufacturer and not supplier who imports masks from overseas, we ensure our masks are made to the highest standard possible. I hope this helps clarify your concerns.

      Kind regards, RespaGuard Team

    • Corrent. TGA registration is just a registration done by a sponsor (usually importer or manufacturer), so that the TGA is aware what is imported/manufactured and whom to after in case any product goes wrong.

  • How many times can I re-use these and are they washable

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      Hi BarginHunter,

      These are disposable masks, they are not reusable nor washable. Its recommended you dispose of them after use.

      Hope that helps.

      Kind regards, RespaGuard Team

  • You guys posted a deal last week for a 10 pack of P2 masks at your Etsy store. It was taken down by a moderator not even an hour after it was posted. That day I checked for any certification I could which I failed to find. The OzBargain deal was closed with reason "seller trying to bypass ban" or something like that.

    Right now I searched for your Etsy store and it's gone. I can still find some cached pages on search engines. What gives? Seems dodgy.

    • Hi Eon,

      At the time we weren't aware of the issue with Etsy prohibiting traffic from Ozbargin, that has caused Ozbargin to remove the post and sadly Etsy suspended our account due to the incident.

      Kind regards, RespaGuard Team

      • FYI Etsy doesn't prohibit traffic from OzBargain.

        We just don't allow Etsy posts on OzBargain, due to a number of spam posts.

        I would be surprised if posting on OzBargain was the reason Etsy suspended your account. It's more likely due to a violation of their policy regarding masks here.

  • Hi Rep,
    When you say these are manufactured in Australia, could you elaborate?
    Are they fully sewn and formed in Australia? I assume from imported filter media, or is that manufactured here too?
    I think it would be helpful to show some photos of the manufacturing on your website, to prove the point and enhance your credibility.

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      Hi King,

      The raw material (the filter media and the fabrics) are made overseas, however the masks are fully manufactured in Australia. Generally mask manufacturer do not make their own raw material, majority of the raw material globally are made in one country.

      Kind regards, RespaGuard Team

  • Hi, what are the certification details and specs?