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[SA] R.M. Williams Annual Warehouse Sale - Boots from $99, Tops/Bottoms 3 for $99


The annual RM Williams Warehouse Sale is now on at Wayville Showgrounds.

Sorry but this is definitely SA only.

Deals that are available:

Most boots - $395
Specials (Rickaby, Gardener, Barham, Brunswick, Bernard, Ashton etc) from $99 to $195

Please be aware some may be 'seconds' from the Salisbury factory. Others are not. You need to judge on arrival.

There are no Fitzroy or Surry sneakers (Fitzroy are currently on sale at Adelaide Harbortown for $190)

Tops and Bottoms (including overseas and Australian (Adelaide) made):

$39 for one
$69 for two
$99 for three

You can mix and match sizes/gender/tops/bottoms etc. This includes polos, rugby jumpers, t-shirts, long and short sleeved shirts.


Some are as low as $20 each (the older Montgomery and hunting styles) up to $99 (including Dryskins and Rockleys). Puffers are $59.

Caps and Hats

$15 for standard caps, $30 for Longhorn, $50 for Akubras

Belts - $79

Scarves - $39

Bags - $179 (however, some are sold out (such as the black briefcases and chestnut large travel)

There is a $10 section which is the seconds from the Salisbury factory which offers even more bargains.

*Doors open at 9am - strongly recommend arriving early and schedule 3-4 hours to accommodate a long wait for check outs. Change rooms, chairs and shoe sizing is available. Carparking is off Rose Terrace just west of Kidman Gates. Free parking with purchase.

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