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8bitdo SN30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller 3 Colors US$38.83 (~A$54.60) @ FastTech


Supports Windows/Android/Mac OS/Steam/Nintendo Switch / Turbo function / Vibration mode / Motion control / USB-C Connection

Compatibility: Windows, Android, Mac OS, Steam, Nintendo Switch
Controller Mode: X-input, D-input, Mac mode, Nintendo Switch mode
Special Features: Rumble vibration / Motion controls / Turbo function / USB-C
Connectivity: Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 / USB-C

Other 8bitdo items sale:

Items Sale Price US$ Original Price US$ AUD (Currency as of 24 Sep)
8Bitdo N30 2.4G $22.57 $20.31 $28.56
8Bitdo PCE 2.4G 22.46 $20.21 $28.42
8Bitdo SN30 2.4GHz $22.68 $20.41 $28.70
8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ Bluetooth $49.99 $45.99 $64.67
8Bitdo Zero 2 $17.85 $15.71 $22.09
8Bitdo GBros Bluetooth Wireless Adapter $17.06 $15.01 $21.10
8Bitdo N30 Pro 2 $36.34 $31.98 $44.97

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  • +5 votes

    Kogan has the Pro+ for $AU56 with free shipping as its normal price.


      Just a word of warning, I ordered one about 3 weeks ago from Kogan. I haven't received it yet and the tracking number is still pending. No response from the seller yet.


        Took about 2 and a half weeks for mine to get delivered. Ordered about 3 weeks ago also


        Yeah mine took a few weeks to get to me but they will come eventually.


        Can't edit my post, but it finally arrived. Turned out to be an issue with the tracking number and the courier. Nothing to do with the sender. I'm impressed with the controller and the software so far. Feels great in hand.


    Assuming the posted info is wrong unless your sale prices really are supposed to be higher than the Original prices.

  • +1 vote

    At this price I'd just look at going for the Pro+ — Much nicer controller.

  • +3 votes

    Normal price. Can get AUS stock from kogan. Got mine from kogan for $34 with a coupon a while back.


    Free shipping for the zero isn't working for me

  • +1 vote

    Nearly bought a couple but then did a search for FastTech reviews, deleted everything from my cart and moved on.