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[Switch] Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition - $45.25 (Was $79.95) @ Nintendo eShop


Dragon Quest® XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition 43%off

lowest price ever

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  • Tempting, but I'm not an RPG guy, still a great game though.

  • +1

    Man there's some great jrpg deals right now!

    Pity that so much of the Squeenix catalogue in general is shelved. We get mobile remakes in Switch while great IP rots for no good reason.

    Any number of the older Dragon quests would kill if remade for Switch…

  • +6

    Great game. There’s also a massive 10 hour demo you can try before buying.

    • +5

      And progress carries over too!

    • Does the demo allow the 2D mode?

      • No, I don't believe so. Only the normal mode.

        • Damn. Already got it on ps4, but wanna try the top down version

  • Been waiting to buy this on Switch. Perfect.

    For the unfamiliar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iTbUGItU0s

    • +2

      Man that's one annoying review….is it some sort of text to speech crap or something?

  • +6

    Free on Xbox gamepass on December 5th…

    • +1

      You just saved me $45, cheers

    • +3

      Saw that, though the most time I get to game is on the train to / from work, easier to justify on the Switch at this price.

      • +2

        Yeah I gave away my PS4 version and bought the switch for much the same reason. It worked really well in the handheld format. I wouldn't have finished it on the big screen!

      • +2

        Use the new xcloud streaming from console to your phone /tablet. I play my xbox library on the go now. Assuming you have Android and decent upload.

    • -4

      It’s already there

      • -4

        Why the down votes? I just saying you don’t need to wait. It’s in the game pass already.

        • +1

          I didn't down vote but they were probably annoyed that you got their hopes up - there is an install option in game pass for this game right now, yes, but it's not playable at this time. It just installs a small 100MB package, presumably so the game's on your system and so it's then able to auto-update to the full game when it does get released in December.

          • @akaB: Ah thanks, I had no idea. I have the game pass but haven't installed it since I got this game to keep me busy in ISO for around $80 lol.

    • Man gamepass has become a ridiculously good deal

  • Bought it …but I know I will be only able to touch it after almost an year ! And hope next gen switch will support these game !!

  • +1

    Not sure about here in Australia,
    but at least in Japan, which is having the same sale on eShop right now too, will have the price permanently dropped to this sale price from December, to match the much lower RRP of the soon to be released PC and PS4 version of the same game.
    Guess other region's eShop will do the same.
    (Square Enix, never worth to buy their game full price on launch day)

    • Not just that but Squeenix have a terrible tendency to have ridiculous RRP prices and then heavy discounts, like 50-75% drops.

      I don't think I've bought a full price Squeenix game in years and why would you.

  • +1

    I want to get a physical version of this. Waiting for a good price.

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