[Refurb] Dell OptiPlex 9020 Ultra-SFF i5-4570s 8GB NEW 120GB SSD Win10Pro Desktop PC $269 Delivered @ Melbourne-eStore eBay


BRAND NEW SSD with 3Years Manufacturer Warranty used for storage, fully tested, Grade A+ Condition.

For 9020 Small Form Factor Model, Please see below

[Refurb] Dell OptiPlex 9020 SFF i5-4570 8GB 500GB HDD Win10Pro Desktop [email protected] $229 Delivered

[Refurb] Dell OptiPlex 9020 SFF i5-4570 16GB RAM NEW 480GB SSD Win10Pro Desktop PC @$395 Delivered

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    can i chuck my 3090 in this?

  • how many RAM slots in there and does the 8GB comes with 1x 8GB or 2x 4GB installed?

    • Two slots. Its a nice and compact machine, but I had hoped it would be quieter than what it is. But at least the heatsink is big enough so it doesn't frequently turn on/off like the 7040micros, which is far more annoying.

    • I got one of the slightly bigger models they have about a month ago and it has 4 ram slots. It had 2 x 4Gb original memory and they put in 2 x 4gb of a newer sort to make the 16Gb.

      Did get a 240Gb SSD which was a Crucial BX500. It seems to have packed up. I would ask them to upgrade that to a better spec drive. I got an MX500 256Gb.

      Has a PCIE slot. Heaps of USB, some USB3. Quite a good buy apart from the SSD issue (they have been very cooperative sorting that out).

  • Great machines if you can get a low profile 1050Ti cheap. Even with a bog standard card, it's great for the kids for Minecraft, The Sims, Roblox etc.

    • The Ultra-SFF has no PCIe card slots! only 2 RAM slots, and clocked 10% slower.

      The bigger SFF models do have.

    • idk. they were good value 2 years ago at around $200. not so much anymore

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HP-EliteDesk-800-G1-USDT-i5-4570...?

    Same USFF for 70 less. Only difference is that the HP takes laptop DDR3L whereas Dell takes desktop. No practical expansion on either of them.

    If you don't really really need one and can afford to wait

    Workventures have the same thing but with faster CPU for 139, it pops up every now and then.


    If you want something SFF rather than USFF


    and it comes with a 128GB SSD as well, so big enough as an OS drive.

    Also, the 480GB option that OP offers, its obvious its a crappy Green or BX drive.

    • Workventures have the same thing but with faster CPU for 139, it pops up every now and then.

      I see they sold 3 very quickly, then Broden got the remaining 7. Too cheap!

      • This particular one they have put up at least 4-5 times, each with about 10, probably just to avoid Broden.

        But personally, after getting one, probably should have gone for the M93P. This one is small but so is the fan, aka more noisy.

        • That is what I like about the Dell SFF: very quiet. Is the USFF any noisier?

          I also have an Intel NUC, which is banished to the server cabinet (aka linen cupboard) for its noisy fan.

          • @manic: Its got a small case fan probably 40mm, and a blower fan over the cpu. I think both are running at close to the slowest speed (bios had the option of keeping it full throttle and it was LOUD), but given the design its never going to be that quite.

  • I want to buy one of these for fun, but I'm worried that there aren't any compatible replaceable PSUs that are readily available. I don't need a GPU, but I want something more stable than a rPi or Windows 10 Stick (these overheat and throttle)

    These are usually online for 24 hours a day in enterprise situations. I'm very worried about the PSU.

    Can someone recommend something that doesn't have this problem? Or are all the enterprise desktops suffering from this issue?

  • OP should sticky this

    there's quite a few performance difference when the GPU is plugged in in a 4x PCIE and a 16x PCIE

    The 1050 and 1650 can only be plugged into the 4x PCIE

    And also for 9020, the 4x PCIE is Gen 1 and 16x PCIE is Gen 2.

    So you will not be getting full performance out of a 1650 plugged into the 9020


    • 6 - 8 FPS on a machine like this is nothing to worry about. I’ve seen similar tests done on other machines across more benchmarks and it’s never much of a difference.

      • Yes, going from 92-100 FPS is not noticable

        But going from let say 32-40 or 40-48 will be noticeable

        • It’s not a fixed 6 - 8 frames. It’s a small percentage drop, that honestly isn’t worth worrying about for 99% of people who would be buying this.

  • Best to avoid dell sff altogether if you consider adding dedicated gpu on it because the psu will essentially prevent you to use the full pcie x16, single slot gpu will do but options will be very limited.

    • Depends on what you want the GPU for, I use a 9010 with a GT1030 as a HTPC and a home server. With hardware acceleration the 1030 can do 4k HDR h265 without breaking a sweat, but the CPU alone can't. I also have a second 3.5HDD in the optical drive bay configured in RAID1. Sure beats pretty much all sub $500 2 bay dedicated NAS/Home servers out there with puny Atom/Celeron CPUs. The best thing about it being an SFF is it fits in my entertainment cabinet quite easily.

  • That's very expensive

  • Thinking about buying one, but only have DVI and HDMI cables. Isn't it annoying that they have displayports instead of HDMI or DVI connectors?

    • typically, DP can support higher resolutions and you only need a passive cable to convert it to HDMI.

  • Not exactly a deal, other sellers on eBay are selling similar configuration for a similar price. E.g: link

  • This or is there anything cheaper for my father in law, 70+, using it for browsing, emails, Facebook and maybe Videocalls?

    Hoping to get something that runs smoothly and reliable. Ideally not too expensive and not with any parts he won't need.

    Thanks :)

  • is the ddr3 ram: 2 x 4gb, or 1 x 8gb? thanks