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Apple AirPods 2 with Charging Case $189 + Shipping (Free Pickup) @ Umart ($179.55 OW Price Beat)


Umart has dropped the price of Apple’s Airpods 2 again down to $189 for 24 hours only.

Officeworks should price match to $179.55 (for states where postage isn’t charged).

I managed to get the $179.55 price beat in Western Australia, I will post the receipt once they email it to me.

Edit: Receipt from the OW website

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  • I actually prefer using these more than my Sony WF…XM3s.

  • Putting "Wireless" in the title of this deal is commiting to the confusion that Apple and sellers already created around this product.

    All AirPods are wireless. These are 2nd gen, but they come with a "charging case", which is not a "wireless charging case".

    There are AirPods 2nd gen with a wireless charging case as well, just so everybody knows.

    • That’s fair, the listing from Apple and other retails includes “Wireless earphones”, but that’s true that these are not the Wireless Charging Case specification.

      Notwithstanding, I have edited the title to avoid confusion.

  • Anyone know how much latency being wireless introduces? I'm stuck with the dirtybuds my phone came with when I use audio/creative apps because they're low latency.

    • Ah, a fellow Dank Pods viewer…

    • Found my answer on Google :)

      Airpods: 274ms
      Airpods2: 178ms
      Airpods Pro: 144ms

      I'll stick with wired for now.

    • Bluetooth audio and latency will always be an issue.

      But either way it's a two way street depending what audio codec is being used by the headset and the device. Knowing that iPhones don't support aptx, apple devices will be limited in low latency Bluetooth, i.e they're determined by AAC codec or more lower quality SBC. Note Macs do support aptx.

      In terms of my computer, I've resulted to using an aptx low latency transmitter and headset to reduce wireless audio latency to sub 100ms.

      but for the best wireless audio, a dedicated 2.4ghz wireless transmitter + headset will be best.

  • OP..how did you price beat online with OW?

  • thanks rang and OW price matched do click and collect tomorrow

  • I went in to my local OW (Gledswood Hills) and they did not price match saying it is a different model, something about that case.

    • Try calling?

      • Already bought online for delivery from Umart now, was 200 including delivery. Didn't wanna waste any more time to save a few more bucks from OW - their loss as far as I am concerned. Bit annoyed since I went in (even though it was only 5 mins from my house).

        • yeah fair call! Even on the phone you could be on hold for ages. Better off supporting umart

  • Just went greenacre and had no problems, they gave me my airpods pro and paid $179 very happy bday pezzie for mrs solved.

  • Got via price beat at OW - thanks OP