Acer 31.5in XZ322QUP 2560 x 1440 144Hz Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor $559 + Shipping @ Umart


Looks the goods for those that prefer a VA panel, 1ms response time with Freesync.

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  • Where is the most popular curved monitor deal on OzBargain XiaoMi 34 inch these day? Have been waiting on it since I missed the previous deals :(

  • 1ms response timeĀ 

    This will be 1ms MPRT, which refers to a strobing mode that will look ugly because it's unlikely to be well tuned for the panel and strobe crosstalk will ensue, and reduce brightness because it dims the panel for most of the refresh cycle (hence the 1ms claim).

    Actual 1ms gray-to-gray response times are a blurry marketing gimmick beyond select 240Hz and 360Hz monitors, and even then that's a peak response time.

    1 ms = 1/1000 s = 1000Hz

    90% of response time within touch of the refresh window and/or maximum response time matter for a given refresh rate target, and a weakness of VA panels is the transition time from black/off to near-black, which can be as bad as 30 ms, resulting in dark smearing in dark and high contrast scenes. This model will probably be sitting around 13-17 ms for darker response times, and that's somewhat acceptable for this refresh rate.

    If you're interested in what target mark or maximum response times you should be looking for, here's a basic list:

    144Hz: 1000/144 = 6.94 ms
    240Hz: 1000/240 = 4.17 ms
    360Hz: 1000/360 = 2.78 ms

    100% compliance with the refresh window remains a challenge beyond 144Hz for all panel technologies, but longer term the goal is for the maximum response time to be half the refresh rate.

    Check technical reviews for a monitor that include response time measurements before you purchase to ensure your screen is fit for purpose.

    TLDR: 1ms response time claims are horseshit, don't regurgitate them.

    • Ive seen similar to this being posted before. So how can you tell what a screens ms is if you are claiming all claims are horseshit? Im legit interested as i know nothing about this tech

      • You're relying on them posting average response times, or checking out technical reviews of the monitor, or a monitor with the same (or at least similar) panel. Here's a table that lets you see some of the last 2 years of VA releases and how wide the variance can be. Acer typically use AU Optronics panels for VA, so the models with an 1800R curvature are the best guideline for performance.

        This monitor has been going on sale for $430 equivalent in the US as of last month, so buyer beware a bit here. The Nitro series represents the basic Acer implementation, so keep that in mind when looking at the response time variance and motion blur capture in that table.

  • ips or go home?