6ft Steel Trampoline $149 at ALDI Special Buys (Excluding Victorian Stores)


Galvanised steel frame
Jump area: 146cm
Assembled dimensions: 183cm x 183cm x 200cm
80kg weight capacity
PP mat
36 springs
1.2mm frame tubes
20mm PVC pads
Covered pole sleeves
Comes with padding and enclosure for safety
Bed height: 460m

Not available at the following NSW stores: Albury and Lavington.

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  • 80k weight capacity, that's one chonky kid.

  • pretty damn small

  • Depending on restrictions in Melbourne at sale date, Aldi might withdraw this item as probably needs 2 people to carry/collect.

  • In addition to all Vic, item also not sold at 2 NSW stores too: Albury and Lavington.

  • I purchased one a few years ago for $80 on clearance from Aldi. It may pay to hold off. This one has the net on the outside of the springs. I prefer the net on the inside so there is no chance of a kid falling threw.

  • We got this trampoline 3 years ago, Plum is the name of the brand.

    The zipper on the netting is now falling apart, as the plastic teeth have become brittle and started breaking after 3 years sitting outside (in the shade most of the day).

    The good thing is that Plum apparently sells spare parts. The less good thing is that the spare netting is $80 delivered to Sydney (and currently out of stock).

    • I assume itโ€™s a Chinese plum

    • after 3 years sitting outside (in the shade most of the day).

      The nets tend to have a limited life. And that foam padding traps water which rusts the poles. So get rid of all that like trainer wheels on a bike, once the kids are used to jumping.

      If left in the sun, you can expect to replace the mat after 3 or 4 years, but if it is a standard size, they are not expensive.

    • Can this fit in a car or will I need a ute?

      • Fits in a car, I used to drive a 1990 Corolla Seca when I bought it and that did the job ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  • Tramampoline!!!

  • 6 foot, including springs!? This is a trampoline for garden gnomes.

    K-mart has a 10' for slightly more, which means a mat three times three area.


    But I'd really recommend spending an extra $100 for the 12' or 14' models, if you want the kids to be able to play on it without constantly bumping heads.
    "one at a time" is no fun, and will soon be forgotten.

    • Need to measure the space though. People have a tendency to think bigger is better with trampolines. Then when assembled it takes their whole backyard.
      It's never a good idea to have multiple kids jumping at the same time. You are asking for an injury.
      I would give the opposite advice as I have had a 12 foot and now an 8 foot. Go smaller and limit the kids. Just my opinion.

      • much more fun with a sibling on there, jumping by yourself is no fun

        • Poor only children! Not having any fun on a trampoline. ;)
          Seriously though, I get your point and I am no nazi. Just make sure you supervise the craziness that ensues.

    • or wait till Aldi sell the larger one.

      we have the 12 or 14ft onecant remember and has lasted quite well. only matting has torn where the kids go in and out

  • Anyone know what the packaged dimensions are? Will I need a ute?