How Do I Shop for a Wallet Online without Having a Psychotic Break?

Am I doing something wrong with my shopping here, or do wallet vendors deserve to be cast into Hell for their cancerous anti-merchandising?

Is there some wallet store that shows me everything I want to know in a single product photo? What about a list of features that can be searched? All these sellers seem to think that showing me a picture of a closed wallet is the smartest thing, and that nobody would ever want to just see what the inside looks like without having to click onto the specific listing and then click on a gallery.

This ( is what I'm looking for a replacement for. Much like with spectacles, I'd gladly buy the same thing for the next fifty years, but for some reason it seems critical to the people in these businesses to stop making whatever I like as quickly possible and force me to go through the same shopping purgatory simply to find the 'new' product that is practically the same as the old one.

What do I do here short of taking up leatherwork or making my own wallet store?