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[eBook] Free: "Pakistani Cuisine: Quick and Easy Authentic Recipes of Pakistan" $0 @ Amazon AU, US


Experience authentic recipes of Pakistan. You will also find that these recipes blend in Indian, Iranian and Afghanistan cultures. Experience the unique ingredients, spices, flavors and preparations that Southeast Asian cooking offers.

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Credit to matwalaboy @ hukd

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  • It's good, nearly as good as delicious Kashmiri cuisine

    • I believe Kashmiri cuisine is altogether totally different.

      • Not only cuisine is totally different, the countries are different as well.

        • can't agree more, owing to the fact I belong from there :)

          • @sahilb4u: i dont think he said they were the same, he just said that this was almost as good which doesnt have to mean they are the same or even similar.
            for example he could have said burgers are good,almost as good as delicious icecream.
            also cultures are not hemmed in by countries, you dont have to be in thailand to cook and eat thai cuisine.
            as well, from the source of all knowledge (wikipedia): Kashmir - Today, the term encompasses a larger area that includes the Indian-administered territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, the Pakistani-administered territories of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, and Chinese-administered territories of Aksai Chin and the Trans-Karakoram Tract.
            and if you actually read the blurb from OP it states that the book contains influences from other asian countries.
            so +1 for King Tightarse in my book.

            • @rakeem: @rakeem

              Dude, you are misquoting.

              Kashmir - Today (and as always) is integral part of India that includes Pakistan occupied Kashmir as well. India even reserves those seats during elections.

              No, Kashmir and Pakistan cultures are not same as well.

              No one would say burger is as delicious as icecream.

              • @aussie-bargeiner: Oh stfu. Bringing one side's view into an international border dispute. I know it's hard but try and suppress that aimless nationalism.

                China claiming Taiwan as it's own territory does not make it so, I'd like to see them try take it though much like India.

  • +7 votes

    Gonna get my Biryani on

      • Wife told me about it the other day from one of her work mates. Is it good?

        • Yeah definitely worth a try, lots of biryani variety cooked fresh daily.

          You can also buy just the biryani rice without the meat/veg for $5 a box.

          They have a lot of history overseas but relatively new here.

          I am not to sure about their version of KFC though, might keep the kids occupied.

  • Now you need some good Pakistani spices to actually provide an authentic taste.

    These Shan are probably the best in the world and easily available everywhere including a limited range at Coles.

    They are about $2 from an Indian Grocery Store and have a nice recipe printed on the box too.

  • Pakistan is Southeast Asian?

  • Scotty need this book 🤭

  • https://youtu.be/CWeWxl7ruGE


    Seems you can get all this cuisine for free, if you visit there 😁

  • Pakistan Zinda bad

  • I love Pakistani food (I'm a Pakistani) and I wish there were more Pakistani restaurants in Australia. We're already a notorious bunch; think it would be nice to win people over with our food at least haha.

    It's a shame there aren't many good, well-established Pakistani restaurants in Melbourne. A few pop up every now and then but don't last more than a couple of years (Zaiqa in Carlton being an exception).

    • If you are Melbourne, once the lockdown gets over, you could try:

      • Khabbay at Rathdowne St, Carlton (my personal recommendation),
      • BBQ Lounge at Mickleham Rd, Westmeadows,
      • Aussie Dera, Sydney Rd, Coburg

      Lots more choice if you are Sydney based.

      Kush Amdeed!

    • Any Pakistani in Melbourne that hasn't been to Khabbay is missing out, it's on the same street as Ziyka too and pretty much always packed.

    • I'm originally English, but grew up eating Kashmiri food in West Yorkshire (Bradford, Halifax, Leeds), which has huge communities of people originally from Pakistan.

      I have to say, I have been completely underwhelmed by all Indian food in Australia. Completely bland, tasteless, creamy, sweet and over priced. I think the average Aussie has zero appreciation for this type of food and whinges at the slightest bit of heat, hence the dreadfully boring Butter Chicken that's served here. It's so surprising, given how great all other food is here.

      Are there any genuinely good restaurants or takeaways anywhere in Melbourne? As authentic as possible, and as basic as possible. I want to go to eat the food, not the "experience". Back home we used to eat in places with Formica tables, no cutlery (only chapattis), menus on the wall, and only serving glasses of water with your meal. But the food! Absolutely fantastic. Miss it so much.

      • Personal opinion? It's hard to find the true flavour of Pakistani food in the few Pakistani restaurants that operate. If you can, I'd highly suggest that you cook them yourself using Shaan spice-mix (there are different types available for the particular dish you want to make). They're easily available in any Indian store and sometimes, even at Coles/Woolworths. I think that should be your starting point. Otherwise, you could try a few restaurants some of the other commenters have mentioned, but again, personally, I don't like them (and I was called a hater of my own people for that in one of the comments above lol).

      • And I agree with you, a lot of people combine Pakistani/Indian food under the same "Indian cuisine" umbrella, but in reality, they're two very different kind of foods. Like you, I've always found Indian food too bland. Pakistani cuisine has more flavour and is more meat-based. Again, personal opinion.

        • I've spent some time in India, in Tamil Nadu and also Mumbai. The food was okay, but in all honesty the curries in the UK were hotter and had more flavour. That's mainly because they're Bengali and Kashmiri influenced I guess. Don't get me wrong, the food in India wasn't bad at all, but it wasn't out of this world either.

      • I think you are referring to something like this joint Faheems.

        Next time you are in Sydney check it out, it's always packed and food is fresh!

  • Where are my Indians at?

    • Having Tea

    • We consider Pakis as our brothers and sisters. Thanks to the UK for their colonial mess like every where else they been

      • Maybe you could start by not calling them Pakis

        • This isn't the UK and I don't mind being referred to as a Paki at all, it's just short for Pakistani.

          By that mentality, Aussie would also be a slur.

          • @BenDoverson: Oh those pommy bastards say paki with a lot of negative connotations.

            • @Grevhimself: I know that but I won't allow the word, which is considered a slur in the UK, to be considered a slur worldwide. I'd like us to own the word and take that power away from the poms.

              In fact, here most people have referred to me as Paki in a completely casual friendly way, just like they'd call people Turks, Kiwis, Afghans without any negative connotations. I would like it if we kept it this way, It's only an offensive word if we decide to be offended by it.

  • Pakistani cuisine book by a non-pakistani author, lol

  • Has many recipes common to India and Pakistan.

  • The shrimp's a little stringy…

  • Grape!