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20% off All Bed Frames - Hemnes Daybed $399 (Was $499) @ IKEA (Free Membership Required)


Ikea Offering 20% Off BedFrames - Need to be an Ikea Family Member (sign up for free online)

I've been eyeing off the Hermes Day Bed which has been $499 now down to $399

Unfortunately being in Melbourne a lot further than 5k's from Ikea means $69 delivery for me.

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  • You've made your bed, now lie in it.

  • they make king size?

  • Does it include sofa beds?

    • The Promotion
      • IKEA Family members who purchase a complete bed will receive a 20% discount off the normal
      price during the Promotion Period.
      • The Promotion Period is 24 September 2020 to 5 October 2020 inclusive, midnight AEST.
      • Eligible products include all adult beds, children’s beds, loft beds, bunk beds and day beds. The
      Promotion does not include cots, sofa beds, mattresses, textiles or selected underbed storage
      • Where a bed frame has slats sold separately, the Promotion discount applies when combined with
      LUROY slats to form a complete bed.
      • IKEA Family members must scan or enter their membership card during the transaction to qualify
      for the Promotion. If shopping online, they must be signed into their IKEA Family profile.

  • Just bought a bed literally two days ago… is there any chance of IKEA providing a reimbursement/partial refund?

  • It doesn't seem to be all bed frames. 20% off a third of their bed frames is more accurate.

  • Haha. $69. Ikea must be run by Kevin Malone.

  • Are there any King Single size bed frames?

  • Of course the queen bed I'm interested in is not part of the sale, oh well!

    Edit: Thanks to comment below, it in fact is - cheers.

  • Guys - all beds are included. For some stupid reason they haven’t put the “family price” next to all of them. Once added to the cart it’ll reflect a 20% discount.

  • Offer ends 5th October. Had been thinking about a particular bed frame, however $100 off but adding $69 delivery because of Melbourne 5km restrictions when I live less than 10km away… meh, it rankles. I'll try to get it second hand, it's not urgent.

    • Same here… Hoping for expanding of the travel radius as one of the extra easing of restrictions for this coming Monday.

      • Wouldn’t bet on that one. I’ve already arranged a visit with my dentist so that will be one of the things being eased. I, suspect, it will be mainly small business stuff like dentists, hair dressers, dog groomers etc.

        • I can understand the 5km for exercise and in-person shopping for grocery/chemist, but so long as a retail business is COVID safe and/or contactless click and collect, I don't think it matters whether it's 5km or 10km away… Anyways we'll find out soon!

          • @kopisusu: I can see the point if it is just click and collect. The problem is people are probably going to stop by and go to the Supermarket, etc, while they are out. It is “exceptions” that cause confusion and arguments.

    • There's a deal on atm, it's $29 delivery under 40kg or $49 over 40kg. As long as you don't live regionally it should come under the discounted price (you need to have an IKEA family membership and it comes up when you go to check out). I assume you live in Melb where I know this applies, dunno about other states.

  • Doesn't include cots. Which seem to be all out of stock and unavailable for delivery anyway

  • Seems like Hemnes Daybed $399 is just the bed frame so mattresses not included ??

  • Has anyone purchased an IKEA double bed such as the Malm Ottoman and fit a Koala double mattress on it? Measurements seem to want to fit but I know IKEA are smaller than standard sizes.

  • Delivery is the biggest issue with ikea as most heavy items has delivery fees of $69… Which is mostly 20% to 30% of product value.

    Most air tasker guys then offer you price of $60 !

  • IKEA are offering $20 off delivery in Melbourne till I think 15 October - it's on the "front" page of their website.

    • Why is IKEA Delivery so expensive, for $69 now you can get an Airtasker deliver a full lot of stuff and assembled, plenty of people who are ready to work at $20 an hour !

      • where do you get airtasker deliver and assemble for $69? airtasker knows ikea charge delivery fees of 69 so they offer 60 ! better get ikea delivery who pays people fair wages !

      • I’ve never air tasker before. What’s stopping them from stealing your stuff?

  • Can you buy a Queen size Ikea Bed Frame and then put on a Double mattress (till later on when you may change to a queen?)

    • Why wouldn’t you be able to?

      • I was wondering if there are major issues as in the edges of the mattress are putting more pressure onto the mid sections of the slats as opposed to the edges of the slats and if that creates issues? Also how different is the IKEA sizes to other sizes? I noticed someone mentioned the IKEA BED frame sizes are smaller?

  • It is frustrating me that they are selling half the bases without the slats, who buys a bed base without slats??

  • That day bed is the best. I had a double taking up space in the spare room, only occasionally used by interstate visitors. I replaced it with the day bed and bought two single mattresses for it. Keep the spare bedding in the big drawers underneath. Now when visitors are coming up I pull out the bottom section, flip the top mattress over and have an instant double bed, and the rest of the time I have a comfy reading spot that takes up a lot less space.

    • @miwahni mate where do you keep the single mattress don't they occupy space ? or i didn't understand this.
      Which day bed are you talking about please give me the link as I want to do a similar setup

      • https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/hemnes-day-bed-frame-with-3-dra...

        That one. Two single mattresses stack on top of each other on the day bed, until I need them for guests. If you have a look at the second picture you can see what it looks like when it's pulled out to make a double. Then instead of stacking the mattresses, you have them side by side. There's a short video on that page showing exactly what I mean.

  • This may be a strange question - but does anyone know whether this sort of sale on IKEA beds is a regular occurrence? Or even say, once a year?

    • Very rare. I don't think I've seen this deal before and I've been a family member for a few years.

      • Hmm ok thanks for that. We will probably need a couple of beds for the kids but not right away, so was just contemplating whether to wait for the next sale.

        • You can always buy now and return within a year if you change your mind or find a better deal :)