[PS4, XB1, Pre Order] Star Wars: Squadrons $47 Delivered @ Amazon AU


$2 cheaper than the $49 deals at Big W/JB Hifi at the moment, and with free delivery too. Pity there doesn't seem to be any new generation specific optimisations for PS5/Xbox Series X beyond the automatic quality boosts (yet to be tested) from backwards compatibility.

PS4 link: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08B8LW8SV

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Amazon AU


  • Why so cheap? i.e. less than regular new games

  • If you, like me, are into digital and or stuck with a SAD until next gen (turns out I got an order for both an S and X from EB after spamming every single thing I could that day), if you buy it on the MS store you get 4000 rewards points (just shy of $5) back. Further if you have EA Access it's only $54.

    Amazon is still obviously the best deal, but there you go.

  • That's a good deal.. i mean i dont like EA and im sure the game will be a lootbox-filled pile of utter bantha wank, but no doubt this is a good deal for ppl wanting to buy it outright

    • the game is confirmed to have no microtransactions of any kind

      • yeah battlefront 2 was in the same situation

        what'll happen is it'll come out and get reviews and 2 weeks later lootboxes will be introduced just like every other EA game.

        I mean are u actually taking them at their word, for real? cos LOL…

        • Yeh and battlefront did so well… I'm sure EA wants to repeat the same success that game had….

          • @scud70: i guess you're right

            Ea has definitely never not learnt from their lessons before, it's not as though Battlefront 1 had major issues, and ppl complained, and EA promised to fix them.

            And then Battlefront 2 came out, sneakily introduced 20 million microtransactions after the fact, and then ppl complained, and then they said "sorry, we promise to do better".

            btw remember "surprise mechanics"

            oh and yeah EA has definitely never exhibited and crushed M$ before, it's nto like they crushed Volition under Dead Space 3, or the other 100 studious they crushed cos they wouldnt give enough microtranactions.

            I know im gonna get downvoted to oblivion, but, really, ppl here sticking up for EA? Wow..

        • I mean they kept their word with Jedi Fallen order. Afaik EA is on a short leash with Disney after Battlefront 2 so I semi believe them.

        • +2 votes

          Because they actually removed lootboxes from Battlefront 2?

    • I recall bantha fodder from some villain in the original trilogy but utter bantha wank works well too.

  • If you have the Epic Games Store on PC, you can add Rocket League to your account (free of charge) and you'll get a $15 voucher to use. That's how I got this game preordered for $35.

  • +2 votes

    Everything about this game looks fantastic. HOTAS support on consoles is confirmed too.

    • What HOTAS sticks can you use with PS4 and XBone? Is there one that will also work on PC? I'm interested as HOTAS would make PSVR interesting with this title.

  • I gotta text message at midnight saying it was in my letterbox. Weird Science