Anko 750ml S/S Drink Bottle $6 Instore or Online (Free C&C over $20, Free Ship over $45/ $65) @ Kmart


After my earlier post for stainless steel drink bottles I happened to be in Kmart and found a better offer. These are only 250ml smaller but less than a third of the price. Colours are plain stainless steel or navy blue only. Plenty of stock on the shelf in Launceston, Tas.

Note that free delivery in Victoria is only $45 minimum order, $65 in the rest of the country. Unlike other stores, Kmart also has a minimum order value of $20 for Click & Collect.

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  • If you are concerned about how long the drink is kept cold/hot you should consider one that isn't from kmart. We bought a 2 pack of 1.1L i think it was from costco for about $27. Water stays cold the entire day. And then even on that our Contigo flask, I feel, stays colder for even longer! Coffee stays way to hot in it lol.

    Or just take note of cold/hot times. We also got bottles with big enough openings for ice for those hot days.

    And if you wanted a bigger one kmart also have a 1.5L insulated bottle.

    • Have you had the Kmart one or you are just happy with another product that you paid more than double than this on the topic?

  • Nangs

  • I have it and it works great!

  • Do these metal bottle give water a metallic taste? Also I dislike how they are all made in China brand name or not.

    • Not if you keep them clean and don’t leave liquid standing in them for too long (I.e. a few days or longer). One of the benefits of stainless steel is it’s not very reactive so it shouldn’t add a taste. As for country of manufacture, I honestly don’t recall seeing any that are made elsewhere. I’d be interested to know if anyone’s found different.