Another Scumtree/Gumtree Story

I listed an item on Scumtree and for the first time in 8 years of using it, decided to listen to the request of a buyer to deliver.

He constantly messaged me asking for more details (warranty, receipt, date of purchase) and asked me to provide pictures of it next to my upgraded item.

He sounded like a genuine buyer and asked me to deliver. I only decided to since I've had a few people over the years offering me the same deal. Unfortunately, this time I was let down.

I've attached a screenshot of the end of my conversation.

I became heated at the end =\

never deliver on gumtree

Edit: Yes I was late. It just felt unreasonable that after 'delivering' to him at his request and schedule he leaves without a word. And it makes no difference since I was late regardless, but I arrived there 1-2 mins before I sent the text "here" since I was looking around outside and inside of EB Games.

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    Yep, there are sh***y people in the world.

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    lol they literally waited 14 mins for you. They sound like the worst kind of people

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      I think it's even worse than that - OP was there at 12:38 after they said (first message) that 12:30 was fine.

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        Op couldnt organise drinks at a brewery - turns up late to their own event.

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      They waited 14 minutes prior to the organised time of 12:30. How nice of them, they couldn't wait another 4 minutes.

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    I had a guy who would only meet me at a watch shop to confirm it’s real before buying, fair enough. He was 30min late, shop confirmed its real, buyer then said “I don’t have enough money right now but should be ready to buy it next month”
    What the f*#k!?

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      Did he come back next month to buy the watch off ya?

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        He actually did! I was so happy to tell him “it’s sold, maybe try cash converters next time”

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          You actually should have said, see you at the watch shop, and never show up.

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            @cameldownunder: Should have said, see you at the watch shop, and then say "I didn't actually bring the watch with me, but shall we try again next month?"

        • Did you actually sell it or just told him that so you could fob him off? Hah.

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          He actually did!

          To be honest, at least he kept his word. That's much better than plenty of others I've dealt with on Scumtree.

    • What watch were you selling? (I am just curious).

      • Tudor watch, was about $1k from memory

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    A no show is hardly a horror story sorry.

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      The OP is clearly being overly dramatic.
      It is not like he was robbed by the buyer of his valuables.

      Serious WTF! 🤯

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      It's not even a no show. They were there waiting.
      Op was late to his own sale.

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        Nah, it was a no-show.
        The buyer was too lazy to get out of their house and to the destination. So instead they pretended they were there, and put the onus on the OP for being late. Seen it happen a million times. A regular buyer wouldn't behave that way. If they have an appointment scheduled, they would let the seller know that the time isn't appropriate. And even so, they would text back saying "I'm here" "no worries, see you soon" or even "I'm running a few minutes late also". No reasonable person who is buying privately (ie saving $$) makes fluff about 5-10 minutes.

        OP don't get sad, the buyer was never there at EB games!
        You could've been 15mins early, and wait there for 30mins, the result would have been the same.

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    At least he replied. Some just close the chat so you can't even write profanities at them.

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    This is hardly anything new. It's Gumtree.

    Be patient and don't let these low lives get to you.

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    I never deliver. If a buyer wants the item and I say in my ad specifically where the meeting spot is, then if they do ghost me then it is no big deal as it is usually in a secure foyer in my work office building. Or if they want me to deliver and it is not too far away I ask for a deposit to be paid for delivery (larger items).

    Gumtree… while I sell a lot of pre-owned items off it I do have a love hate relationship with the platform.

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      I sold a camera lenses on ebay and the buyer asked me to hand deliver it to him ( from sunbury to sunshine 60km round trip). I told him that what auspost is for.

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        Maybe he wanted free delivery….

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        Was it a lens worth multiple thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars? Because in that case it could certainly be understandable to not trust the postage service.

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    Seems like you were late.

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      Lol exactly… He probs thought you were gonna be a no show.

    • True, but if your friends were late by 5 minutes would you also just up and go without a word?

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        No, but he he not your friend now is he? Both complete strangers.

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          It's five minutes dude

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            @Zondor: And on top of that, OP was communicating that he'd left and when he would get there.

