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Ego Tools Bonus Battery Offer with $800+ Spend @ EGO Power Plus


Was looking for another battery for my Ego multi tool kit and came across this. Seems to come up once or twice a year.
I got mine second hand, but should have waited for this one- would have had extra batteries =(
Spend $800-1199 get 2.5aH battery
Spend $1200-1599 get 5aH battery
Spend $1600-1999 get 7.5aH battery
Spend $2000+ get 10aH battery

PS: For anyone interested, older style batteries (without the fuel gauge) are still available at Blackwoods on clearance. Limited stock, so not posting as a separate deal
2.5Ah- $140 (new stype $200)
5Ah - $240 (new style $350)
Plus other bits and pieces of the older stock, as they no longer ordering Ego products. May deserve a separate post for someone interested.
Not sure if its a worth it to get older 2.5Ah, but 5Ah discount is pretty decent

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  • I wasn’t even aware that the 10.0ah battery was out in Australia. I brought the 21” SP mower about a year ago and got a 5.0ah by redemption. Unfortunately the kit came with the old 7.5ah without the fuel gauge.

    • I got a small kit off someone just few days ago. Has a hedge and edge trimmers with an old 2.5aH battery without fuel gauge. It was cheaper than buying in the store and only 3 month old. But with the extra attachments I want to get, it would have been better to buy with 5aH battery bonus

      • Sweet.Those 5.0ah batteries have great resale value. I sold my new style 5.0ah for $350. I have the 580CFM blower and the 5.0ah was just to heavy on it. The 2.5ah was a lot easier to use on it. I would love to try that new select cut mower.
        If I didn’t already have the Milwaukee quick lock system I’d have brought the Ego multi head system.

        • The 5aH do better for resale value. The 2.5aH most people think is too small and the 7.5aH too heavy (not an issue if in a mower).

          Frankly 2.5aH lasts ages. Two of them is enough. That's what I have and it lasts through a mower, blower and line trimmer in a 45m2(?) lawn with trees that drop lots of leaves and flowers.

          Once you've got two batteries they recharge fast enough (even on the slow charger) that unless you're trying to gun it on the ego tools it isn't an issue practically.

          I've seen 2.5aH used batteries struggle to sell for $80 depending on location of the seller. Although normally they go up to $120.

          7.5aH used goes around $220.

          • @justtoreply: Yeah it’s amazing how long the ego batteries last. I’ve tried the 2.5ah in my mower and didn’t find any loss of power. What do you think of the Ego line trimmer?

            • +1

              @jallen89: Mine is second hand and bump feed doesn't work that well. Not sure if it's an issue with design, wear and tear or how the spool is wound as I haven't had it long.

              Other than that, it's good

            • @jallen89: I am getting a trimmer add on to the multi system. Standalone carbon shaft seems like a good value - $299 in comparison to $199 just for the attachment.
              Watched some videos where the guy modified the old bump head to take aftermarket one

        • new 5aH sells for $320 in my local shop =)

          • @SAU: Great price.

            • @jallen89: its $350 delivered from Total Tools and pretty much anyone who sells Ego gear.

              • @SAU: I must of gotten lucky when I sold mine for $350 on eBay. I would of been lucky with $250.

                • @jallen89: Next time message me =) Need another battery

  • For anyone interested, older style batteries (without the fuel gauge) are available at Blackwoods on clearance.
    2.5Ah- $140 (new stype $200)
    5Ah - $240 (new style $350)
    Plus other bits and pieces of the older stock, as they no longer ordering Ego products. May deserve a separate post for someone interested.
    Not sure if its a worth it to get older 2.5Ah, but 5Ah discount is pretty decent

  • question - if I buy a mower for 799 plus add another qualifying tool in one transaction for total 800+ - does it qualify for promo?

    from the wording it looks like it should be OK:
    Qualifying Purchase: $800 AUD/NZD or more in 1 transaction on any EGO products.

    but just want to double check if I am missing anything in the fine print.

  • Does anyone know if Ego usually does any black friday deals - ie is it worth waiting till November to double dip?

    • The only deals I've seen on Ego is clearance lines when there is a model replacement or similar. I don't think they discount normally.

    • No. I've seen it once or twice in years that they've discounted a mower. They only discount to get rid of duds (eg: bike handled brushcutter). Usually it's impossible to get a discount, only a battery offer

  • Bit strange that ego stuff is hard to sell on gumtree and facebook market place. I have had a brand new rapid charger for sale at 50 below the retail cost and its been 2 months no bites also seen the same ads for other ego stuff on there not selling either.

    • ha! I am looking to buy one, but nobody sells =) Just because Ego is not sold at Bunnings not many people have the gear.
      Ego does not make any smaller power tools that take the battery (I cannot imagine a drill driver with a massive battery like that =)
      Most people buy the things that take batteries that they already have - like Ryobi etc.
      I wanted to go up the volts from the usual 18v and Ego was comparable to others

  • Does anyone have the 1703 or the 1903? Is the 1903 overkill for a front and backyard combined about 200sqm

    • +1

      I’ve got a 2101 (52cm) and closer to 300m of grass with plenty of things to navigate around.

      I don’t find it cumbersome and appreciate the wide blade to shorten my time mowing, so don’t think those models would be overkill for you.

  • Dammit I'm literally about to buy the 42cm for 799 from Total Tools

  • Aldi will have a 80V mower in 10 day for $399 …. =)

    • Problem is with the accessories. How easy can you buy them? Also, does it have its own eco system, in terms of trimmers, edgers, blowers… you don't want each tool to be in different brand and ends up with tons of different batteries and chargers in you house :)

  • Question:
    If I buy the 42cm Mower for $799 and then add a spare 42cm blade bringing to $831.95 cart total
    Will I be eligle for the 2.5Ah battery?

    • I did something similar last time with the strap accessory for the whipper snipper. By itself I was $1 short for the promo.

      Worked fine.

  • Just a reminder that this deal is active. Got my claim lodged in this morning!

  • Has anyone managed to sell one of these batteries on say gumtree?

    • if you are selling at a decent discount I am happy to buy one off you =)

      • I’ll have a 5ah. 300.

        • older style is $240. New style is $350 with free shipping. I am in Perth, so will have to pay shipping. Just saying, in case you will be thinking why it's not getting sold.
          $250 shipped is more realistic sale price if you'll want to move it. I am happy with my 2.5Ah for most of the tasks, just like to keep something as spare in case I forget to charge it or it goes bad and I am waiting for a replacement. May pickup another 2.5Ah one either old or new.

          Ego is not very popular yet, as other brands are just starting to release higher powered appliances that need a new battery system. For 18v gear people will buy the same brand so that they can use the same batteries. But if they need something with a different battery/charger, they may look at some other brands like Ego.

          • @SAU: I'm in Perth about to buy mower and some others (blower, line trimmer, hedger) may end up with an extra battery since it seems to make sense to buy combo over skins + the promotion.

            • @cook99: message me. I cannot message you.
              I need an attachment for ego. If it gets another battery, its a bonus =)

            • +1

              @cook99: also interested in fast charger if you get multiple

              • @SAU: Messaged you and changed my settings 🙂

          • @SAU: brand new (new model with fuel gauge, MODEL NO. BA2800T) 5ah, brand new rapid charger model no. CH5500E. Got total tool invoice, dated 15 Oct 2020. Message please if interested. Thank you.

  • Got my redemption battery today, 3 weeks it took.

  • can you add an accessory to your order to bring it up to the next threshold?

    I want to buy the mower + blower kit for $1149 but you need to spend $1199 to get a 5Ah battery.

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