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Boost Mobile $300 Prepaid Starter Kit 12 Month Plan for $243 + Free Shipping Australia Wide @ CELLMATE


Boost Mobile $300 prepaid starter kit for $243 + FREE Delivery Australia Wide.

For faster delivery please select the express shipping option for $10. Express shipping is via Toll Priority in most cases and the regional areas where Toll doesnt deliver we shall use Australia Post Express

Fresh batch of limited stock with Sims Expiring in November 2022

You can even buy now and pay in instalments using ZIP or PAYRIGHT

This deal is for customers activating a new number or porting across from another carrier.

  • 240GB Data
  • 12 months expiry from the date of activation
  • Unlimited standard calls & texts
  • Unlimited standard international calls & texts to 30 selected destinations:
    (Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia,Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan,Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam)
  • 3600 standard minutes & texts to 25 selected destinations:
    (Afghanistan, America Samoa, Brunei, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Guam Hungry, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovak Republic, Sri Lanka, Sweden)

More information on the plan can be found by clicking the link below

With Boost you’ll get 3G and 4G coverage on the Telstra Mobile Network.

Friends if we run out of stock please subscribe to the product and get notified when stock becomes available.

We thank you once again for your continued support

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  • +1

    Great timing, placed an order.

    • We thank you for your business and support

  • +1

    They were very quick with postage. Very satisfied, bought more for family. @cellmate, I ordered 2 sim same address. You could save postage and sent it in one satchel :)

    • Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. However in order to give better price to customers who are not wanting the sims in a hurry we are sending via standard Australia Post service with express postage as an option

      • +2

        I think he/she is saying you sent them in 2 separate satchels, instead of 1 satchel. You could have saved your business money by sending both SIM cards in the one satchel. Nothing to do with Express Post :)

  • Got one now

  • Anyone know how long to port out and in these days with Boost?

    • +1

      Porting out with Kogan is quick. Most recent port in (last week) took around 36 hours, had to go to the app and get them to process manually.

      • I was looking for any minimum time you have to be ported out before you can port in.. I have seen varying views

  • Perfect timing

  • Still holding out on another deal for the Telstra $300 one. If it doesn't come by November then Boost it will have to be.

    • What are the details of this deal you are holding out for as I don't think I have seen it previously?

      • Telstra $300 kit sold for $219 late last year. Most noticeable difference between the Telstra and Boost one is that it has 150gb of data vs 240, but I personally don't use that much.

  • Can i port in from woolies? (Telstra network)

  • Hello. Yes you can

    • Thank you for the quick response, is the free shipping standard postage? Might opt for express shipping for the insurance incase it gets lost.

      • Hello. Yes the free shipping is the standard postage

    • +1

      Yep $240 + $3 postage

  • so you have until nov 2022 to activate? my current 365 day sim expires in feb 2021.

  • I'm already on boost getting by with $20/month plan. Would be happy to change to this for the extra data, but what's the process? I have to port out first and then back over? Any pointers on best network to do that with?

    • Try Kogan or Catch Connect.

      • depends on where you live, Telstra is good, but dropped out 3 days straight this month. talking bout a reliable network.

  • Hi, would I be able to port in directly from a Telstra Post Paid plan?

    • Nope, they mention on the boost website that telstra customers need a blank sim to port over to boost. You can still port over, you just need to request the sim via online chat.

    • I am in the same situation. My Telstra 2 year postpaid plan completed the 2 years 3 months ago and today only I realised that they have been charging the same full amount including the price for handset.

      Time to ask Telstra to refund the extra money they charged and switch to boost. But don't know how to port from Telstra. Not sure what the blank SIM means.

  • +2

    Hi Rep, any deals on recharge? Many thanks

  • Hi rep. Any plan to release a data only plan with 240gb of data?

  • +1

    Please bring back the 80gb deal.

  • Dumb qn guys. My current identical Sim plan expires in November. Can this just be used as a data too up give it is a "starter kit"?

    • I doubt it, you'd have to port out and then back in to use it

      • Bugger. Cheers!

  • Can I port in from Aldi mobile ?

    • +1

      Yes, and it's actually more trouble-free than porting in from a Telstra service.

    • +1

      Exactly what we did.

  • For a non techie like myself who is currently with Boost, I would need to port out to another provider then re-port back to Boost with this new sim? Do I need to be on the other sim/provider for a period of time before going back to Boost?

  • I have got Boost simcard since july and they are not able to activate my sim card. What a joke, I have went back to them several times and response is funny. Worst suppport service.

    • +1

      Got one recently and no problem. True story bro.

  • How low can we go. Would love to know profit margin on these things.

  • Any feedback on Boost reliable, especially international calling?

  • Beware! No International Roaming on BOOST Mobile from 6/10/20 onwards !!!

    • +1

      Hi mate, where can we validate this info? Don't you think Boost will get into all kinds of legal troubles if they sell and not provide what they promise?

  • Bought from cellmate with the last deal. Super fast delivery with Toll. 10/10 would buy from you guys again.

    • Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. However in order to give better price to customers who are not wanting the sims in a hurry we are sending via standard Australia Post service with express postage as an option

      • +3


  • Can anyone help me understand why I am unable to buy this for $243? Checkout shows $300

    • +1

      Hello. Please use the coupon code BOOSTER during checkout

  • How long do we have to wait for a confirmation email? I bought this yesterday 27/09 using paypal and still haven't received any confirmation receipt email from cellmate. Only a got a receipt email from paypal.

    • Hello. Did you get a receipt from Cellmate? If you haven't can you please check your junk folder. Also if you haven't received any receipt please pm us your order number

  • Is it possible for me to port out of telstra into your prepaid sim if i am a Telstra user ?

    Apparently boost has a seperate sim for telstra customers, so what is the solution for me?

  • thanks, purchased.

  • Has everyone received their SIM card already? I ordered 24/09 to Melbourne and it has not arrived. Tracking with aus post says it was scanned in Perth on the 31/09 but nothing since then.

    • Hello. Standard postage is taking longer than usual and unfortunately neither does Australia Post give a time frame. However sims ordered around the 24th have started showing as delivered

      • Thanks, I checked again this morning and it has finally moved. Aus post is struggling. Strange that I have received a number of other deliveries since then and they have all come in half the time. Maybe there is a bugger backlog from Perth.

        • You are absolutely right. Australia Post has a tremendous back log

  • This deal can be re-activated, although the price has gone up slightly to $249

    Don't forget to price beat at Officeworks

  • +2

    Holy smokes, almost a month and still no SIM Card. Is someone walking from WA to deliver it in person? Unbelievable.

  • +1

    Just an update that I had a call from the seller who had checked the tracking and also provided me the tracking, and it was posted the day after I placed my order. It has been sitting with Auspost and they seem to have taken it back to Melbourne airport which is a worry. I hope they don't ship it back or to another state.

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