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Wei Lih Ichiban Noodle Bowl (Made in Taiwan): Roast Pork or Beef 150g / Spicy Sichuan Beef 140g - $2.60 (Was $4.40) @ Woolworths


Ichiban Noodle Bowl Roast Beef 150g $2.60
Ichiban Noodle Bowl Roast Pork 150g $2.60
Ichiban Noodle Spicy Sichuan Beef 140g $2.60

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  • Delicious instant noodle! I used to buy these from Costco for $15-16 / 6 box every week.

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      You should go easy on them, each one contains just shy of 2.5g of salt!!

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        yeah, recommended sodium intake per day is 2300 milligrams, these instant noodles usually contains around 2000 milligrams per pack!

      • Haha, yeah that was for a family of 3 adults and 2 kids, and I usually only use 1/3 of the salt pack.

        I personally switched to Lian Pho now though, less fat and carb.

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      I'm surprised you're still alive

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    Anyone that doesnt want/need the bowl, the sell them in packets at Asian grocer for $3 or less. Exact same content with more noodles.

    Woolies too - this one is 135g pack. https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/66993/

    • Can't speak for the beef one, but the pork ones are not the same.

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        Oh ok. Hows the difference?

        • Similar, but different flavor profile.

      • Agreed. The pork ones are no good. Stick with the spicy beef flavours.

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    Flavour Enhancer (E621,

    Too many M.S.G. :(

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      What is wrong is MSG?

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        I reckon his just insulted all Asians by that comment :)

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        "MSG is salt on crack" - Uncle Roger.

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        Makes my tongue and lips feel dry and thirsty for hours

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      MSG is actually not as bad as salt and bad saturated fat.

      If you have it once in a blue moon then it's ok. But if you have it 2 or 3 times a week then it may cause health issue in the long run.

      Having said that, this is a good bargain and it tastes really nice, especially add rice to it.

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        MSG is literally just the sodium salt of glutamic acid - an essential amino acid found in every protein you eat. True that the dose might be higher

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        Where did you get 2 or 3 times may cause health issues from? It is this type of baseless rumors that lead to the Chinese Restaurant Syndrome.

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          Is MSG safe to eat?

          FDA considers the addition of MSG to foods to be “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS). Although many people identify themselves as sensitive to MSG, in studies with such individuals given MSG or a placebo, scientists have not been able to consistently trigger reactions.

          What’s the difference between MSG and glutamate in food?

          The glutamate in MSG is chemically indistinguishable from glutamate present in food proteins. Our bodies ultimately metabolize both sources of glutamate in the same way. An average adult consumes approximately 13 grams of glutamate each day from the protein in food, while intake of added MSG is estimates at around 0.55 grams per day.


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      MSG contains 1/3 the amount of sodium as table salt, therefore if used instead of salt in similar quantities it can be a healthier alternative.

      As for glutamate: The human body treats MSG the same as natural glutamate found in food. For instance, the body does not distinguish between free glutamate from tomatoes, cheese or mushrooms and the glutamate from MSG added to foods.


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        Yeah. Once the protein is subject to enzymatic degradation, it is literally the same amino acid.

        In the low pH environment of the stomach, glutamate ionic equilibrium would greatly favour the protonated form.

        The pKa of the carboxy terminal is 2.2 and the glutamate side chain is 4.25, so any pH lower than that will be predominantly in the dual COOH form (and NH3+ amino terminal)

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          Not enough chemistry on OzB. Good show.

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    Taiwanese Beef Noodle soup is the best

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      nope… vietnamese pho is the best pho sure.

      • hard to say which one is the best, as I love both

        • MAN I'm loving all these Noodle deals, just'bout to run out.

          Defos gonna place a big order on Tuesy night!!

          • @capslock janitor: and pick up on Wed morning, watch the others buy the noodle under RRP,
            our happiness is so simple as an Ozbargainer.

            • @Herre: just realized it's not in catalogue
              would it end sooner/randomly or it's within this cycle?

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    Hi guys as a self proclaimed noodle expert, PLEASE do not buy these they are so bad. Noodles do not soak up juice, broth is dark and coloured but deceiving and lacking in flavour.

    Better sticking with fantastic beef noodles instead and putting in chilli oil.

    The beef bits are a nice touch, but most of the parts are off cuts like tendon and high fat meat bits. By all means its a good deal but even for $2.60 theres a whole lot of other noods i'd recommend that that.

    For the same RRP you might as well try the Hua Tiao Chicken Noodles or even Uni President Chili Beef Instant Noodles..

