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Artillery Genius 3D Printer DIY Kit - 220x220x250mm $396.02 Delivered @ Banggood (AU)


Banggood has the Artillery® Genius 3D Printer on sale currently and it's probably cheapest this has come with delivery via AU warehouse. Most stores have this around $540-599, ebay sales earlier dropped this to $499 and there's been some deals that drop to $450. Shopback has cashback on this too.

Whilst not as community driven as the Ender 3's, the Genius does have a lot of upgrades out of the box. Keep in mind that stock, Ender is a Bowden tube and Genius is Direct Drive (what's the difference yo?) and comes with Volcano style heat block.

As always, use OctoPrint to manage your prints easily. Recommend eSun filament too.

All-in-one cartesian 3D printer with ultra-quiet stepper drivers, direct drive extruder, dual Z axis, AC heated bed, TFT touch screen. Comes with 220mm x 220mm x 250mm (L x W x H) build size made by Artillery.

  • 220x220x250mm print size
  • Filament run-out detection, Power failure function
  • With TFT colorful touch screen, easy to operate.
  • Short-range driver extruder, volcanic nozzle. Feed fluently, and support flexible filament.
  • Dual z-axis design. The stability is improved under high speed movement.
  • High quality accessories- ultra-quiet stepper driver, high precision magnetic limit switch, exclusive Z-axis coupler.
  • Support USB/TF off-line print.
  • Installation is easier and quick to install (~15mins to pull things together & calibrate)

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  • Good price for it now if the x1 goes down to 400ish lol

  • I'm in the market for one. Was about to pull the trigger on a Creality Ender 3 Pro.

  • Hanging out for the Crealty CR-10!

  • I have this. Bought it months ago from Banggood AU warehouse. Arrived within the week. Quiet printer and prints PLA really well. But far harder to problem solve as the community is far far smaller than something like Creality. On the other hand once it's all setup it's a dependable and decent printer.

  • I've had this 3D printer for a few months now. Before I purchased it, I spent hours on Reddit and YouTube researching 3D printers. Initially, I was going to buy the Ender 3, but I settled on the Artillery Genius. The main reason was I didn't want to spend hours setting up a printer and really just wanted to start printing cool stuff straight away. The Artillery Genius isn't too difficult to get started with and is easy to setup. I got exactly what I wanted, I love this thing.

  • Got my Sidewinder X1 (bigger version than this) for $439 during the 11.11 sales last year.. fastway did lose it first time around and I had to get it reshipped.