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    You agreed to 12:30 and got there at 12:38 and yet you blame the buyer for not hanging around because you were tardy?
    Open and shut case of your own fault so don't blame the OP

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      I blame buyer:
      * Buyer did not inform OP of an important appointment back to back even when the OP gave an estimated time.
      * Buyer knew they were on their way and not once did they say or warn OP were leaving in advance!!
      * OP informed they were there just 4 mins after the arranged time, with no reply from buyer.
      * 8 mins is hardly tardy for a drive and pickup arrangement, especially after 31 mins of driving, then parking and trying to find each other in a shopping centre.

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      I would still say the buyer is unreasonable (doesn't excuse OP being tardy either). They said 12:30 is fine. They left at 12:30 because they have another appointment.

      Ergo, 12:30 is not fine. They have to leave at 12:30.

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      I can see where you're coming from but to leave without any word or notice. E.g. a text message or call?

      Also, I didn't message "here" when I actually got there. I messaged it a minute or two after I did because I was looking around outside and inside of the EB Games for the potential buyer. Regardless, I accept that I was late and that I am the unreasonable one for driving 30 minutes at the request of the buyer.

    • Open and shut case

      What are you, an ambulance chaser?

    • @ocker Agree completely. You have to manage expectations. If running late, apologise and let the other party know you are caught up. Maybe the other person genuinely had some appointment that he had to be at?

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    I was selling a $100 item once that after listening to their sob story told them they could have it for free.
    No show and no phone answer

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      what was the sob story haha?

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        A sob story about a sob story to buy a $100 item from a gumtree seller but couldn’t afford it

      • Husband had run off with the girlfriend and money. Left her with bills and young kids. She was going to drive nearly 2 hours to pick it up.

        She didn’t ask for it for free I offered

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    if the buyer was already there waiting until 12:30pm.
    Why didn't they say anything? or mentioned he needed to left promptly for an appointment?

    not really a horror story, just poor communication from the buyer.

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      Sorry it was… I was heated and upset. I've removed that from the title.

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    Don't get personal. Just give them the details of the exchange and control the situation. I always choose a place and time where it's convenient to me (e.g. a place where I will be doing a grocery run after). If they can't follow then too bad, a potential sale on gumtree is not worth anything.

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      Yeah agree. Gone are the days were I would try accommodate the buyer. Now the sale is on my terms or I just move on. Wasted too much time on knobs when I first started using Gumtree.

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      Yes, couldn't agree more. If the buyer is honest and really need the item, they wouldn't mind the distance.

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      Is this English?

  • How much did the buyer deposit for the delivery?

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    Well that was a waste of my popcorn.

    • Sorry it was… I was heated and upset.

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    At least no money was lost.

    • 30 minutes of fuel and time maybe? Still a loss.

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        At least the loss was not greater than 30 minutes of fuel and time. (Which value derives from and depend on main source of income, fuel prices, current global markets, traffic congestion and future earnings potential)

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    Trying to avoid the same thing happening to ne. Hence my own thread. The guy may not have even been there. If I was the buyer and really keen I would have left an hr over the time. Gone shopping. Come back

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    How much money did you lose or was it just an inconvenience?

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    Had the same experience but this time as a buyer from ebay. Travelled one hour to collect from a fictitious address. Asshat called to say he gave the wrong address and gave another one. Fooled me once…

    • Hope you reported him :(

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    This happens too often, I've steered away from Gumtree & Facebook Marketplace. I tend to sell exclusively on Depop and eBay (ship only). You waste too much time dealing with these types. It's not worth it.

    • Yeah I removed it and just posted on feebay.

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    Lol. My fav thing about gumtree is the knobs.


    without fail, at least 15 (profanity) ask if you can deliver, or “I’ll pick it up in an hour, what’s your address? …. oh, I thought you were in Sydney”

    I’ve started just sending them to the adult reading centre in Bankstown lol.

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      That seems too nice haha
      Send them to the garbage tip or waste centre.

  • Not just gumtree, fb buy sell ,.. Whether people say they come or you go deliver, you get these things. Welcome to the world of selling. Imagine running a store. These things happen and you have to take them in your stride. People are unreliable, even if they are well intending.

    Don't let it bother you or put you off, just part of life. My ex wife used to say Noone got killed/hurt.

  • Why is this a "horror story"?

    The guy had an appointment to attend.

