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ASRock B550M Pro4 mATX AM4 Motherboard $149 (C&C) + Delivery @ Mwave


Hi all,

Thought this was a good deal especially if you can pick up in person.

  • ASRock AMD B550M Pro4 Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard
  • Supports 3rd Gen AMD AM4 Ryzen™ / Future AMD Ryzen™ Processors
  • 8 Power Phase Design, Digi Power
  • Supports DDR4 4733+ (OC)
  • 1 PCIe 4.0 x16, 1 PCIe 3.0 x16, 1 PCIe 3.0 x1, 1 M.2 Key E for WiFi
  • Graphics Output Options: HDMI, DisplayPort, D-Sub
  • AMD CrossFireX
  • Realtek Gigabit LAN
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years Limited Warranty

Was popular last two times it was posted.

Also ASRock B450M Pro4-F AM4 mATX Motherboard - $99.

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    • I have a z68 that's 7 years old still running strong

      • My Z68 extreme3 gen3 has one faulty PCIe x16 slot but the other one still works, 9 years later.

      • Ahh I have the ASRock X99e-ITX/ac still going fine from 2015 with a 6-core 5820K [1] in it. Surprised it hasn't choked out from the shitty job I did cramming everything together in that tiny case (for my first build).

        Happy to buy ASRock again and this deal would have been great. Have been hoping for a mATX Taichi or something though. I don't know.

        [1] …from the pre-Ryzen days when anything with more than 4 cores and 8 threads was limited to the separate enthusiast platform. Fingers crossed that someone (AMD, Intel, doesn't matter) will be able to get Nvidia to release whatever GPU performance they've been holding back in reserve by challenging them properly at the top-end (…like AMD has done to Intel in the CPU space).

      • Same, but 8 years

    • Guess sometimes it's just bad luck.

      Good thing this comes with 3 year warranty.

    • I have built 20+ PC's with AsRock boards over the past decade or so and never had any die. I think the only board failures i have had were 2 Asus models, but i'd say it is really just luck and has nothing to do with the brand.

  • Great price, even with delivery. Thanks OP!

  • Will a M.2 2280 boot drive work with this motherboard?

  • I’ve read some mixed reviews about this board in regards to Bluetooth and bios support…
    I opted for the Aorus pro instead

    • oh man i have this board and my bluetooth is struggling. Not sure what the problem is but it my bluetooth keeps turning off unless I am actively using my headphones. its weird. Ive done a bunch of troubleshooting to no avail

      • This board doesn't have bluetooth.

        Do you mean bluetooth via an added m.2 wifi e key?

        • yeah i added a ax200 m.2 wifi card

          • @creamandpaper: I'm confident there is a driver problem with ax200 at the moment. Got an Aorus x570i 3 weeks ago and after 1 to 2 hours after every cmos reset it went into a loop resetting the Bluetooth adapter every one to two minutes. Cases open for 3 weeks with Intel, Microsoft and Gigabyte.

            I returned the motherboard faulty and got an Aorus B550i yesterday. 12 hours later, bluetooth is very unstable and dropping out. Intel ticket still open to investigate as several first line agents said they have other cases that show the same problems. All AX200 with recent Intel drivers on Win10 2004.

            I'm not 100% convinced the latest AMD chipset driver power saving isn't a cause, so I'm doing more testing. Unfortunately I can't find a mainstream itx am4 motherboard that doesn't use AX200

            TL;DR: if Intel ax200 Bluetooth is unstable, log a ticket with Intel so hopefully they'll find a solution for all of us.

              • @caffeine69: I ordered it and it hadn’t shipped for a week and I started to read mixed reviews online so I cancelled and got the Aorus pro from amazon for about $280

              • @caffeine69: I read a lot of reviews. For a budget board it's apparently pretty good. No wifi onboard but it has a wifi m.2 slot and backplate cut outs for antenna so is a good option. Downside on issue I raised is that the only m.2 wifi nic and desktop antenna kit I could find is an Intel ax200.

                Edit: just noticed you linked the wifi AC version. I had ruled that out after some bad reviews I read. No worse than what I'm dealing with though. I can't find which wifi / bt chipset it uses anywhere. It may be my next go to if I give up on gigabyte

        • Edit: I’m thinking of the ASRock B550m-ITX/AC but maybe similar issues…

          Was very mixed on newegg so I got the Aorus for $60 more
          Via https://www.newegg.com/global/au-en/asrock-b550m-itx-ac/p/N8...

  • thanks OP, is this ideal for a ryzen 3600?

    • People would suggest you wait for the announcement of next gen Ryzen parts….. but yes

      • i already have a 3600 but i think my current mobo has issues and thinking of just replacing it with this.