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      +1 to the Uni President Chili Beef Instant Noodles. They are quite difficult to find unfortunately. Uni President also has self-cooking rice with beef and potato stew, I could only find it in Vietnam and Hong Kong, it's non-existent in Australia (at least for me): https://cf.shopee.vn/file/68f2aa93f774bb82a65574e7f0f89238

      • I think I've seen these before. Once lock down is over I'll go have a look. How close are you to Springvale and Box hill?

        • I'm in the western suburbs, so pretty far from both of those locations.

    • Name checks out

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      self proclaimed noodle expert
      fantastic beef noodles


      • hey oniontu

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        The self proclaimed part is a joke I'm sorry that wasn't obvious enough for you. You also seem to have selective reading. I said "better sticking" to. If you read the latter part of my comment I recommend what's actually good. :)

        Sure I could have recommended shin ramyun but I also consider that not everyone in this page eats chili so I used an example more generic just to show how crap these noodles are. Please try them the recommended noodles and come back to me and you will know what I mean.

        *OR my other though process is perhaps I'm more disappointed in the fact that I fact almost $5 for something so bad when I could have bought 2 other brands instead. It has been a difficult time, I have not had my noodle fix for several hours.

        • lol i got wooshed so hard.

          I have never heard of the ones you recommended. I like Shin ramyun's texture but I reaaaallly don't like Korean flavours.

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      I've only tried the pork one and I disagree. Fantastic noodles is shit. Flavour is strong, hard not to drink the soup.

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      noodle expert who recommends Fantastic Noodles? thats like preferring can spaghetti over mums spag

    • as a self proclaimed noodle expert

      Better sticking with fantastic beef noodles

      Surprised you didn't recommend Maggi noodles

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      I'm Asian and I agree, I was pretty keen to try after the last post but was underwhelmed although the comments were probably from white people. tbh though these are better than fantastic noodles…

      • I agree, these were disappointing. It had barely any meat and it was tasteless. The noodles were thin with no bite. Would rather eat Nongshim noodles.

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      I've always seen these as the bootleg copy of the uni president noodles. I find if you add less water than the recommended amount it help a lot with the lack of flavour. I find the pork flavour is particularly flavour-less.

  • Anyone here a food scientist?

    I'm unfamiliar with these ingredients in food:

    Humectant (E452, E451, E339, E450)
    Acidity Regulator (E501)
    Antioxidant (Ins:3075)
    Colour (E160A).
    Thickener (E466, E412)
    Refined Palm Oil
    Refined Lard
    Flavour Enhancer (E621, E631, E627)
    Colour (E160C)
    Acidity Regulator (E331)
    Antioxidant (Ins:307B)

    • They look like the ingredients included in the noodle bowl.

    • LOL yum! Sounds like this list is the real national security threat the Americans are talking about.

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      E621 is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), e621.net has more info ;)

      • Uncle Roger approves.

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    Japanese wannabe Taiwan Ichiban. Just buy some pho beef broth and some vietnamese noodles instead!

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    tried Roast Pork, Beef & Sichuan, the original beef tasted best

  • Is this the same size and taste as the costco 6 packs? Costco is more than 5km for me currently… da(m)n lockdown.

    • Depends on what costco sell, is it the same tall paper bowl? if so probably the same size.

      I usually buy these from my local asian grocery, but they come in a shorter, wider polystyrene bowl; and when compared side by side i realise the asian grocer one is 200g, so 33% bigger than the one in the OP.

      See https://www.ettason.com/products/wei-lih/ for a comparison

      • Costco, at least in Perth, sells the larger size in the 6 pack

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    Amazon is matching the price, but shipping in 2-5 weeks if anyone not in hurry:


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    Please be mindful that these aren't the same size as the ones sold in asian grocery stores.

    I bought a few of these last time they were half price, but when i brought it home i realised that these are 150g whereas the ones the asian grocers sell are 200g.

    The everyday price at my grocer is $3.98 for the 200g bowl (notably it's a polystyrene bowl, instead of paper like the colesworths ones), so i assumed that with the $4.40 RRP that colesworths sells these for, they'd at least be the same size but they aren't.

    See https://www.ettason.com/products/wei-lih/ for a comparison

    • The 200 are now paper bowl as well. I brought a bunch from Coles at 2.20, and ordered from Amazon for 2.6. But thats the max I would pay for these 150gms. The RRP is a joke given the Asian groceries sells the 200 for 4 bucks.

  • Not really a deal when you can find a box of 6x200g at Costco for about $17

  • Anyone know when this deal will end.

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