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Glorious Model O and Glorious Model D Gaming Mice $69 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Not the lowest ever but a decent discount on two very well regarded gaming mice.
Unfortunately the matte versions aren't discounted but both colours of the glossy versions are.

Model O Glossy Black
Model O Glossy White
Model D Glossy Black
Model D Glossy White

Just in case anyone isn't aware there is a wireless variant of the Model O on the way but not for several more months and obviously at a higher price point.

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  • I got this: Trypophobia

  • Just get this and it will eventually become matte

  • Why is it Glossy "spew emoji"

    • c.f. Divina series or zowie white editions.

      • M710 is another example so there's definitely a market for it. I've even seen a number of mods people have done to make their GPW glossy. Generally I'm not a fan but I think the bright colours of the Divina series work well with a glossy finish.

    • Considering the wireless version of the Model O is only being released in the matte finish it's probably a fair assumption that glossy was less popular overall. Personally I like the matte version better but I've seen a fair number of people say they prefer glossy - apparently it's better if you have dry hands.

  • Can confirm that this is an excellent mouse especially for the price. Its replaced my Regular ec1, fk1+ and rival 310. Glossy is great, and as long as your hand doesn’t sweat, it’s excellent for gripping. There is an option to turn off the RGB LED, and RGB can be switched to single colours which is amazing. Great deal and mine came within a week.

  • Give the D, get the O

  • damn, just bought it about a week ago from there at $89

  • Wirless version is coming out next month. Should be about $119

  • Bought the Model D in matte black and here is my personal review of it after a month.

    Pros: Sensor is solid and shape/weight is excellent for fps gaming. Hand was less sweaty compared to other previous solid surface mouses.

    Cons: General use was hard due to being too light. I got pinky cramps after using it for prolong periods of time (2nd mouse that did this to me. I think it was partly shape and weight combo), Quality control was trash for my one - Squeaky scroll wheel, left/right button was wiggling in their sockets, plastic became shiny in certain areas after a month of use.

    Sold the model D due to poor QC. Bought the Razer DA V2 and Mamba Elite after. Both are excellent alternatives IF you can live with the shitty Synapse software.

    Can write up a comparison of DA V2 and Mamba Elite if anyone is interested later.

    • Razer cortex and synapse take up so much memory for what they do lol.

      • I didn't have a problem with memory. It was more how buggy the software was.

        • That’s strange as I don’t have a prob with either, and I still use my essential from time to time. I haven’t tried the macros tho. Do others experience the same?