        • What kind of issues?

          • @Arthur Dunger: its a biostar b45m2, i think something is wrong with the sensors on the board, it will sometimes randomly report the system or cpu temperature at like a really extreme temperature. it will show like 126 degrees or like -20 degrees in HWiNFO

            also sometimes my CPU will thermal throttle to like 200mhz saying something on the mobo has tripped it.

            • @jonske: I have had a lot of boards over the years with a faulty sensor on the board just like you describe.

              Just disable monitoring the temp in bios, much easier than replacing the board. If cpu internal temp sensor is faulty on the other hand that may cause some more issues (limited max speed etc) and you may need to replace the cpu under warranty.

  • Would i be able to bios flash it to the new Ryzen 4xxx without owning an older ryzen cpu?

  • Built two systems on this board - paid around $180 for each. This is a good deal!

  • is this better than b450m mortar ?

      • Can I ask what makes it better?
        I have a Mortar at the moment and looking for any reason upgrade.

        • Basically if your looking to buy a new system then B550 makes sense as it's more future proof ( PCIe 4.0) and better vrms but if you already own a B450 there's no reason to upgrade as they will support the new chips.

          • @Austrian Oak: Has this been confirmed? I've been told 2 things that they are in fact going to support Ryzen 4th gen but also been told it's completely up to the manufacturer and most manufacturers won't be giving out updates

            I've got a B450 Steel legend and I'd love to be able to upgrade from a R5 2600

            • @MrPariah: Nothing is confirmed, but the Steel Legend b450 can't flash Bios from USB without a CPU so the method most manufacturers suggested for b450/x470 zen 3 upgrade isn't available. Also the ryzen 4xxxG apu range that came out a few months ago isn't listed on support (though that may be expected) but it uses a similar fabric to zen 3. Unfortunately it's not confirmed either way for that board yet. Not a useful answer. If it was me, I'd wait until after zen 3 launch to learn what other specs might change if they drop a new chipset.

              • @TheLurker: Hmm I didn't realise the recommended method to flash the BIOS was via USB, from what you've told me it doesn't look like I should hold my breath for my mobo to support them which is disheartening but also I'm not too fussed.

                I was just expecting a big player like AsRock to have their B450 mobo's to support the next gen maybe it'll only be for the higher end models.

                • @MrPariah: TL;DR: From what I read, if you can't upgrade BIOS via USB file through a specific port and USB boot image, then you may need the manufacturer to do the upgrade for you by returning the board. That said, upgrades for that generation are not yet confirmed/denied/explained so there's still hope.

                  Longer explanation… AFAIK (and I could be wrong so others, please correct any points below)

                  The way you are probably used to upgrading a BIOS revision is to boot up the PC to your OS (say Windows 10), download the BIOS file and flash tool from the motherboard vendor website, run the tool to copy and verify the bios image, reboot and install the BIOS upgrade, then reboot into Windows and continue working. More modern motherboards (incl. yours) have two instances of bios including a recovery copy so one stays intact while the other upgrades, and older motherboards that only had one copy needed to support the CPU installed so the system could get to first boot (incl. launching the BIOS screen to configure a disk etc).

                  The upgrade for Zen 3 is larger than the older 4xx motherboards can hold, hence AMD saying they wouldn't support them. However after protests from the community they announced they would provide a supported solution, but with caveats incl. manufacturer support. How they achieved that was to allow an upgrade that would wipe both BIOS instances so that the large Zen 3 update could fit. The problem this process/sequence causes actually seems kind of obvious now but puzzled me at first…

                  Using a display, mouse, keyboard, or any interaction with the computer needs a CPU and memory to load either the BIOS or an operating system from a disk. If you've got an older Zen processor you can boot into both, because your current BIOS support that processor. If you then were to install a Zen 3 processor the system wouldn't start (until the BIOS supports it)

                  Equally if you were to upgrade to a Zen 3 BIOS which removed older Zen processor support (as AMD proposes) the system also would not be able to start or run BIOS/OS while the old Zen processor is installed in the socket (as the BIOS would 'forget' how to use it).

                  Some motherboards have a feature to flash BIOS without having a CPU installed but using a specific file name on a specific USB port, when triggered by a button or jumper short. This limbo state between your Zen CPU and Zen 3 CPU basically means the motherboard needs to be able to do the BIOS upgrade job standalone, and you're taking away it's backup copy because the upgrade is so big. While technically viable, the chances of 'bricking' a BIOS are greatly increased with this process, so manufacturers are probably hesitant to support it until it's very well tested. That may mean it won't be ready at Zen 3 launch.

