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[QLD] Free Drink @ Boost Juice (Wintergarden)


Interestingly I can't find anything online from a quick search.

Went to Boost Wintergarden in Brisbane literally 20 minutes ago to order a drink, was told today all drinks are free. Any drink on menu and any sizes as well!

Only thing the staff asked me to do is to scan a barcode linking to a donation website, where I can voluntarily donate some money. Staff didn't check if I actually went there nor donated any money. So technically not free but practically achievable.

Didn't ask if its nation wide or how long it lasts, very likely just today.

This is the web site via scanning the QR code

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    Can anyone update if this actually works?

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    I gathered the whole office up just now, around 65 of us and we are going to pay these guys a visit!

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      Don't forget to donate though!

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      Pretty logical move

  • to scan a barcode linking to a donation website

    Which donation website???

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      It is a bar code was printed and displayed next to cashier, when I was there ordering my drink. Staff said 'today all drinks are free, all you need to do is to scan the bar code here to donate some money if you want to. etc. etc.

      Hope it answers your question

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    QR code or barcode?

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    Any confirmation? I might drop for a boost on the way home.

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    I can confirm this is correct

    • Did you go to different Boost or the same one? Interested to know

      • The same one mate. Apparently it's customer appreciation day (or something along those lines)

  • Is it available in NSW also?

  • Anyone check if this is available at any other Boost stores or is it just Wintergarden?

  • No go at Robina Town Centre, staff say they know nothing about it.

  • I'm in fortitude Valley, I'm not sure if it's worth the walk in this heat… Hmm

    • looks like just the one Boost is doing it, unless you want to get some exercise:)

    • Dude it’s only Spring.

      • Hahha it's still 27.c !

        If it was summer, it would be a strong pass.

        • Go for a walk, get a tan in the process.

          Win win

    • Just a heads up; if you're thinking of the one in the train station, it's closed down. Whole building is under renovation atm

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    do you need to be under 30 years old to even be asked for an order at boost juice because i once stood there and not a single person asked for my order, so i walked away.

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      Did you try getting their attention with a "Hi"?

      • If they want sales they should acknowledge likely customers

      • yeah i do but the kids seem to be interested in younger customers around me, anyways

  • Helensvale store said they haven’t heard of this promo and couldn’t validate it

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    Confirmed - customer appreciation day. Place order, they'll say it's free and to consider looking at their charity site.

  • I like describing it as Wintergardens - sounds like a much more desirable place than Wintergarden

  • Boost @ Marion in SA were doing this last Sunday - was about a 15 minute wait.

    Westfield security weren't happy with the lines.

  • Anyone know what time they close today?

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      Wintergarden website says 9pm (Friday is late night shopping in Brisbane CBD) But the Boost app says 4pm. Hopefully someone local can give you a more definite answer.

  • Was this yesterday only since someone mentioned it was a customer appreciation day?

  • Someone please tell me this is on again today 😥 would make work so much better

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