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Reolink E1 Pro 4MP Security Camera/Baby Monitor Two-Way Audio 2.4/5GHz Dual-Band Wi-Fi US$38.28 (Was US$52.99) ~A$55.90 @Reolink


Important features:

  • Support Google Assistant.
  • Support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band WiFi. The 2T2R MIMO antennas ensure a strong signal for reliable network performance.
  • Rotate 355° horizontally and 50° vertically.
  • Eight infrared LED lights ensure excellent night vision up to 40ft.
  • Flexible Recording Options: 1)Reolink Cloud 2) Micro SD Card (Not Included) 3)Reolink NVR(E1 Pro can be conneted to Reolink NVRs.



  • Free shipping from the local warehouse.
  • Price included tax. If you need an invoice, please contact the support team [email protected]

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    "Support Google Assist" - so now my baby can say 'Hey google, bring me my mummy'??

  • Has anyone used these as a baby monitor? I get the monitoring part, but baby monitors have temperature and sound alerts for when a baby cries. How do people deal with this?

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      It doesn't have those features on the E1 Pro. It's more as a security camera - to see and hear only.

      Figured I give my review as well:

      - $56 is a good price. I paid about 63 via Amazon.
      - Alerts is instant
      - Alarm is instant but it's not loud to the point neighbors will hear it
      - the 4mp makes image very clear
      - Viewing on google home device is quick and clear. It's faster than eufy, and delay is much less! about 2-3 seconds vs 20 second….
      - micro sd card storage. I ahve a 64gb and it doesn't get full. 32gb is more than enough.
      - audio is very clear and about 1-2 sec delay. Works better via earpiece than speaker though
      - wall mountable. I got attached to my drywall ceiling with the supplied plugs and works great. camera is light so not worried about it falling. The power plug cable is very long.

      - Connection via app is slow sometimes. A lot of failed connection before it works. Not sure if its due to my internet speed but the camera is about 4 m away from model on the 5ghz network
      - It doesn't follow the person moving
      - it doesn't pan back and forth so you gotta do that manually.
      - non-usb charger so it'll prevent the other plug having direct access. You'll need a power board

      • One thing I don’t like is that the infra red lights are either always on or off in darkness, there is no option to come on after movement detected like on other cameras in the range.

        On the plus side the zoom can upload to FTP, which I wasn’t expecting.

        • what is FTP?

          • +1

            @pippohippo: File Transfer Protocol, basically can upload to your own remote storage.

      • When I bought a pair through AliExpress, the cameras didn't come with the AU plug.
        Ended up using a USB to 2.5 x 7mm barrel cable, with an appropriate USB wall plug.
        Works well but an additional cost.

        Pro has PTZ presets which is a plus.
        Zoom seems to have missed out on that feature.

  • Can it be hooked up with Dahua NVR?

    • +1

      Yes this can. It has ONVIF so you just need to input the camera's ip address

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    Hi OP, any deals on the POE outdoor camera? What is the difference between RLC-410 vs RLC-520 besides the physical look? Which one is recommended?

    • Well, there is no difference in the tech details between RLC-410 vs RLC-520 besides the look.
      Here is the deal info:
      RLC-410 15% off with code JPYW6PN3, due Sep 29.
      RLC-520 15% off with code 3957RL6D, due Oct 1.
      16CH NVR 30% off with code K749FTL3, due Sep 30.

      • @dealbest I just bought it when there was a 5% off on the site on saturday :( Can I cancel and buy off amazon?

  • +1

    this or Tapo c200?

    • Bought one - anyone know a bargain for micro sd card?

  • Bought one. Thanks!

  • 56.93 if using PayPal conversion :)

  • This is showing me 45 USD. Am I doing something wrong?

    • You need to apply the coupon in checkout

      • Duh. Thanks mate.

      • I'm also getting USD$45. The camera is normally $52.99, and the coupon takes off $7.95 after being applied, leaving $45.04 (roughly AUD$64.10).

        Feel like I'm missing something obvious…

        • Sorry that the coupon expired

          • @dealbest: Which coupon? dereoe1pro28oz?

            Will it be re-enabled?

            • @CeleryMan: I'm afraid not. Sorry

              • @dealbest: I don't follow. When did this deal expire? Your post says it expires today, but I tried yesterday and it didn't work then, so was it only active for 26/09?

                If the deal has expired then it should marked as such.

                edit: looks like you posted the deal around 5:30pm on the 26th, so was it only for 24 hours?

                • @CeleryMan: Sorry dear, the coupon expires today, but there was an extra 15% discount from 26th to 27th, totally it makes nearly 30% off. In short, the deal is expired now.

  • I have been swapping the business and home from
    Arlo and Arlo 2 and Ring systems
    To Reolink systems (Outdoor solar and indoor wireless)
    I can confirm, they dont miss a beat.
    Over the years, there hasnt been a single month (Likely week) That I havent had to reboot the other system. charge every week or less or have a battery die every 6 months

    Arlo and Ring are truely a POS
    These seem to hold up (At least 3 months in and zero down time)
    Bit of a pain to 1st time connect to wireless.

    Just some feedback

    Not sure what makes this a baby monitor. Look like my normal wireless to me

  • Thanks OP, got one. I have been wanting the Wyze pan and tilt cam for ages but it's overpriced in Australia. This looks like a good alternative.

    • Cheers

  • Hi OP. any deals on camera with floodlight? such as Lumus or argus 3. Thanks

  • Received this camera today. So far i am happy with the performance. Only thing annoying me is motion detection. Is there any way to disable motion detection in this camera. I could only see the motion sensitivity option but there is nothing to disable motion detection completely.

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