    Why can't you understand that?

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    My pet hate is people being late to shit.
    I'd have left as well if you weren't there at the agreed time.
    Especially if I had an appointment to go to

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      Someone tells you they're about to drive half an hour to deliver something to you, and you wouldn't even say "hey I have to leave at that time, lets reschedule"?

      I hate lateness too, but you're a dick.

      • -3

        You're a dick for being late, if you can't respect someone by being somewhere at an agreed time, then you don't deserve to be respected either.

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          The dude gave an estimated time of arrival, when doing a favour for someone (who suggested the meeting time which was not compatible with their other appointment). The estimate missed reality by a small amount. Traffic is a thing, and the time taken to park and walk from the parking to the exact meeting point is understood by everyone else to be on top of the estimated driving time…

          If OP never gave any updates between 11:45 and 12:45 I would agree with you, but they kept the troll up to date, it's likely the troll was never there for the rendezvous.

          • @abb: Totally agree it was a troll.
            I'd never deliver to someone for that reason.

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    OPs communication was above average, the buyer was a jerk to leave even thou OP was constantly in contact giving good updates.

    Pretty shit, also why would you schedule a pickup if you had an appointment. Also the OP said ETA was 12.29, buyer never mentioned the appointment he has literally 1minute later.

    • Yep and Google ETA means that's when OP would get to what sounds like a shopping centre they are not familiar with. When OP sent that message the buyer knew OP would not be standing outside EB by 12:30 (much less be done with the transaction). There's no way the buyer would have even bothered to turn up.

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    Gumtree… at least they "apparently" showed up. I've had so many no shows over the years, it's just part of the experience now. And no one turns up on time, you need to give them a 15-30 min window.

    • That's the common experience I have, but I don't mind that as much as I'm usually in the comfort of my own home.

  • Ihow can you blame Gumtree,any thing you accept on Gumtree it is up to you whether or not,
    how much did it cost you to get to the meeting place?
    if some one asks you to deliver tell them you will post once the cash has been put into your bank,or you will deliver after you receive the cash

  • Looking at the dialog I see OPs remarks very offensive
    Cannot be repeated here

    OP should be BLOCKED from Ozbargain

    • +1

      What is my favourite club again : Cottonball Club :)

      OP story is also one of the most boring so called scam ever on OZB .

  • Could be worse. Saw some lighted bookcases/display cabinet. Had a few back & forth's getting measurements, address, good times to pick-up, etc. I said I'd pay price asked (it seemed fair) and was arranging a way to get them to me the following day (waiting to hear back from a friend with a panel van or I'd rent Bunnings van). Guy says, cool, I'll wait to hear back. This, was late at night. Next morning, I get a text from my friend saying all good— just say when. Excited, I contact the seller.

    "Sorry, my in-laws decided they want them".


    • Sorry to hear that… it's the worst after you plan and size everything up for a crap reason like that.

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    this aINT shit.. i got a message for a car i advertised on gumtree (under 10k) and he says can you help me with delivery and i can pay via online etc etc. told him the only way you ever gonna buy this car is cash in person. he kept mumbling about how he is from from Melbourne and its locked down and corona and bullshit, i repeated what i said and mentioned that he has to sign the rego papers to even consider being the buyer. with the cash ofcourse. i wish i woulda played along and see if he was gonna offer me bitcoin or something.

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    Wouldn't be surprised if the buyer had in fact had a change of heart and decided not to turn up. If they were there and needed to leave in a hurry they'd have messaged you at 12.30 asking where you were or that they were leaving, or responded to you at 12.34. If they didn't have that 4 minutes they shouldn't have agreed to meet at 12.30, inspecting the item and counting the money etc takes longer than that. They wasted your time.

  • I always specify pick up only(front of apartment). Once I had a guy do a no show and tried to call him to follow up. He didnt pick up so I thought I got scammed. Turned out he didn't enter the correct suburb and his ph battery died. Sold to him the following week :/

    • he didnt pick up or the phone didnt ring? bit of a difference

  • Not much damage from what I can see just time wasted.

    Gumtree is great, just need to learn from experience.

    Obiwan "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious."

    But hey, they found Han Solo!

  • You were late and didn't tell him before your own estimated ETA.

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