                  I'd check online for your motherboard manual and look for any way to upgrade BIOS just using a USB stick only without a CPU (mine calls it Q-Flash Plus). If possible somehow, then you may be able to prepare a USB image in advance, remove the processor, run the upgrade from USB, and cross your fingers it succeeds and you can then install the Zen 3 processor and start your PC (probably with an OS reinstall). If there's no support at all (I didn't see it in a quick skim of product page) then I assume the odds are low they'll accommodate a DIY upgrade as it's just too likely to go wrong. If this is possible, then they MAY choose to support the Zen 3 update with DIY means but might still make owners take the board to a 'service centre' for this to be done by a paid and qualified resource.

                  You're right and AsRock are probably a vendor I would have expected to support the upgrade and the Steel Legend isn't a budget line board. I can only speculate on the hoops they might make you jump through to do this, and the conditions they'd put on your warranty to try.

                  I'm not a professional at all in this space, and just did a lot of reading hence saying I am not sure of anything about the upgrade, until manufacturers (AsRock) make official statements. Meanwhile I hope you do get the upgrade, but if not, it's great to see B550 boards finally getting cheaper, incl. this deal. Still no word on 6xx series boards, but as it's the last generation of AM4, I don't think there will be anything I'd desperately miss from current gen at the right price.

                  • @TheLurker: Really appreciate your long and detailed post, I might consider an upgrade to a B550 mobo and try and sell my R5 2600, was kinda hoping to only update 2 things (CPU + GPU) around christmas of this year but like you mentioned about the possible inability to update the BIOS on my mobo looks like I'll have to include a mobo upgrade as well

                    Nonetheless I'll continue to wait for the Zen 3 launch as well as wait for an announcement from AsRock to see how they will support or not support Zen 3 with their B450 mobo's.

                    Zen 3 isn't going to be a new architecture right? So we wouldn't expect B550 mobo's to be discontinued by the time christmas or black friday comes around right, I'm a little nervous I end up waiting too long and then there being no B550 motherboards available to buy around those times.

                    Again really do appreciate your help and knowledge man! :D

                    • @MrPariah: I wouldnt worry about not finding them around. There are still 3 series motherboards in market even. There is a chance AMD will release a 6 series chipset with Zen 3, as it is a new architecture, but that will only drive down 5 series prices. The b550 was only launched in July so it would be next July before new b650 would be released, if at all. Historically x?70 comes first, but there is surprisingly little rumouring about new chipsets so they may skip it altogether.

                      Architecture wise there isn't anything incredibly important in Zen 3 other than performance. One of the biggest differences is memory speed (not official) as it's rumoured to go from 1800mhz memory controller to 2x2100mhz. I'm also guessing they will spruik some features that work better with Radeon 6000 GPUs due to memory also next month

                      Zen 4 will bring bigger changes like DDR5 memory, improved direct connections (infinity fabric) with devices like GPU and storage, USB4, and probably other stuff too. It's announced in just a few days so not long to wait.

                      • @TheLurker: Oh great I wasn't aware that the B550 mobo's were released this year was under the impression it was last year I don't keep up with tech like I used to back in 2012 hahaha,

                        I'm thinking of upgrading from an R5 2600 + GTX 1050 Ti to an R5 4600 (or equivalent) + One of the rumoured either 3080 SUPER/Ti or 3070 Super/Ti and then a 2K monitor.

                        It'll be interesting to see what AMD brings to the table with their Zen 3 I'm expecting big things in terms of performance improvements at least over the 2000 series haha

                        Thank you again @TheLurker

                      • @TheLurker: Would you happen to know if a Ryzen 2600 or 3600 would bottleneck a 3080 at 2K?

  • I just after the B450M. What is the different between pro4 and pro4-f version except mentioned in this (https://www.reddit.com/r/ASRock/comments/ck60f0/is_b450m_pro...)

    • I don't have these boards but was interested to read the link. From what I can tell, that link explains it pretty well. I don't think there's anything in either list that I'd worry about having or not having. The biggest one to consider is fan headers in the event you want to run lots of fans in different configurations. If that was the case you'd probably use a fan controller (like a hub but with more controls) anyway. For a metaphor, if you were buying Toyota Prius in Australia vs a Toyota Prius in the US you'd expect a few differences. I suspect that's all the differences really amount to. If it's got a B450 chipset (older than this motherboard in the deal), in an M-ATX form factor, that meets your criteria. You're right in saying the rest is finer details, and I don't see any red flags IMO

  • Been waiting for this board to go on special. Thanks OP

  • Good!

    Next stop - 99$

  • It's been ozbargained=(oos