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Thermaltake ATX V200 TG RGB Case Black with 500W PSU $99 + Postage/Free Pickup @ Computer Alliance


The V200 Tempered Glass Edition mid tower chassis is the perfect upgrade for someone looking to give their rig a facelift. It features a durable tempered glass window, clear acrylic front window and a handy PSU cover. This powerhouse little rig also comes fitted with 3 120mm 12V RGB intake fans that are dual-mode controlled either via the I/O port RGB button or the synchronization with enthusiasts favorite RGB capable motherboard brands, including Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Biostar, and ASRock. ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!

Seems like a decent price for a budget build considering the bling and the included PSU.

$21 Shipping to regional NSW for me.

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    Steve's favourite

    • Game nexus?

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        [email protected] typically slags off about ThermalTake cases, but not all of them, and I couldn't easily find a review for this one… https://www.gamersnexus.net/tag/thermaltake

        Without his blessing, chances are this case has design flaws… pass.

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          TT are shit dodgy company. My one-man boycott will show'em

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          Yeah he's praised some of them in the past, iirc he likes their open framed P series. But generally TT just leans more towards bling than performance.
          Also he pretty much shits on most glass front cases with little to no gap, I can't remember a glass front case that he likes, the O11D series being the exception.

  • That seems like a good price. I don't need one, yet I still ordered one for a future project. Curses!

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    free postage on their eBay store if you have eBay plus.

    • Wow, that is awesome

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      eBay price is $139. :(

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        they jacked it up.

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          Saw their 3080 prices on launch day, these guys don't give a s*** about customers. It's all profit margins for them.

        • So does EBay price match work with this? I have never claimed price match before.

          • @Sainter Dad: Check the terms and conditions. Ebay price match only works with select stores. I have used it it's only like 20-25 odd stores. Kogan was I got matched. You also use your credit card price match service

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    Free postage on ebay store:
    Thanks OP! Good for a spare build!

  • Don't need. Ordered. Damn it!!

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      Your Ozbargain Membership has been updated successfully.

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    Only catch is the PSU has a single 6+2 pin PCI-E connector which limits your graphics card options somewhat. More modern units in this wattage range usually have 2.

    • Use a converter cable? $3 approx.

      • What is converter cable? To make it 2in1 connection?

        If it is I asked PLE about doing that for the 3080 which required 3 power connections they said not to do it

        • Use molex 12v supplies to give a second supply to video card if this psu has enough of them spare. I did this for a GTX card in one of my PCs, works fine off a 650 W plus.

  • Is the included PSU good enough for a potential R5-3600 + 2060/2070S build?

    • Most 2060, 2060 Super and 2070 cards only require a single 8 pin PCIE power connector, which this PSU has. There are some exceptions so check before buying.

      2070 Supers all require either one 8 pin and one 6 pin or even two 8 pins, as the 2070S is a cut down 2080. This PSU doesn't have the connector or the recommended power for a 2080 class card.

      The 3600 is a low power part, so no issues there.

    • With only 35a on the 12v i wouldn't put a 2060 in there, whether or not it has the pins for it

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        It's a 175w card that typically draws 145ish under load. 35a 12v is 420w.

  • Bought, Thanks op
    most like selling the PSU
    only need the case

  • Just an FYI for anyone considering this case, I have this the PSU is complete garbage get rid of it and get something that's decent quality. The case is great though I'm happy overall and at $99 it's a steal.

  • Why can't they make one with metal frame and glass all sides?
    I think that would look very cool.

    • How would air get in?

      Lian Li are making cases closest to what you want.

      • The back and front glass panels can have breath holes/grills

    • That exists, Corsair 570X

      • Thanks!

  • Would the PSU be enough to power some old parts? It would be a GTX 960 / i5 2500 build for the missus for a bit of gaming. Apparently the GPU used approx. 150 watts so this may be ok even though the PSU would presumably be garbage?

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    Price jacked to $149.

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      Just affirmed my suspicions that these guys are absolute goblins

      • Funny because it still says sale price on the website lol. $149 is a bargain!!

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        They are indeed. Hopefully absolutely NO ONE buys it at above $99.00.

  • Would have been a good addition to my 'Ryzentosh'

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    It was in my cart for $99 and went up to $149 at check-out…:-( If any impulse buyer does not want it anymore then please pm me, happy to pay extra $20 for the trouble.

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