[NSW] AGV K1 Qualify Helmet $199 Helmet/Jacket/Gloves Combo $399 @ Motocity (Albion Park)


2/21 Princes Highway
Albion Park Rail NSW 2527
Phone: (02) 4231 6969

Came across this that was shared on one of the motorcycle Fartbook groups I am a part of. Often see people asking about $80 Aldi helmets as the $800+ Arai/Shoei options are to much. Well, here is a pretty good helmet at a reasonable price that rated quite good on on helmet testing site; crash.org.au

The average price for the AGV K1 is around the $250~$300 mark.

They also have a combo kit up for sale as well that has the AGV K1 helmet, Macna Eighty One jacket (normally around $250~$350RRP) and Macna Atmos gloves ($80~$100RRP). Their in store sign says "normal price" $728, and is down to $399. I don't think $728 is realistic (maybe full bore retail) but at around $600+ worth of decent gear for $399 isnt too bad if you are a beginner…

AGV K1 Helmet
Macna Eighty One jacket
Macna Atmos Gloves

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  • Perfect for Ubereats Delivery

  • For those unsure, the most important aspect of a helmet is the fit. Find the one (range) which fits the best, and then decide which features you want to pay more for. All helmets have passed safety tests, and there's little or no correlation between helmet cost and safety. You pay extra for something which has better venting, better noise reduction, removable padding, better visor mechanism, nicer paint job, or a nicer brand name - but none of those affect how well it will protect your head when it hits the bitumen.

    If you might like this helmet, then go and try it on.

    • Agree on the fit thing.

      OP has link to helmet testing sight for comparative rating numbers.

      The Sharp UK site is also good.

      • Does sharp matter that much? I started with an aldi helmet, then got a bit more serious with a 5* sharp helmet. Should I have bothered? Or is it only for my peace of mind?

    • Very good advice macrocephalic. Fit is the most important thing.

      Here is some more advice:
      - wear ear protection. It doesn't matter how much noise reduction they try to build in, wind noise will give you tinnitus anyway
      - internal visors rock. They are worth the extra $ IMO
      - I've never paid more for the features macrocephalic is talking about, but lighter weight build may be worth it depending on your use case. I've never sprung for super light carbon fibre, but fibreglass can often be found for not much more than the equivalent model in plastic

      Unrelated: macrocephalic, is your name related to macros as in command sets on a computer?

      • I totally agree on ear protection. I find it distressing to ride without ear plugs now.
        I have no opinion on internal visors as I've never tried them, Sharks don't fit me well. Personally I ride with a motorcross helmet with a brim and goggles. I've found these to be more comfortable, cooler (I live in Qld) and less prone to fogging (plus a new set of goggles is $20 but a new visor is $100).

        My name is a word, you can find it in the dictionary ;)